The initial draft in your Dynasty Fantasy Football League is an important event that you should do your homework for. You may be stuck with the players you pick for the long term, and if you whiffed on too many duds, the championship trophy is going to be hard for you to come by. Fortunately for our readers, 12 of our writers decided to partake in an early off season Dynasty draft. Below are the results and some analysis from the first 16 rounds of that draft. While it is still early, this is a great tool to use when mapping out your picks in the initial Dynasty draft. As the off season progresses, the DFW writers will redraft based on where rookies and free agents land.

Starting Lineups: QB, RB, RB,  WR, WR, TE, W/R/T, W/R/T/, K, DEF

The league scoring is as follows…

Passing TDs- 4 pts.

Passing yards- .05 points per yard

INT thrown- -2 points

Rushing TDs- 6 points

Rushing yards- .10 points per yard

Receptions for RB/WR/TE- 1 point each

Reception yards- .10 points per yard

Fumbles Lost (to Opponent)- -2 points

Draft order – Snakes each round

  1. Jay Myers
  2. Joe Kilroy
  3. Jeff Melbostad
  4. Skip Brott
  5. Brian Luzier
  6. Steve Lear
  7. Dan Heins
  8. Chase Wheetley
  9. Luke Grilli
  10. Carl Zabel
  11. John Evans
  12. J. Scott

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Jay Myers

Arian Foster Hou. (1.01) Randall Cobb GB (2.12) Michael Crabtree SF (3.01) Eric Decker Den. (4.12)

Joe Kilroy

Trent Richardson Cle. (1.02) Jimmy Graham N.O. (2.11) Victor Cruz  NYG (3.02) Mikel LeShoure Det. (4.11)

Jeff Melbostad

Ray Rice Balt. (1.03) Darren McFadden Oak. (2.10) Cam Newton Car. (3.03) Mike Wallace Pit (4.10)

Skip Brott

Calvin Johnson Det. (1.04) Percy Harvin Min. (2.09) David Wilson NYG (3.04) Drew Brees NO (4.09)

Brian Luzier

AJ Green Cinci. (1.05) Matt Forte Chi. (2.08) DeMarco Murray Dal. (3.05) Vincent Jackson TB (4.08)

Steve Lear

Doug Martin TB (1.06) Alfred Morris Wash. (2.07) Stevan Ridley NEP (3.06) Torrey Smith Balt. (4.07)

Dan Heins

Dez Bryant Dal. (1.07) Andrew Luck Indi. (2.06) Larry Fitzgerald AZ (3.07) Justin Blackmon Jax. (4.06)

Chase Wheetley

Julio Jones Atl. (1.08) CJ Spiller Buff. (2.05) Chris Johnson Ten. (3.08) Darren Sproles NO (4.05)

Luke Grilli

LeSean McCoy Philly (1.09) Jamaal Charles KC (2.04) Roddy White ATL (3.09) Jordy Nelson GB (4.04)

Carl Zabel

Adrian Peterson Min. (1.10) Marshawn Lynch Sea. (2.03) Hakeem Nicks NYG (3.10) Andre Johnson Hou. (4.03)

John Evans

Aaron Rodgers GB (1.11) Rob Gronkowski NE (2.02) Aaron Hernandez NEP (3.11) Pierre Garcon Wash. (4.02)

J. Scott

Brandon Marshall Chi. (1.12) Demaryius Thomas Den. (2.01) MJD Jax. (3.12) Ryan Mathews SD (4.01)

Best 1st round pick: Doug Martin 1.05– I think Muscle Hamster could have gone in the top 2. As a rookie, he put up 1,900+ yards from scrimmage, 49 Rec. and 12 total TDs…this guy is going to score big numbers for the next 6-8 years.

Worst 1st round pick: Ray Rice 1.03– Ray Rice had a nice season in 2012, but Bernard Pierce has shown his ability to carry the rock for Baltimore. While he won’t take the starting job anytime soon, 10-12 carries a game is a reality. On top of that, Ray Rice’s 1,200+ carries in five seasons (four as the starter) could start to wear on him soon. Still a great player, but I would probably only take Rice this high in a redraft league.

