Gridiron 3 Constitution

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Gridiron 3 Constitution

Postby hosler427 » Thu May 24, 2012 9:32 am

Gridiron Dynasty Football Classic 3
12 teams
3 Divisions
50 Man Roster (up to 50 pro, 5 college taxi squad)

Starting Lineup

League Scoring
Passing yards - .04 points for every yard
Passing TD - 4 points
Interceptions - -2 points
Fumbles - -1 point
Rushing yards - .1 points for every yard
Rushing TD - 6 points
Receiving yards - .1 points for every yard
Receiving TD - 6 points
Receptions - 1 point per
All 2 point conversions - 2 points

Field Goal (0-39 yards) - 3 points
Field Goal (40-49 yards) - 4 points
Field Goal (50-59 yards) - 5 points
Field Goal (60+ yards) - 6 points
Missed Field Goal (all lengths) - -1 point
Extra Points - 1 point
Missed Extra Points - -1 point each
Fumbles - -1 point each
Blocked Field Goal - -1 point

Solo Tackle – 1.5 points
Assisted Tackle - .75 points
Forced Fumble – 4 points
Fumble Recovery – 4 points
Interceptions – 5 points
Passes Defended – 2 points
Sack – 5 points
Safeties – 2 points
Defensive TD’s – 6 points

College Player Draft/Taxi Squad
Any player eligible for the following year’s draft is available to teams in this draft. The draft will be a 5 round draft held after the initial draft and all players will be held on a college roster maintained on this message board. When a player is drafted by an NFL team he must be promoted from the college roster. The first college player draft will be held immediately after the initial draft and in the opposite draft order. Every year following this, the draft will be in the opposite order of the league standings (league champion last, runner up 11th and so on). Teams may only leave the draft with 5 college players. Picks beyond those 5 players are automatically voided. After completion of the draft, teams may acquire additional college players.

Eligibility is described as follows: College players are eligible for the NFL draft after they have completed their eligibility (in most cases that means four years of roster time, plus an optional fifth redshirt year). Players can choose to leave college early provided that they have been out of high school for at least three years. In most cases, that means that the draft is full of seniors and extraordinary juniors, but in some cases redshirt sophomores or players who played in a pro league like the Arena Football League will be eligible. Players have to apply for the draft by Jan. 15, and once they are officially part of the draft they are no longer eligible for college.

The annual college draft will begin around the end of the 2nd week of the college season.

If a player that was drafted via the college draft the previous season and was NOT selected in the NFL draft, the owner has the right to keep as many of these players as they wish but they will forfeit their latest available pick. EXAMPLE…If the owner protects Player X he will lose his 5th round college pick that year. If the owner protects Players X and Y, he will lose his 4th and 5th round college pick that year.

Annual FA Draft
At the end of August each year there will be a 5 round FA draft. Any NFL player not on a roster (rookies included) will be eligible to be drafted.

Roster Cut Date
By August 25th of each year rosters must be returned to their 45 man state (college players are not counted towards this limit)

Position Eligibility
All position eligibility will be determined by the league provider. All in season changes by the league provider will be final.

Injured Reserve
Each team will have 5 IR spots that can only be used for players on the NFL IR.

League Government
The league will run as follows. All league government members will be in charge of handling trades, settling league disputes and taking care of day to day operations and website functionality. If a trade involves the commissioner, one of the assistant commissioners will be in charge of processing the trade. The commissioner will have the final ruling on all league business.

League Commissioner: Dan Hosler (hosler427)
Assistant Commissioner: Gino Cerulli
Assistant Commissioner: Scott LaFlesh

Assistant commissioners will remain in place until they ask to step down or the commissioner sees reason for them to be replaced (I have never seen this happen!!!)

Player Trades
Once two teams have reached an agreement on a deal the deal will be processed by MFL.

Any trade involving a college draft pick needs to be posted on the DFW message board. All draft picks listed on MFL are for the FA draft only. College players/picks are done manually.

All of that said, the goal of this league is to simulate being a real NFL GM. Any trade that has a gross imbalance of talent being exchanged or proof of collusion is shown will be denied. Outside of those circumstances all trades will be processed.

There will be a trade deadline of the Tuesday prior to the first game of week 11.

All player acquisitions after the FA draft (and through the kickoff of week 13) are done through open auction. Each team can use up to $100 to bid on players how they see fit. The minimum bid for a player is $1. The maximum roster size is 50 players so if a team wishes to bid on a player, they must have 49 players or fewer.

League Schedule and Playoffs
The regular season schedule will be set by the league provider and will take place from week 1 through week 13.

The playoffs will involve 6 teams. 3 division winners, 3 teams with best records that did not win their division. The first tiebreaker will be total points scored followed by head to head record and division record. The two division winners with the best record will receive a first round bye.

Replacement Teams
If an owner leaves or is removed from the league, priority will be given to owners with references from people in the league. If this fails, an advertisement will be placed on message boards until a suitable owner is found. The new owner may choose a new name for his team. The team will remain in the same division.

Teams may be removed by the league government for inactivity, collusion, tanking, or any actions that threaten the integrity of the league.

League Time Zone
All times on the league pages and message board posts will be Eastern Standard Time.

League Owner Integrity
Everyone is in this league to be a part of the ultimate competition. Keep that in mind when entering your starting lineup. If it appears that an owner is not putting an optimum starting lineup forward to gain an advantage in the rookie draft, the situation will be dealt with and punishment will be as severe as removal from the league. Owners are expected to not start a player on a bye week. This will be monitored during the season by the league government.

League Code of Conduct
The purpose of this league is to simulate the NFL experience while having a lot of fun. Everyone must treat each other with respect even during disagreements. Keep message board content reasonably clean and do not engage in negative trash talk. Trash talk is fine but use common sense and don’t cross any lines.

League Rules
League rules can be changed in the off-season. If a rule needs to be changed during the season to maintain league functionality, it will be done. All rule changes are subject to the commissioner’s approval.
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