By Aaron Fuller

For those still playing fantasy football, this is the playoff challenge time.  This is where you separate the fantasy lovers from the addicts.  This is where you prove to your loved ones that football is one of the most important things in the world … and they kinda are too, but you’ll be with them in a bit (once your lineup is set).

Let’s talk about the best at each position this week:

QB: Folks assume that Rodgers will be the QB to start this week, but I’ll tell you why not.  Consider first the cold weather.  The weather in Green Bay is assumed to be -36 real feel at game time and I don’t care who you are, that’s stinking cold!  There will be a lot of drops from both sides, although there will also be a lot of missed tackles.  Rodgers throws pretty hard and catching that ball in the extreme cold may prove to be quite difficult.  With that said; Pick of the week at QB is … wait for it … Nick Foles.  Why?  Because he has been on a roll this year and this week he faces a New Orleans team that hasn’t shown any signs of heart of late.  Foles has completed 203 of 317 for 2891 and 27 TDs with a 119.2 passer rating.  He is the hot hand and bold prediction for the week.

RB: If you don’t know who to start this week, you’re crazy.  Charles and Shady McCoy are the two given obvious choices, and they are the right choice as well.

WR: For WRs my top pick is going to come as a surprise to a lot of people, but he is hidden away on the west coast in a division that has his team as third best to two of the best teams in the NFL.  Don’t get caught up in the guys that everyone else is starting, look at the numbers … especially late and start Keenan Allen.  Few have been playing at his level late in the season and Rivers is only looking for him in the passing game on mid-level and deep throws.  Your second WR should be easy, obviously AJ Green is always a good choice and should be in your lineup.  If however, you insist on starting a receiver in the bare bones cold this week, look no further than Crabtree.  Cap has been looking his way a lot since Crab’s return and will this week too.

TE: Simple, Jimmy Graham.  C’mon, need I say more?

K: Vinatieri, he has been quite consistent this year and has been here before.  When it comes to kickers always go with ole faithful!

DEF: This should be simple as well.  Look for KC to shut down everything the Colts try to do.  KC will finish this game with 3 sacks, 2 picks, and a whole lot of stops.  This Colts team will find that the only thing they can do is kick field goals all day!