Buy-Sell Dice.1a

The mistakes we make are far more trivial than the life we lead outside the Fantasy realm. Yet, sword unsheathed and no shield to be found we battle on through nightmarish Sundays and micro managing Mondays. We know the stress you feel is probably as tangled as the metaphors we use, so relax in your favorite chair read our the latest edition of our Dynasty Stock Report.

Buy Low

Fozzy Whittaker RB Carolina – Why should you consider this 27-year-old career backup running back? The guy literally has just five TDs in his 50 game NFL career. Yet he is still enjoying a career year and when Jonathan Stewart gets hurt again Whitaker will be a PPR flex player. We know Cameron Artis-Payne got the start when J-Stew was out early this year. He was mostly ineffective and he has basically been inactive since Stewarts’s return (inactive the last six weeks to exact). Also, Artis-Payne had one target when he was starting so his PPR floor is sub-floor in nature. Whittaker has done basically nothing since week four but he is still second to only Stewart in snap count percentage for Panther RBs. You have to desperate to start him, but he should be rostered. 

Miles Killebrew SS Detroit – Just because he wasn’t an instant success doesn’t mean he can’t be a killer. He is gradually getting more snaps every week and he has responded by being involved on the tackle on nearly half of his snaps. Surely that isn’t sustainable, but it shows he can get himself in position. Not every elite safety starts week one of their rookie year and averages 10 tackles throughout. The Lions have gotten better play from safeties Rafael Bush and Tavon Wilson than expected. Hence, Killebrew has had little pressure to prove his worthiness. We think that could serve his future well. Given the emergency room/linebacker room in Motown, Killebrew could find himself in-the-box for your greater IDP good.

Jay Cutler QB TBD – He is still officially a Chicago Bear but the almost 34-year-old should be starting someone in 2017. Perhaps the Jets would care to reunite Cutler with BFF Brandon Marshall? Or perhaps Adam Gase will realize that Ryan Tannehill is doing nothing for his job security as the Dolphins Head Coach. Then of course there is always Cleveland! Cutler would bring 11 years of NFL experience and knowledge of countless schemes to whomever inks him. This may seem like a desperate ploy at unneeded QB depth. Yet, remember all leagues are not alike. Some leagues have 16-teams! While others require you to start two QBs every week or give you the ability to flex a second. For all his pouty faces, you must realize Cutler has basically endured more coordinators than you had teachers in high school. He may end up on the IR soon, so you may be able stash him while not sacrificing a roster spot.

Sell High

Anthony Chickillo OLB Pittsburgh – Over the last six weeks or so Chickillo has been rewarding his patient owners. Some sacks and some other signs life have finally instilled a little confidence. He has finally made the transition from DL to 3-4 OLB by trimming 20 pounds over the last 18 months. While we love Chickillo’s growth, we also realize 3-4 OLBs don’t usual sustain solid tackle numbers. He has eeked out 2.5 sacks while playing on just 26.8 snaps per game. Sacks speak to layman IDP players as they sometimes search for the next great double digit sack monster. Chickillo is not that guy. Chances are you spent very little on Chickillo and now you can swap him for a pick in your full IDP league.

Rob Kelley RB Washington – Think about people that traded for Matt Jones this summer. To put it simply Jay Gruden is no stranger to riding the hot hand. Jones got exiled for his numerous fumbles and other general ineffectiveness. Kelley’s stock is still very high especially when you consider he was nobody until mid-training camp. The undrafted rookie out Tulane is averaging 4.7 yards per carry on 66 rushes. However, he is still losing passing down snaps to Chris Thompson. Not to mention the offseason may be another opportunity for Jones to prove himself or for the Redskins to draft another back. 2016 7th round pick Keith Marshall (on IR with an elbow injury) will throw his hat into the position battle as well. Kelley is good right now but he is very far from being assured the RB1 slot in Washington next season.

Colin Kaepernick QB San Francisco – We are not trying to start some holy war or create any anti-anything rhetoric. Kaep may have just dropped the game of his life with 296 passing yards, three TD passes and 110 yards rushing. He has not rushed for 100 yards in game since 12/20/2014 and he has not thrown three TD passes in a game since 10/13/2014. In fact, Kaep has never throw three TD passes and rushed for 100 yards in the same game until this past Sunday. Let us not forget that Kaep basically didn’t start this year until his contract was restructured so the 49ers could release him at the end of the year. Release him they will and who will sign him? That is when his kneeling antics come into play. It will have to be the perfect storm and the pigheaded Kaep might not sign somewhere unless he is guaranteed a starting role and paid starter money. Not even the Jets would put their fan base through that, right? Teams can find younger/cheaper/less-risky options.

Hold steady

Jarvis Landry WR Miami – DeVante Parker’s current hotness may be hurting Landry right now but it can only help him in the long run. Sure his targets are down but his YPC are up. Landry should still (barring an injury) finish with 1,000 yards receiving again for the second year in a row. The addition Jakeem Grant has limited Landry to zero kickoff returns and 10 punt returns on the season. This has helped Landry expand his route tree. Landry still leads the team in targets and receiving yards by quite a bit. The emergence of Jay Ajayi has opened the Miami offense up and Landry has become more efficient as a result. Gone are the days of people pounding on Landry for just running a 5-yard slant. Landry is dependable and so far very durable. There are sexier options, but having a start every week option regardless of matchup is sometimes sexier than sexy.

Sterling Shepard WR NY Giants – This rookie certainly has a herd of disciples that preach about him. Some of those sickos may even try and offer you some trashy trade proposal. Especially after his no reception but one rush for 22 yards performance vs Cleveland. When the Giants drafted Shepard weren’t we all a little confused that both he and Odell Beckham are under six foot? Add in Victor Cruz and suddenly the Giants WRs are midgets? Metrics and measureables matter more. So in addition to being flanked by one of dynasty’s top weapons in OBJ , Shepard (who stands just 5’10”) defies all sizist logic with a 41 inch vertical. The Giants have used him in variety ways and expect more of that continue. Do not let some bottom feeder try and pry this safe player away, he will eventually become sexy but he remains ultra stable as a rook. How safe is he? He is playing on 95% (61.2 snaps per game) of the snaps compared to OBJ 96% (61.8 snaps per game). Do not forget you drafted Shepard in the middle of round one to jump up into that elite tier. His growth is on point so stay the course.