Overall Trend in the 1st round- A mixed bag. If you look at it, you see two second year guys in there (T. Rich and Martin) as well as some younger veterans (Dez, Julio Jones and AJ Green). From there, you get the standard 1st round guys you’d expect. Overall, I don’t see any busts in this group…well unless Dez’s babysitters stop doing their jobs and let him head out to the strip club…Dan, you best be on Jerry Jones’ payroll to make sure that won’t happen.

Best 2nd round pick: Jimmy Graham 2.11- This was between Spiller and Graham in my eyes. While I think Spiller goes OFF in 2013, Jimmy Graham puts up WR1-like numbers and should be healthy in 2013. Couple that with Sean Payton making his return to the New Orleans sideline, and I think we will see 2011 production all over again.

Worst 2nd round pick: Darren McFadden 2.10- DMC has all the talent in the world. We know this…however that talent can’t help out your fake football team if he is on the sidelines with an injury. With Rice already on Jeff’s squad, I personally would have looked at Victor Cruz in that slot.

Overall Trend in the 2nd round- Youth runs wild in round 2. Other than Marshawn Lynch being drafted in 2007, each player was drafted in 2008 or later. A great way to build a dependable and long term squad is to focus on talented youth. Most owners seemed to go that route in round 2.

Best 3rd round pick: Larry Fitzgerald 3.07-  All other 11 drafters (me included) must still have that sour taste in their mouth from the 2012 stinker Fitzgerald put up. Obviously, it wasn’t Fitz’s fault. The QB play was dreadful all season. Still relatively young (will be 30 at the start of 2013), Fitz will put up solid numbers for the next 3-4 years. Hell, if he really is like Jerry Rice, he will be putting up big numbers for the next 7-8 years.

Worst 3rd round pick:  David Wilson 3.04- OK…this isn’t the worst pick…this is the ballsiest pick of the draft, let alone the 3rd round. With no other RB on the roster, Skip took Wilson to be his RB1. As I mentioned in a previous article, I think that David Wilson has the chance to break out in 2013, but I wouldn’t want to take him as my RB1. If it works out for Skip (and there is a 50/50 chance it will)…well, egg on my face.

Overall trend in the 3rd round: Youthful running backs are becoming scarce. With David Wilson, DeMarco Murray and Stevan Ridley all coming off the board in the first half of the 3rd round, owners who waited for the young RB will have to wait until their rookie draft to grab a youthful back.

Best 4th round pick: Drew Brees 4.09:  Can’t go wrong with the top scoring QB this late. Is he getting old? Yes, but I feel comfortable saying that Brees will put up elite numbers for the next 3-4  years

Worst 4th round pick: Pierre Garcon 4.02- I felt this was about 2-3 rounds too early for the WR from D3 Mount Union. Garcon has shown flashes of being a solid WR in the NFL, but is too inconsistent for my liking. I would have looked at any WR taken later in the 4th round, as well as Colston , Antonio Brown and Dwayne Bowe before Garcon.

Overall trend in the 4th round: Most teams got their WR2s, while Jay Myers snagged Decker as his WR3, as 2/3 of the picks taken in Round 4 were WR. Other than Andre Johnson, most of the WRs taken are in their prime or just entering their prime. AJ…well he proved to us in 2012 that he may have extended his prime for a few more years.

