Josh Gordon

By: Kyle Wright

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In 1934, a comic strip called Flash Gordon was created as a spinoff of Buck Rogers.  Flash Gordon was a normal human that traveled to another planet and became a hero after defeating a villain named Ming.  For the 2013 NFL season, you may as well say Josh Gordon has been defeating opposing teams all season.  So far this season, Josh Gordon leads the NFL in receiving with 71 receptions for 1,400 yards and 8 touchdowns.  Gordon has also broken the Cleveland Browns all-time record for yards in a season.  Oh, by the way, Gordon has accomplished all of this while dealing with a new quarterback every week almost and also missed the first two weeks of the season due to suspension.  He simply is having a monster season and there are still three games left to play in the regular season.   

At 6’3″, 225lbs,  Josh Gordon is considered by many as an elite wide receiver in the NFL.  Considering he is only 22 years old, Gordon is a “blue chip” type of player in dynasty football.  Looking ahead at the Cleveland Browns, they are most certainly drafting a quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft as well as add some more offensive weapons.  Greg Little has been a bust so far and former first round pick Trent Richardson was traded to the Indianapolis Colts in exchange for a 2014 first round pick.  Josh Gordon’s arrow is pointing up for the future assuming there are no more off the field issues going forward.  Next failed drug test, Gordon will likely be handed a one year suspension by the commissioner.

Heading into fantasy drafts this year, Josh Gordon was viewed by many as a good young receiver on a bad offensive team, that was guaranteed to miss at least two games to start the season.  A combination of these factors dropped Gordon into the late rounds in most fantasy drafts.  But the above average football fan knew of Gordon’s elite talent, would targeted him much earlier than what mock drafts had him projected and were rewarded.  In my opinion, Josh Gordon is the 2013 fantasy football MVP.  When considering the production Gordon has had this season, at the value he was drafted at, there has been no better draft pick this season.

With 774 yards receiving, Josh Gordon has had the best four game stretch of any player in NFL history.  In the past four games, he has two 200 yard games (only player in NFL history to do it), 36 catches, 5 touchdowns, set team records for yards in a game and for the season.  Literally, nobody can catch Josh “Flash” Gordon!

Pro Bowl corner Joe Haden recently said, “He can get so much better! I hope he knows how good he can get.  I try to tell him and I think he is getting it.  When he locks in and he comes out there and he goes hard and just imposes his will basically.  He’s big, fast, strong, can catch, and when the ball comes his way, he is just… Josh Gordon. He’s just different”.  That’s a high praise from one of the best corners in the NFL, regardless if Gordon is his teammate or not.  Sounds like Haden believes Gordon has moved into the elite class of wide receivers with Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant, A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and others.