Rod Streater, Derek Cox

Five Reasons I like Rod Streater More than You Do

by Brian Luzier (@TheFFBoss)

This is the second in my sporadic but none-the-less regular and super awesome series in which I profile players I think are undervalued. In my first installment I took a look at Dennis Pitta, and if you made a move on him back then I’d bet offers are flying in for one of the hottest TEs around with the recent news regarding the Patriots TEs. You can find the article here.

I like laying things out in lists to make them as explicit as possible, and a “Five Reasons I like Player X More than You Do” seems like a perfect way to go about this. Usually these players will not be in the top tier at their position, and they will always be players I strongly encourage you to buy. Some of the reasons will be stat based, some will be based on their character or interviews I’ve seen, and sometimes there may be something totally unquantifiable. This time I’ll be profiling a receiver I’m scooping everywhere I can in Oakland’s Rod Streater.

  1. He’s an Underdog

Everyone likes rooting for the underdog, and who better to root for than an undrafted wide out who wasn’t even invited to the combine (although 31 teams did attend Temple’s Pro Day). You can tell from his interviews he’s down to earth and has a desire to succeed. I have yet to here him blame anyone on his team for drops, even mentioning that any pass which hits his fingertips he expects to come down with. He says all the right things, and just has an air of confidence I really appreciate. Fantasy should be fun, and rooting for players you like is a great way to enjoy the experience.

  1. He is Well Rounded

Streater is a Renaissance Wide Receiver if there ever was one. As I stated earlier, he did not get invited to the combine, but from his Pro Day we can see how he would rank in the following events:

  • With a 4.52 Forty, he is slightly faster than Reuben Randle and Ryan Broyles, while slightly slower than Kendall Wright and Brian Quick.

  • With an 11’1” Broad Jump, he would be tied for the most explosive WR at the combine, sharing the honors with Stephen Hill.

  • With a 37.5” Vertical, he would tie Nick Toon, placing ahead of fan favorites Michael Floyd, Mohamed Sanu, and Brian Quick.

  • After Benching 18 times, he’d be tied with Nick Toon (maybe I should start digging deeper into Toon…) and ahead of bigger WRs like Michael Floyd, Tommy Streeter, Reuben Randle, and Brian Quick.

Considering these stats, it’s hard to come up with a reason he couldn’t physically compete with these players. I think this is an understated fact about Streater.

    1. He is Opportunistic

He was quickly thrust into the Raiders starting lineup as DHB and Moore dealt with injuries early his rookie year, and never ceded the opportunity to Criner, a more highly touted rookie receiver from Streaters’ draft class. After impressing during OTAs, he dominated the preseason (as much as someone can really dominate a preseason, at least), and put together a solid, though wildly inconsistent, rookie season. I think the most telling performance was his play during the preseason, but I recognize I have a special place in my heart for preseason darlings, something I’ll be publishing in the near future. During his inaugural preseason he strung together 3 games in which he averaged 6 receptions for 55 yards. I think Streater is a nice complement to the speedy Moore, and we could see Streater mature into a solid possession receiver in the mold of Anquan Boldin. After looking at Boldin’s combine numbers, Streater is actually more impressive, although Boldin has the textbook “my ball” mentality which I would love to see Streater show as his career progresses.

    1. And He Has an Opportunity

With DHB, Brandon Myers, Derek Hagan, and Mike Goodson gone there are a combined 156 receptions for 1866 yards up for grabs in this offense. I think the departure of DHB and Myers will end up helping Streater the most as I expect Denarius to run more deep rounds and Streater to pick up the short-to-intermediate routes Myers made his bread and butter last season. After putting up 39/584/3 his rookie season if Rod can snag 60/780/5 I’d be thrilled. I love true breakout performances, but realistically small improvements throughout a receivers first few years are all you can ask for out of “project” receivers. I can’t honestly say that I expect WR1 numbers, but top-flight WR3 numbers are well within reach. If he hits my projected totals this season he’d have ended up as the WR33 in PPR leagues last year and there’s obviously room to improve on those numbers in upcoming years.

                 5. The Raiders are Finally Showing Some Life

I realize it sounds ridiculous to think that a 4-12 team is improving, but I truly believe the Raiders are finally starting to get some real pieces together. I’ve grown to love Tyler Wilson, and even if he doesn’t start this season, I suspect he’s the QB of the future in Oakland. From FFW’s Rookie Profile on Tyler Wilson it’s easy to see what there is to like about him:

  • Smooth mechanics and above average arm strength, can throw with good velocity

  • Reads defenses well and is able to effectively go through progressions
  • Highly competitive and scores very well on work ethic and drive
  • Not fazed by pressure and hangs tough in the pocket (took numerous hits in 2012 but never missed time)
  • Led the SEC in 2011 in pass efficiency rating, pass attempts, passing yards and passing yards per attempt

Also, I think Run DMC has a enough left in the tank to take some pressure off the passing game and allow routes to develop which will allow Streater additional time to find soft spots in coverage.

That’ll do it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading it, and if not, at least learned something new about an awesome player that’s still undervalued in many leagues.

Feel free to hit me up @TheFFBoss to talk about Streater, sleepers, or anything football related. I’m always willing to discuss player values and trade scenarios!

Be easy.