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Jay Myers

Wes Welker NEP (5.01) DuJuan Harris GB (6.12) Peyton Manning Den (7.01) Denarius Moore Oak (8.12)

Joe Kilroy

Marques Colston NO (5.02) Knowshon Moreno Den (6.11) Jason Witten Dal (7.02) Philip Rivers SD (8.11)

Jeff Melbostad

Greg Jennings GB (5.03) Ahmad Bradshaw NYG (6.10) Kenny Britt Ten (7.03) DeSean Jackson Philly (8.10)

Skip Brott

Josh Gordon Cle (5.04) Kendall Wright Ten (6.09) Mark Ingram NO (7.04) Greg Olsen Car. (8.09)

Brian Luzier

RGIII Wash. (5.05) Jacquizz Rodgers Atl (6.08) Reggie Wayne Indi (7.05) Jermaine Gresham Cinci (8.08)

Steve Lear

Antonio Brown Pitt (5.06) Colin Kapernick SF (6.07) Vick Ballard Indi. (7.06) James Jones GB (8.07)

Dan Heins

Matthew Stafford Det (5.07) Jonathan Stewart Car. (6.06) Beanie Wells AZ (7.07) Ben Tate (8.06)

Chase Wheetley

Matt Ryan Atl. (5.08) Miles Austin Dal (6.05) Stevie Johnson Buff (7.08) Mike Williams TB (8.05)

Luke Grilli

Tom Brady NEP (5.09) Jeremy Maclin Philly (6.04) BJGE Cinci (7.09) Danny Amendola Stl (8.04)

Carl Zabel

Russell Wilson (5.10) Dwayne Bowe KC (6.03) Kye Rudolph Minn (7.10) Rashard Mendenhall Pitt (8.03)

John Evans

Frank Gore SF (5.11) Steven Jackson Stl. (6.02) Cecil Shorts Jax (7.11) Steve Smith Car. (8.02)

J. Scott

Reggie Bush (Mia. 5.12) Danario Alexander SD (6.01) Tony Romo Dal (7.12) Andy Dalton Cinci (8.01)

Best 5th round pick: Tom Brady 5.09- Am I an unapologetic Patriots fan? Yes. Is this why I chose Brady as the best pick of the round (if not draft?)? Absolutely not. Like Brees, Brady will put up elite numbers for the next few years. Bill Belichick will not make the same mistake he did from 2005-2007 by not surrounding Brady with talent (Yes, I’m talking to you Doug Gabriel, Joey Galloway and Chad Jackson…no, I’m not bitter)

Worst 5th round pick: Josh Gordon 5.04- This one was easy for me. I feel that Gordon is great and has a real future in the NFL, but he could have been taken in the 6th or 7th I think. While the RBs are thin at this point, I think Skip could have used Reggie Bush with this pick. Hey…but to each their own!

Overall trend in the 5th round: Well, we saw our first QB run with 5 going in the 5th round. I think that other than Russell Wilson, each pick was fair at the point. Even Wilson isn’t THAT much of a stretch. Wilson definitely give’s Carl’s team some youth. If he took Peyton Manning there, that may have resulted in a few too many old bodies on that squad.

Best 6th round pick: Colin Kaepernick 6.07- The 2012 playoffs are showing us what Kaep is Kaepable of (see what I did there?) and in the 6th round he is a steal.

Worst 6th round pick: DuJuan Harris 6.12- In my eyes, Harris has “James Starks” written all over him…and that ain’t a good thing! I expect the Packers to try to land a veteran to bolster the running game in 2013. Taking Harris as a RB2 could pose as a problem.

Overall trend in the 6th round: There really wasn’t one. Most of the picks were WR or RB, with Kapernick being the only other position taken.

Best 7th round pick: Peyton Manning 7.01- Jay redeems himself by stealing Peyton Manning in the 7th round. Manning was undervalued in 2012 and he put up top tier QB numbers. Jay will have to address this position in the next few years, but for now he is safe at QB.

Worst 7th round pick: Benjarvus-Green Ellis (7.09) Honestly, I felt that all the picks were pretty good in this round. My Green-Ellis pick was probably the worst considering Cinci is looking for a RB in the draft, but as my RB3, I’m fine with the production I will get from “The Law Firm” in 2013.


