It’s almost that time of year, fantasy football drafts go wild in the month of May. Whether you are waiting for your rookie draft for your dynasty league or you’re involved in a brand new start-up league. Die-hard dynasty owners will be glued to their TV sets next Thur-Sat to see which rookies get drafted where and what type of impact they’ll have on the landscape of dynasty football.

I can’t see the first round of dynasty start-ups being affected by the draft, so here’s one man’s view of what the first round should look like in a PPR start-up dynasty league.

1 – Calvin – What’s not to like, he’s the most physically dominating player in the game today. He’s young and he has an elite QB throwing him the ball. The good things about receivers compared to running backs are that they have a longer shelf-life and they don’t have the equivalent of a RBBC at their position. WR’s are typically divas, but Calving seems to come w/no extra baggage from what I can see. We’re also in the era of high octane passing attacks. Calvin is my selection here with out a doubt, the true King of dynasty.

2 – McCoy – Production is on par with Rice and Foster, but he’s younger. He has great hands which is a plus in PPR due to all of the dump-offs from Vick in the flats. He’s proven he can run inside as well as bounce things to the outside when needed. He’s also shown he is durable and can handle a full workload in an explosive offense.

3 – Rice – Not worried about the holdout here. Rice is one of my man-crushes, he’s tiny but powerful. Can run inside and catches a ton of passes. He’s still young and should produce at a top-5 level for the next 4 years.

4 – Foster – Some think Foster is a product of the offense, but I’ve watched him closely and he just glides. He also has great vision and instincts and can catch the rock. Tate is lurking in the background, but not much of a threat for now. What’s not to like as one of the three tier-1 running backs in the league?

5 – Rodgers – It’s always tough to go QB early in any draft, but this day and age the elite QB’s are worth it when they can score 25-35 ppg any given week with the rare 40+ games. Rodgers is the best combination of youth, rocket-arm, smarts, explosive offense and pass-first offense.

6 – Fitz – Almost thought about putting Nicks here, and I can’t say I wouldn’t take Nicks first when I get to my first dynasty start-up league this off-season. But, for now Fitz is still young with top-2 elite physical tools at the WR position. He’ll be 30 next off-season and the whispers will be starting about his age, so you’ll see some owners that won’t take him this high.

7 – Nicks – Nicks started the season off a little rough last year, but proved his worth down the stretch and throughout the playoffs. Some are worried about Cruz, but he’ll actually help free Nicks up for some rare 1-on-1 opportunities. Nicks is physical, so he is generally match-up proof against doubles as he can still get a ton of short passes. Eli is still fairly young, and this offense has also transitioned into a pass-first team.

8 – Julio – I am one of the few that have Julio ahead of AJG, but I’m impressed more and more every time I see him play. He finished the season strong, and he and Roddy will be trending in the opposite direction over the next 2-3 years. Julio also has great physical tools, last year was the tip of the iceberg for him.

9 – AJG – Love the physical talent and the ability to go up and get the ball, but he’s in a cold-weather city which will have an affect when it matters most in playoff crunch time for your team. I’m also not sold on his QB either, I see a sophomore slump for Dalton this year which “could” affect AJG’s numbers a tad. Bring it, I’m ready for the comments on selecting Julio before AJG.

10 – Matthews – With Tolbert out of the equation the reigns will be unleashed for Matthews. He’s a complete back and was dominant at times last year while actually being very consistent. With VJax gone I’m expecting Matthews to be more of the focal point on offense this year. He just needs to avoid the injury bug, but if he can he’s got a top-5 season waiting for him in ’12. Disclaimer – watch to see who they select in the draft.

11 – MJD – He keeps showing that he’s elite, but the whispers have definitely started in dynasty circles about his age and workload of late which is crazy in my opinion. He still has 3 seasons of great production in him as the focal point of the Jag’s offense. He’s truly an unstoppable bowling ball who can also catch the ball as a 3-down back.

12 – Stafford – I thought about Forte here, but I love Stafford too much to pass him up as he has 10+ years of rock star production in front of him while passing to the #1 rated player on my dynasty board. He’s got a rocket arm and I think he’ll prove that last season’s stats will be the norm. He’s also got a great supporting cast in Pettigrew, Titus Young, Burleson, Scheffler and Best catching some passes out of the backfield for the few plays per game he’ll be on the field. This is assuming his shoulder doesn’t implode on contact.

What do you like, what do you dislike? What would be your top-12 in dynasty?