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Postby Speedkills » Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:42 pm

HDL Details - the High Drama League
Draft: slow style, beginning at the kickoff of the first preseason game
League type: we redraft every single year the kickoff of the first preseason game. The league will consist of 12 teams. It is be a great prep leading into the usual Labor Day Weekend drafts with an elite set of competitiors.
Fees: $151; $100 per team toward the annual payout, $51 for weeks 1 – 17 ($3 per week per team toward the weekly winner)
HDL Champion: the team with the most points after 17 weeks
HDL Bracelets: the Champion, second place and third each finishers receive an "HDL bracelet"
Annual Payout: Champion 60% ($720), second place 30% ($360) and third place 10% ($120)
Weekly Wins: champion of each week gets $3 * 12 teams = $36.
League Stats: the top ten weeks of all-time and top ten teams of all all-time will be maintained, as well HDL championships, HDL bracelets and weeks won. Let the bragging begin.

Unique rules in HDL
1. A starting lineup consists of an OL (see HDL OL Scoring below...fear the Arian Foster and Houston OL double-dip). Having to account for the OL changes everything.
2. Waivers are first come, first serve. However, any player acquired via the waiver wire must be played before they can be waived…beware dead wood. (note that dead wood can be included in trades)
3. Rushing QBs are rewarded for the risk
4. Length of TD matters
5. Mediocrity is not rewarded. Stats kick in at meaningful levels – e.g., a 50-yard games gets you nothing.
6. Dead wood rule: all players acquired via the waiver wire (after the draft) must be played before they can be released. You may trade dead wood, and that dead wood remains in effect for the new team (i.e., he would have to play that player before he released them). Dead wood makes no exception for injuries.

HDL Starting Lineup
1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 K
1 DT
1 OL
Roster size = 22 rounds
For some perspective, note that a weekly winner will likely need to crack 100 –125 points for the win.

HDL Scoring – QBs
TDs: 0-19 yards = 6 points, 20-39 yards = 8 points, 40+ yards = 10 points
Total Yardage Points: 250 total yards = 4 points, 1 point per each 20 yards thereafter
QB Rushing Bonus ("Hazard Bonus"): 50 rushing yards = 2 points, 1 point per each 10
*Note that QB rushing yards is included in both the total yardage and rushing bonus, hence, the bonus
*Note that QBs get the same points as a RB for a rushing or receiving TD

HDL Scoring – RBs
TDs: 0-9 yards = 6 points, 10-39 yards = 9 points, 40+ yards = 12 points
Yardage Points: 100 total yards = 4 points, 1 point per each 10 yards thereafter
Reception Points: 5 receptions = 3 points, 1 point per each reception thereafter

HDL Scoring – WRs and TEs
TDs: 0-9 yards = 6 points, 10-39 yards = 9 points, 40+ yards = 12 points
Yardage Points:100 total yards = 4 points, 1 point per each 10 yards thereafter
Reception Points: 5 receptions = 3 points, 1 point per each reception thereafter

HDL Scoring – Kickers
FG 0-49 yards: 3 Points
FG 50+ yards: 5 Points
Extra Point: 1 Point

HDL Scoring – DT
Each Sack = 1 Point
Each INT = 1 Point
Each Fumble Recovery = 1 Point
Defensive fumble or INT returned for a TD = 10 Points
Shutout = 10 Points
2-10 Points Allowed (team total) = 5 Points
11-14 Points Allowed (team total) = 3 Points

HDL Scoring – OL
0-99 Rushing Yards: 0 Points
100 Rushing Yards = 2 Points, +1 point for every 10 yards rushing thereafter.
Sacks: -2 points for each sack after 2 (the first two are free)
Rushing TDs: +2 points for each rushing TD
Failure to start an OL = -4 points

* Any end of a two-point play gets you three points.
* Punt returns and kickoff returns do not count in defensive points. If you have that player in your lineup, you get the points. A punt return or kickoff return for a TD = 12 points.
* The draft is 24 rounds, with a 2 player cutdown after the week 2 games (3 PM Thursday after the week 2 games). Note that the dead wood rule still applies.