Best 8th round pick: Danny Amendola 8.04- I’m sorry for tooting my own horn again, but Amendola has the potential to put up WR1 numbers in a PPR league. He has a bit of an injury history, but I look at his injuries as being more flukier than him being injury prone. Dislocated elbows and dislocated collar bones don’t scare me as much as nagging hamstrings or foot injuries (aka Darren McFadden’s career)

Worst 8th round pick: James Jones 8.07: This one was tough for me. I think Jones is decent value in the 8th, but I would have preferred to take a younger WR (Hilton/Alshon/Michael Floyd) over Jones. While Jones is tied to Aaron Rodgers (always a good thing), I feel he only puts up big numbers when an injury takes out a GB starter. Greg Jennings is all but gone, but Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley and Randall Cobb should all be in the pecking order at or above James Jones

Overall trend in the 8th round- We see a few teams planning for the future vs. winning now. Ben Tate was taken solely based on potential, while Andy Dalton was grabbed by J. Scott a round after he took Tony Romo.

Round 9

Round 10

Round 11

Round 12

Jay Myers

TY Hilton Indi (9.01) Dennis Pitta Balt (10.12) Martellus Bennett NYG (11.01) Chris Givens Stl (12.12)

Joe Kilroy

Ronnie Hillman Den (9.02) Emmanuel Sanders Pitt (10.11) Josh Freeman TB (11.02) Golden Tate Sea (12.11)

Jeff Melbostad

Vernon Davis SF (9.03) Rueben Randle NYG (10.10) Ben Roethlisberger Pitt (11.03) Antonio Gates SD (12.10)

Skip Brott

Alshon Jeffery Chi (9.04) Lamar Miller Mia (10.09) Jon Baldwin KC (11.04) Kendall Hunter SF (12.09)

Brian Luzier

Brandon Lloyd NEP (9.05) DeAngelo Williams Car (10.08) Michael Turner Atl (11.05) Jacob Tamme Den (12.08)

Steve Lear

Michael Floyd AZ (9.06) Jonathan Dwyer Pitt (10.07) Eli Manning NYG (11.06) Robert Housler AZ (12.07)

Dan Heins

Heath Miller Pitt (9.07) Vincent Brown SD (10.06) Robert Turbin Sea (11.07) Tony Gonzalez Atl (12.06)

Chase Wheetley

Owen Daniels Hou (9.08) Coby Fleener Indi (10.05) Lance Moore NO (11.08) Bernard Pierce Balt (12.05)

Luke Grilli

Brandon Pettigrew Det (9.09) Greg Little Cle (10.04) LaMichael James SF (11.09) Brian Quick Stl (12.04)

Carl Zabel

Daryl Richardson  Stl. (9.10) Sidney Rice Sea (10.03) Brandon LaFell Car (11.10) Stephen Hill NYJ (12.03)

John Evans

Bryce Brown Philly (9.11) Shane Vereen NEP (10.02) Ryan Williams AZ (11.11) Marvin Jones Cin (12.02)

J. Scott

Shonn Greene NYJ (9.12) Jermichael Finley GB (10.01) Santonio Holmes NYJ (11.12) Fred Davis Wash (12.01)

(Answers will be brief from here on)

Best pick in the 9th round: Vernon Davis 9.03- The NFC Championship proved how important Davis can be to this team

Worst pick in the 9th round: Bryce Brown 9.12- Simply a handcuff to Shady McCoy for the time being

Best pick in the 10th round: Vincent Brown 10.06-  A lot of us are bullish on Brown. Hoping 2013 is the year he shows us his true potential.

Worst pick in the 10th round-Shane Vereen 10.02- Probably should go later than the 10th. Ridley is the guy in NE, but if Woodhead leaves and Vereen picks up the 3rd/passing down duties, then I take this back.

Best pick in the 11th round: Eli Manning 11.06- Had Turbin here, but Eli has too many weapons to have this bad of a season again. I think he is a Top 10 fantasy QB.

Worst pick in the 11th round: Martellus Benentt 11.01- Pitta is a better TE than Bennett and a backup TE can be taken later on in the draft.

Best pick in the 12th round: Chris Givens 12.12- Another slot guy we like here at DFW. Jay TOTALLY REDEEMS (Dumb & Dumber anyone?) with this pick.

