24 Team, Dynasty IDP Salary cap league

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24 Team, Dynasty IDP Salary cap league

Postby jonnyl » Tue Jun 03, 2014 2:49 am

Looking for hardcore, fantasy football owners, to join an up and coming new league. This league is not for everyone and you really need to ask yourself if you are ready for something like this. I am starting a 24 team, 2 conference, 4 Division per conference, IDP, Salary Cap, league .

This is not a soft league where everyone wins for doing something. You are either competitive or you are picking first in the draft every year. It is sink or swim, devour or be eaten alive. As one owner has all ready called it, the N(f) PL.. Not for [email protected]$$%e$ League.. This league will put the NASTY in Dynasty!!!

If you are interested, please send me an email to [email protected]

League overview

24 Team League ,1 player copy for 24 teams. Which means, there is only 1 Phillip Rivers for teams to attempt to get as their QB.. Drafts and draft picks will be extremely important...

4 divisions of 3 teams (North, South, East, and West)

6 Play-off Participants- Four division winners, two wild card teams (No Payouts for winning your division)
35-45 man (35 Players plus coach or 45 plus coach) active rosters and an 8 man taxi squad
$650 Hard (Cannot exceed) Cap
120-year contract cap
Cap hits for releasing players early
21 starters, balanced between offensive positions and defense for realism
Balanced Offensive/IDP Scoring
Use of a TE is required
Starting lineups will be determined by NFL position
Blind Bidding/Auction style for free agents
Manage player holdouts & retirements apply franchise and transition tags to your players
Mandatory 7 round Rookie Draft after year 1
Use of double-headers, for a complete 16 game season
Contract extensions
Contract Renegotiations
Holdout players
Compensatory draft picks
Large Payout
A fantasy Football Trophy and Ring for the overall winner of the league



$60 X 24 owners = $1440
League Site payment = $140

Fantasy Ring and Trophy =$500 (This includes engraving on the trophy and Ring)

Total = $800

NFFL2K12 Fantasy Bowl champion receives 70% which equals $560

NFFL2K12 Fantasy Bowl Loser receives 30% which equals $240

Yes, there is no payout for conference and division winners.. Its all or nothing, Win it all or lose it all..

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