by Nick Wagner and Joshua Johnson

Some weeks on the Dynasty Pulse Podcast we do a segment entitled “For or Against.” Basically we pick one player and our gorgeous hosts Nick Wagner and Joshua Johnson each choose a side. There is a “For” side and an “Against” side. Our experts come prepared with four talking points each and some colorful pontifications usual sprinkle themselves in off-the-cuff. This week our boys honed in on veteran Dallas WR Cole Beasley…here are their findings.

Cole Beasley led Dallas in both receptions and receiving yards in 2016, and even had two more targets than Dez Bryant. Impressive Beasley not only out-produced Bryant but also the veteran Jason Witten. -Nick Wagner

The cat is out of the bag, the book is fully out after a great season and putting up a respectable 98 targets on film teams will be well-versed in the on how to slow him down. -Josh Johnson

Bigger wideouts are able to out-muscle defenders for the ball, but at 5′ 8″, 180 lbs Beasley is unable to do that. Instead, his agility and short area quickness help to get him wide open. If you’re a young quarterback like Dak Prescott, do you want to throw it to a covered Dez and hope he comes down with the ball, or dump it off to an open Beasley, knowing that he will move the chains? It’s an easy choice. -NW

He has reached his peak! I already mentioned the preparedness teams will take towards Beasley. He deserves that kind of respect but is he an 100 reception/1000 yard WR, probably not. -JJ

Beasley is a PPR machine. In 2016 his worst line was 2-23, and he also had two games with only three receptions (although one of those three catch games came in Week 17, when most Fantasy seasons were already finished). In the 13 other games Beasley had at least four catches every week. -NW

Terrence Williams and Brice Butler both free agents and Jason Witten is almost my age (35 when the 2017 season starts, I wish I was that young again). In addition Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris are winding down. Basically I look for Dallas to make at least one big weapon splash in both free agency and the draft to help make their young QBs job easier. Even if its a third down slasher back, (Curtis Samuel) Beasley’s targets will be affected. -JJ

Terrence Williams had nearly 600 yards in 2016 and is a free agent. If whoever Dallas brings in to replace him struggles to fit into the offence that would be 61 targets that have to go elsewhere. Also, Jason Witten at age 35 may be unable to handle 95 targets in consecutive years. Either way Beasley stands a decent chance at seeing an incteased workload in 2017. -NW

It is not the be all end all but I am such a huge fan of players who can clock a sub-7 second 3-cone time and while Beasley may have run a 4.49 40-time but his 7.16 3-cone speaks to his short area quickness and how he is able to navigate traffic. I realize we are talking about fractions of a second but that can also make a difference when it comes to making outstanding plays. Again its not the end of the world but if a player performs well in other areas and then clocks that sub-7 second 3-cone it is the truest icing on the cake for my subjective brain. -JJ