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Postby Speedkills » Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:47 pm

HDL History
HDL VI: 2012 Recap
Speedkills took the title with 1,602 points, just the second time in HDL history we've had a team score 1600+ points. With it, Speedkills 2012 set two other somewhat HDL notables. With a 119 point lead over second place, it is the largest margin of victory in league history and also Speedkills is the first team to score above average points in all positions, QB, RB, WR, TE, OL, DT and K points. Speedkills also becomes the league's first team with 4 HDL Bracelets, having finished in the top three now in four of the last five seasons. The key to the title was via the draft with all the top picks hitting and not getting injured (Julio Jones at 1.10, Matt Ryan at 3.10, Trent Richardson at 4.03, Demaryius Thomas at 4.09 and Marques Colston at 5.04). Speedkills also finished with 168 kicker points (a combination of Justin Tucker, Lawrence Tynes, Matt Bryant and Blair Walsh), the most kicker points in HDL history. Champion: Speedkills

HDL V: 2011 Recap
And for the first time, HDL has a two-time champion as GreekLightnin’ posted a record-setting 1,631 points. It didn't "feel" like the greatest team in HDL ever - in particular, to crack the 1600-point barrier in a season with truly epic, monster QB play from Drew Brees (462), Aaron Rodgers (453), Tom Brady (394), Matthew Stafford (392) and Cam Newtown (365) and to have none of them on the record-breaking HDL roster. That's a job well done. The keys were LeSean McCoy, Wes Welker, Percy Harvin, Jimmy Graham and big defense. Despite a lead for weeks/months, it was close to a bizarre Week 17 leap by Meadows, but instead an opportunity for a season-winning move by Greek – snatching Matt Flynn off waivers on a Sunday after the Week 16 games. With no Aaron Rodgers, Meadows went with Andy Dalton. Dalton turned in a zero (in HDL scoring that week) while Flynn threw for six TDs! Meadows lost by 55, but would have won by 8, making up 119 points on Greek in a two-week stretch had he Rodgers’ backup Flynn rostered. It was just a crazy finish as it turned out. Champion: Greek Lightnin'

HDL IV: 2010 Recap
For the fourth straight year HDL sports a new member to the HDL champion's list. Coach TIJ earned his first HDL bracelet and with 1,536 points and became the 2nd highest scoring team in league history. The key to the draft though for Coach was drafting Mike Vick. Coach had taken Kevin Kolb at 4.11 and then came large to get his handcuff Mike Vick with the 13.02 pick, extremely high relative to ADP back in early August when pre-season games were just starting. The last remaining key to the championship season was Darren McFadden with the 7.02 pick, oddly enough exactly one pick after Michael Bush. Champion: Coach TIJ

HDL III: 2009 Recap
Three years in a row the "high drama league" lived up to it's league moniker but 2009 was something else - a tie between Greek and Fitz! Literally every single kicker decision was the difference between the league champion or not as Fitz and Greek both tallied precisely 1,462 points. Fortunately we voted on such an event in year one and we go to bench points, which gave Greek the title (as he missed out on all kinds of points!). Greek and Fitz both had killer week 17 transactions, Fitz adding Jabar Gaffney for 27 large, Greek adding Davone Bess for 12, the Cleveland OL for 17 and K Jay Feely for 13. It was quite the crazy finish as Greek needed 13 points from Jay Feely in the final Sunday night game and that's what Feely delivered. No title, but Fitz finished in the top 3 for three straight years. Champion: Greek Lightnin’

HDL II: 2008 Recap
For the second straight year the season ended in great drama. Speedkills, Rocco and Fitz came into week 17 in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and each team put up monster points to close out the season. It was a week of epic production as the three top teams averaged 130 points per team in week 17 (each team nearly cracking the top 10 list of all-time HDL scores). Champion: Speedkills