Worst pick in the 12th round: Tony Gonzalez (12.06) I get the risk vs. reward here…but this was another one of those good rounds I felt, and this was the only pick that really stood out.

Round 13

Round 14

Round 15

Round 16

Jay Myers

Isaiah Pead Stl (13.01) Daniel Thomas Mia (14.12) Willis McGahee Den (15.01) Jordan Camerson Cle (16.12)

Joe Kilroy

Brian Hartline Mia (13.02) Montario Hardesty Cle (14.11) Andre Roberts AZ (15.02) Cinci DST (16.11)

Jeff Melbostad

Marcell Reece Oak (13.03) Mohamed Sanu Cinci (14.10) Michael Bush Chi (15.03) Leonard Hankerson Wash (16.10)

Skip Brott

Sam Bradford Stl (13.04) Jeremy Kerley NYJ (14.09) Brandon Myers Oak (15.04) Chicago DST (16.09)

Brian Luzier

Ryan Tannehill Mia (13.05) DeVier Posey Hou (14.08) Michael Vick Philly (15.05) Ryan Broyles Det (16.08)

Steve Lear

Darrius Heyward Bey Oak (13.06) Brent Celek Philli (14.07) Andrew Hawkins Cinci (15.06) LeGarrette Blount TB (16.07)

Dan Heins

Joique Bell Det Det (13.07) Jarius Wright Min (14.06) Seattle DST (15.07) Rashad Jennings Jax (16.06)

Chase Wheetley

Joe Flacco Balt (13.08) Dexter McCluster KC (14.05) Houston DST (15.08) Robert Meachem SD (16.05)

Luke Grilli

Jake Locker Ten (13.09) Danny Woodhead NEP (14.04) Peyton Hillis KC (15.09) Kevin Smith Det (16.04)

Carl Zabel

Jay Cutler Chi (13.10) Bilal Powell NYJ (14.03) Dustin Keller NYJ (15.10) Blair Walsh Minn (16.03)

John Evans

Rod Streater Oak (13.11) Dwayne Allen Indi  (14.02) Chris Ivory NO (15.11) SF DST (16.02)

J. Scott

Felix Jones Dal (13.12) Anquan Boldon Balt (14.01) Jared Cook Ten (15.12) Denver DST (16.01)

Best pick in the 13th round: Joe Flacco 13.10- Great value in the 13th round. Simple as that.
Worst pick in the 13th round: Marcel Reece 13.03- On paper this is a bad pick, but Jeff protects himself by picking up one of DMC’s backups. I think Oakland addresses the backup RB in the offseason, rendering Reece as useless in my eyes.

Best pick in the 14th round: Dwayne Allen 14.02- I liked Boldin and Sanu as well, but I think Dwayne Allen will overtake Fleener as the TE1 in Indi.

Worst pick in the 14th round: Monatrio Hardesty 14.11-See Marcel Reece above, but substitute Cleveland with Oakland.

Best pick in the 15th round: Michael Vick 15.05- How the mighty have fallen huh? I expect him to be starting somewhere in 2013 (KC?!?) and putting up points for a year or two.

Worst pick in the 15th round: Chris Ivory 15.11- The guy can produce but hasn’t been given a real shot in New Orleans.

Best pick in the 16th round: Ryan Broyles 16.08- Bad luck with another knee injury, but Broyles is the real deal when healthy. Here’s to a speedy recovery.

Worst pick in the 16th round: Robert Meachem 16.05- Because Meachem is the ULTIMATE fantasy tease. If he can’t get it done in NO, he can’t get it done anywhere.


If you made it this far, thank you! The initial draft in your dynasty league is always fun. Always remember that if you swing and miss on some early picks (as I did in 2009. DeAngelo Williams-1st round, Carson Palmer 3rd round, LenDale White 5th round…in my defense it was a salary cap league too!) fear not, work the waiver wire and phone lines for trades. The draft is the beginning of your league, but it isn’t the end! Soon, we will have feedback from the 11 other drafters who took part in this mock. Stay tuned for that and until then, follow me on Twitter (@lgrilli88) and check out the full rosters below. If you have any comments or disagree with anything I said, hit me up in the comments.


