By John Evans

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Week 14 is upon us and its great slate of games should answer some burning questions the fantasy world is wondering about…

Will Matt Flynn be good enough to salvage the fantasy prospects of the Packers’ skill players?

Flynn blamed his abysmal Thanksgiving performance on too-much tryptophan — just kidding, though that would be more plausible. No, he attributed his 139-yard day to not knowing the playbook, even though it probably hadn’t changed THAT much since he was last a Packer (2011). In any event, another couple of days was apparently enough study time because Flynn says he’s got it down, now. Atlanta offers a very tasty matchup but it’s hard to feel confident about this offense with The Flighty Flynn at the helm. Lacy and Jordy are tough to bench, but Jones and Boykin should ride the pine.

Can Bill Belichick be Ming to Cleveland’s Flash?

The return of Jason Campbell bodes well for Josh Gordon, but The Hoodie has a reputation for scheming superstars into irrelevancy (ask Jimmy Graham). He also has Aqib Talib, a cornerback who has been up and down in his career but does well against bigger bodies (ask Jimmy Graham — g’head, I’m sure he’s not sick of talking about it). You’re starting “Flash” no matter what, but this week is a referendum on the greatness of Belichick’s defensive mind.

Have Ryan Tannehill and Mike Wallace figured it out?

For a while it was looking like Tanny and the Dolphins’ big free-agent acquisition would never get on the same page. Then, all of a sudden, they started hitting big plays with some regularity. Steelers cornerback Ike Taylor has been showing his age (to put it kindly) in tougher matchups, so if Wallace is geeked up for this grudge match, it could get ugly for the speedster’s former team. Tannehill needs to show better placement on his deep throws and Wallace needs to run better routes. If this connection can keep it going for another week, though, it changes the complexion of the Miami offense and brightens both players’ outlooks considerably.

Will Decker do it again?

Tennessee has been a terrible matchup for wide receivers, Julius Thomas should be back AND Wes Welker’s gotta eat (he’s been going hungry for weeks now). Last week Decker got his turn at the buffet of fantasy goodness Peyton serves up every Sunday, but before that he’d been a bad play since Week 7. For me Decker is a WR2 in this matchup and a pretty risky one, at that. Give me Riley Cooper against the Lions, instead.

Is the Kansas City DST done?

They’ve gone from putting up 20 points per game to being a big hole in your lineup. Injured pass rushers don’t help, but in general this DST has just lost its mojo. A road tilt with Washington should be a good indicator of where the Chefs are at. Can they cook up a bowl of whupass for a team that has struggled with sacks and turnovers, or will Washington’s occasionally explosive offense make big plays? I think RG3 and Alf will have good days.

Does Drew Brees put the Panthers on a no-jambalaya diet?

Carolina has been feasting on opposing offenses, and the Seahawks just devoured Drew Brees’ bunch on Monday night. This game is at the Superdome, however, and Carolina’s eight-game-winning streak is set to snap. Start your Saints not named Colston, Ingram or Stills. (By the way, with all these food references you can tell I haven’t had lunch yet.)

Will Tony Romo blow another big December game?

Romo’s track record in the regular season’s final month speaks for itself (“I suck,” it says). His history on Monday nights reads only slightly better than an account of the bubonic plague. And he also struggles in cold weather. So everything is lining up for the Cowboys’ quarterback to frustrate fans and fantasy owners alike. Unless he exorcises his demons, exploit a beatable Bears secondary, and relies on the running game to tighten his team’s grip on the NFC East! I’m an inveterate Romo apologist, so I say he puts up mouth-watering statistics. Okay, that’s it — I gotta go get some lunch!


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