HDL I: 2007 Recap
Eventual champion Shark Wrangler (Donnie Brasco) and The Unblinking Eyes (tomtom) left week 16 unbelievably tied at 1,464 to 1,464, with Fitz just 15 points back. Week 17 was all Brasco. Champion: Donnie Brasco

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Postby Speedkills » Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:49 pm

Key HDL Records

Wall of Champions
2012 Speedkills
2011 Greek Lightnin'
2010 Coach TIJ
2009 Greek Lightnin'
2008 Speedkills
2007 Shark Wrangler, (a.k.a. Donnie Brasco)

All-Time Greatest Teams
1. 1,631 Greek (2011)*
2. 1,602 Speedkills (2012)*
3. 1,576 Meadows (2011)
4. 1,563 The Shark Wrangler (2007)*
5. 1,536 Coach TIJ (2010)*
6. 1,490 Fitz (2007)
7. 1,489 Speedkills (2008)*
8. 1,483 The Shark Wrangler (2012)
9. 1,480 Double Trouble (2012)
10. 1,478 Speedkills (2011)

HDL Bracelets
4 Speedkills
3 Fitz
3 Greek Lightnin'
2 The Unblinking Eyes
2 The Shark Wrangler
1 Coach TIJ
1 Meadows
1 Double Trouble
1 Hightower's Revenge

Weeks Won
1. Fitz 14.5
2. Greek 11.5
3. Unblinking Eyes 11
4. Meadows 11
5. Speedkills 10.5
6. Shark Wrangler 6.5
7. BAMFS 6
8. Coach TIJ 5
9. Wichita Straws 4.5
10. Deadwood Stables 3
11. Hightower's Revenge 3
12. The Human Centipedes 3
13. Double Trouble 3
14. The Milk Man 2
15. Devil's Advocate 2
16. Klute 1.5
17. Hollywood 1
18. Purple Jesus 1
19. One-Eyed Willy 1
20. The Fighting Reagans 1

Player Records - Season
QB: 462 Drew Brees (2011)
RB: 314 Chris Johnson (2009)
WR: 311 Randy Moss (2007)
TE: 229 Rob Gronkowski (2011)
OL: 156 Carolina Panthes (2008)
DT: 219 Chicago Bears (2012)
PK: 186 David Akers (2011)

Player Records - Game (Played in a lineup)
QB: 61 Mike Vick (2010)
RB: 65 Chris Johnson (2009)
WR: 58 Kevin Curtis (2007)
TE: 32 Vernon Davis (2009), Rob Gronkowski (2011), Dennis Pitta (2012)
OL: 33 Tennessee (2008)
DT: 48 San Francisco (2009)
PK: 21 Shayne Graham (2007)

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Postby Speedkills » Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:54 pm

This is my most awesome redraft total points league with exceptional scoring and unique rules (including the punishing offensive line position). My favorite league, bar none (Jordan, you may feel the same way, I would say everyone who joins says this), the most competitive and challenging, the most unique, open waivers, the "dead wood" rule, the punishment of mediocrity. I am not sure we will have an opening for HDL VII but if you have interest please PM and I should know soon. Players only! None of the names may make sense, most from Dynasty Rogues and Draftsharks, still hope to get people over here. The draft starts on August 15th.

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Postby jordanzs » Sat Jul 20, 2013 3:06 pm

Yeeee Hawwwww, can't wait!
DFW48: The Human Centipedes
QBs: Rothlesberger, Winston
RBs: Leveon, David Johnson, Lacy, Rawls
WRs: ARob, Dez, Alshon, Landry, Baldwin, Hurns, Boyd, Hogan
TEs: Eifert, Gates, Cameron.
DST: Seattle

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Postby Speedkills » Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:34 pm

We have one league opening for 2014...PM if interested.

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