Jay Myers- 1st Pick Joe Kilroy- 2nd Pick Jeff Melbostad- 3rd Pick Skip Brott- 4th Pick
Arian Foster Hou. (1.01) Trent Richardson Cle. (1.02) Ray Rice Balt. (1.03) Calvin Johnson Det. (1.04)
Randall Cobb GB (2.12) Jimmy Graham N.O. (2.11) Darren McFadden Oak. (2.10) Percy Harvin Min. (2.09)
Michael Crabtree SF (3.01) Victor Cruz  NYG (3.02) Cam Newton Car. (3.03) David Wilson NYG (3.04)
Eric Decker Den. (4.12) Mikel LeShoure Det. (4.11) Mike Wallace Pit (4.10) Drew Brees NO (4.09)
Wes Welker NEP (5.01) Marques Colston NO (5.02) Greg Jennings GB (5.03) Josh Gordon Cle (5.04)
DuJuan Harris GB (6.12) Knowshon Moreno Den (6.11) Ahmad Bradshaw NYG (6.10) Kendall Wright Ten (6.09)
Peyton Manning Den (7.01) Jason Witten Dal (7.02) Kenny Britt Ten (7.03) Mark Ingram NO (7.04)
TY Hilton Indi (9.01) Philip Rivers SD (8.11) DeSean Jackson Philly (8.10) Greg Olsen Car. (8.09)
Denarius Moore Oak (8.12) Ronnie Hillman Den (9.02) Vernon Davis SF (9.03) Alshon Jeffery Chi (9.04)
Dennis Pitta Balt (10.12) Emmanuel Sanders Pitt (10.11) Rueben Randle NYG (10.10) Lamar Miller Mia (10.09)
Martellus Bennett NYG (11.01) Josh Freeman TB (11.02) Ben Roethlisberger Pitt (11.03) Jon Baldwin KC (11.04)
Chris Givens Stl (12.12) Golden Tate Sea (12.11) Antonio Gates SD (12.10) Kendall Hunter SF (12.09)
Isaiah Pead Stl (13.01) Brian Hartline Mia (13.02) Marcell Reese Oak (13.03) Sam Bradford Stl (13.04)
Daniel Thomas Mia (14.12) Montario Hardesty Cle (14.11) Mohamed Sanu Cinci (14.10) Jeremy Kerley NYJ (14.09)
Willis McGahee Den (15.01) Andre Roberts AZ (15.02) Michael Bush Chi (15.03) Brandon Myers Oak (15.04)
Jordan Camerson Cle (16.12) Cinci DST (16.11) Leonard Hankerson Wash (16.10) Chicago DST (16.09)


