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Dynasty Stock Watch 2015: Week 11

By Jay Myers (@Dynasty_DFW)

Welcome back to DFW’s own Dynasty Stock Watch in-season article. Each and every week we cover a number of players who fall into the buy, sell and hold categories based on current values, performance, and player trends. Player values are of the utmost importance to the fantasy football community. Striking on a player when his value is low or high makes all of the difference in the world. These concepts are especially true in dynasty leagues where player values stretch out over a much longer period of time. So while we’ll focus on some immediate news and production remember that in dynasty we can’t overreact. One game (or even a few games) a career does not make, but it does definitely give us an idea of what to expect.

Let’s take a look at my selections:

Buy Low

Randall Cobb WR GB – He came out of the gate strong this season over the first 3 weeks, but he has scored 9.4, 5.3, 5.8, 9.7, 19.9 and 10 points over the last 6 weeks.  The Pack have struggled of late, but he still plays with the best QB in the league and is still young and dynamic.  He’ll bounce back along with Rodgers and company who are in a mini funk.

Duke Johnson RB CLE – Duke hasn’t done much the last 3 weeks with 9 points, 12 points and 7 points in PPR, but neither has any other RB for CLE.  He is still the guy to own in this backfield as he can run and catch the ball.  He should only get more and more work for the rest of the season with a full workload in the ’16 season.  He’s a definite buy with the production being down over the last 3 weeks.

Donte Moncrief WR INDY – Things aren’t looking too good for Indy with Luck projected to miss a decent chunk of time due to injury.  Moncrief has also been in a drought of late too with games of 3.8 and 6 points in the last 2.  AJ is a 1yr play at best which means Donte is the guy across from Hilton for years to come with one of the top-5 QBs in the league.  Luck will get things straightened out and Moncrief has shown great promise catching balls from him.

Sell High

Eric Decker WR NYJ – He’s having a nice little season and is currently ranked as the 20th best WR in PPR format with , can he keep it up with targets of 11, 9, 7, 12, 7 over the last 5 weeks?!?  Maybe, but why risk it.  Sell him now for a 2nd or for a need at another position.  Doubt many had him as a starter heading into the season, if so you may need to hold unless you hit on a FA pickup.

James Starks RB GB – Starks has been getting plenty of work over the last 2 weeks with Lacy being dogged by nagging injuries.  Teams gearing up for a strong playoff push are often blind to the flash in the pan players such as Starks.  Once Lacy is healthy they he will gain at least half if not 2/3’s of the time-share back.  Move Starks now while folks are thinking Lacy down and out.

Allen Hurns WR JAX – A surprising top-15 WR in PPR year-to-date, and while he may keep this up for a bit you may as well sell him while the going is good.  Teams are looking for consistent production at the WR position which Hurns can offer with playoffs approaching.  Who knows what he offers long-term, but like the stock-market I would gamble that his production will dip moving forward as the season winds down.

Hold Steady

Jeremy Langford RB CHI – He’s been a monster scoring 25.2 and 39.2 in the past 2 weeks while Forte has missed time.  Forte is about to turn 30 and will be a FA this off-season.  With Langford showing so well these last 2 weeks I think the team will feel comfortable letting Forte walk to the highest bidder and giving the reigns to Langford in ’16 and beyond.

Alshon Jeffery WR CHI – It’s been an up and down season for Jeffery so far, his play of late has been great until last weekend where he was nagged by another leg injury.  He’s the #1 target for Chicago, so be patient as he’ll be the guy for years to come.  You were patient enough early on in the season, so don’t panic now.

Matt Jones RB Wash  He finally busted out with a 30 point effort last weekend, keep holding him like you have been.  You won’t realize full value until this off-season when the team decides to let Alfred Morris walk in free agency.  Jones is primed for a huge ’16 season as a complete back who can run inside/outside and can catch the ball out of the backfield.

There you have it folks. These are just a few guys that, in my opinion, you should be looking at this week and deciding what to do with them. Whether you have them on your roster or are thinking about acquiring someone the buy low and sell high philosophy is a powerful one. And one you should always look to take advantage of.  Obviously the final decision on these players (and others) is up to you. If you have thoughts on these guys or opinions that differ

I’d love to hear them. Hit us up in the DFW forums or post a comment and I’ll respond in kind. Differing opinions is what makes fantasy football fun after all.