Brian Luzier- 5th Pick Steve Lear- 6th Pick

Dan Heins- 7th Pick

Chase Wheetley- 8th Pick

AJ Green Cinci. (1.05) Doug Martin TB (1.06) Dez Bryant Dal. (1.07) Julio Jones Atl. (1.08)
Matt Forte Chi. (2.08) Alfred Morris Wash. (2.07) Andrew Luck Indi. (2.06) CJ Spiller Buff. (2.05)
DeMarco Murray Dal. (3.05) Stevan Ridley NEP (3.06) Larry Fitzgerald AZ (3.07) Chris Johnson Ten. (3.08)
Vincent Jackson TB (4.08) Torrey Smith Balt. (4.07) Justin Blackmon Jax. (4.06) Darren Sproles NO (4.05)
RGIII Wash. (5.05) Antonio Brown Pitt (5.06) Matthew Stafford Det (5.07) Matt Ryan Atl. (5.08)
Jacquizz Rodgers Atl (6.08) Colin Kapernick SF (6.07) Jonathan Stewart Car. (6.06) Miles Austin Dal (6.05)
Reggie Wayne Indi (7.05) Vick Ballard Indi. (7.06) Beanie Wells AZ (7.07) Stevie Johnson Buff (7.08)
Jermaine Gresham Cinci (8.08) James Jones GB (8.07) Ben Tate (8.06) Mike Williams TB (8.05)
Brandon Lloyd NEP (9.05) Michael Floyd AZ (9.06) Heath Miller Pitt (9.07) Owen Daniels Hou (9.08)
DeAngelo Williams Car (10.08) Jonathan Dwyer Pitt (10.07) Vincent Brown SD (10.06) Coby Fleener Indi (10.05)
Michael Turner Atl (11.05) Eli Manning NYG (11.06) Robert Turbin Sea (11.07) Lance Moore NO (11.08)
Jacob Tamme Den (12.08) Robert Housler AZ (12.07) Tony Gonzalez Atl (12.06) Bernard Pierce Balt (12.05)
Ryan Tannehill Mia (13.05) Darrius Heyward Bey Oak (13.06) Joique Bell Det Det (13.07) Joe Flacco Balt (13.08)
DeVier Posey Hou (14.08) Brent Celek Philli (14.07) Jarius Wright Min (14.06) Dexter McCluster KC (14.05)
Michael Vick Philly (15.05) Andrew Hawkins Cinci (15.06) Seattle DST (15.07) Houston DST (15.08)
Ryan Broyles Det (16.08) LeGarrette Blount TB (16.07) Rashad Jennings Jax (16.06) Robert Meachem SD (16.05)


Luke Grilli- 9th Pick

Carl Zabel- 10th Pick

John Evans- 11th Pick

J. Scott- 12th Pick

LeSean McCoy Philly (1.09) Adrian Peterson Min. (1.10) Aaron Rodgers GB (1.11) Brandon Marshall Chi. (1.12)
Jamaal Charles KC (2.04) Marshawn Lynch Sea. (2.03) Rob Gronkowski NE (2.02) Demaryius Thomas Den. (2.01)
Roddy White ATL (3.09) Hakeem Nicks NYG (3.10) Aaron Hernandez NEP (3.11) MJD Jax. (3.12)
Jordy Nelson GB (4.04) Andre Johnson Hou. (4.03) Pierre Garcon Wash. (4.02) Ryan Mathews SD (4.01)
Tom Brady NEP (5.09) Russell Wilson (5.10) Frank Gore SF (5.11) Reggie Bush (Mia. 5.12)
Jeremy Maclin Philly (6.04) Dwayne Bowe KC (6.03) Steven Jackson Stl. (6.02) Danario Alexander SD (6.01)
BJGE Cinci (7.09) Kye Rudolph Min (7.10) Cecil Shorts Jax (7.11) Tony Romo Dal (7.12)
Danny Amendola Stl (8.04) Rashard Mendenhall Pitt (8.03) Steve Smith Car. (8.02) Andy Dalton Cinci (8.01)
Brandon Pettigrew Det (9.09) Daryl Richardson  Stl. (9.10) Bryce Brown Philly (9.11) Shonn Greene NYJ (9.12)
Greg Little Cle (10.04) Sidney Rice Sea (10.03) Shane Vereen NEP (10.02) Jermichael Finley GB (10.01)
LaMichael James SF (11.09) Brandon LaFell Car (11.10) Ryan Williams AZ (11.11) Santonio Holmes NYJ (11.12)
Brian Quick Stl (12.04) Stephen Hill NYJ (12.03) Marvin Jones Cin (12.02) Fred Davis Wash (12.01)
Jake Locker Ten (13.09) Jay Cutler Chi (13.10) Rod Streater Oak (13.11) Felix Jones Dal (13.12)
Danny Woodhead NEP (14.04) Bilal Powell NYJ (14.03) Dwayne Allen Indi  (14.02) Anquan Boldon Balt (14.01)
Peyton Hillis KC (15.09) Dustin Keller NYJ (15.10) Chris Ivory NO (15.11) Jared Cook Ten (15.12)
Kevin Smith Det (16.04) Blair Walsh Minn (16.03) SF DST (16.02) Denver DST (16.01)