So here we all are fellow Dynasty owners, left scratching our heads pondering last years results and wondering who is going to be that next fantasy stud in 2017.

Before we jump into that, I’d like to take a look at some of my Bold Predictions from last year that I threw darts at and judge how they graded now that all is said and done from the 2016 NFL Season. Enough of that…….let’s get started with critiquing my predictions from 2016.


1) AFC West Division Winner – Oakland Raiders

As a die hard Bronco fan since the 70’s, this was a very difficult prediction for me last year but it was very real and almost came to be but the Kansas City Chiefs stole the Division in the 11th hour. If not for the injury to Derek Carr, I don’t see any way the Raiders do not win the AFC West in 2016 which only means good things for Raiders fans looking forward to the 2017 season. I will give myself an A- here.

The Raiders are sure to come back strong in 2017 giving their competition in the AFC West a run for their money with the return of QB Derek Carr and the recent addition of RB Marshawn Lynch.







2) Fantasy Rookie Of the Year (FROY) – WR Sterling Shepard (New York Giants)

I missed here but these are supposed to be bold predictions and yes……..Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott would have been the boldest of bold but cut me some slack here as I don’t believe there is anyone who believed Dak would have had the year he had other than maybe Dak himself. And it’s not like Sterling had a terrible year anyway but Dak’s teammate RB Ezekiel Elliott has to be the runner-up here so I give myself a C on this one even though Zeke wouldn’t have exactly been a bold prediction.

The Giants have added another stud wide receiver in Brandon Marshall and drafted a top tight end in the 2017 NFL Draft with selecting TE Evan Engram with the 23rd pick in the first round. This could either open up things more for Shepard or take away from his targets. Time will tell but no matter he should get his time to shine.


3) Record Breaking Receiver – Antonio Brown will break single game reception record as well as record for most receiving yards in a season becoming the first receiver to eclipse 2000 yards receiving

I definitely missed the boat here as Antonio didn’t come anywhere near Brandon Marshall’s 21 receptions in one game as the most balls he caught in one game was 14 and he didn’t even come close to 2000 yards after posting just under 1300 yards receiving. Yes, as most other NFL fans, I was drinking the Antonio Brown Kool-Aid as he flexed his muscles but I added much more sugar to the pitcher than what it called for.  I get an F for this one.

The crazy thing is that AB had a very solid year catching over 100 balls (106) for 1284 yards and 12 TD’s which is production we should all be happy with. It’s probably best to temper my expectations this year and be happy knowing that I am going to have a WR1 on my roster in those leagues that I own him in.


4) Purple Reign – Minnesota Vikings will win the NFC North

Another swing and a miss with Teddy Bridgewater suffering what very well could be a career ending injury during a non-contact drill at practice just before the start of the season and Adrian Peterson injuring his knee just two games into the season while showing the sign of times that most running backs show once they reach that age of 30 which he passed a couple years ago.

I will accept a D+ here even though Bridgewater and AP were healthy when my predictions were made. The Vikings did win their first five games before their bye week including games against the Packers and Panthers but I should have seen it coming………right????  Oh well, it was a great prediction at the time!!!!

The Vikings declined the opportunity to resign AP as his price was too high but they drafted a running back who some still say is the best in the draft in Dalvin Cook from Florida State. I am just not sure that is enough for the team to win the Division this year and would not bet on it.


5) A New Dirty Bird – Tevin Coleman will score more fantasy points than Devonta Freeman.

This was a tough one as Coleman missed some time but Freeman is still the consensus #1 in Atlanta which I don’t see changing unless the new regime messes up their chemistry because Coleman and Freeman are a great combo out of the backfield that makes it tough for defenses to game plan against. Even taking into consideration the fact that Coleman missed some time last year, I cannot give myself a grade higher than a C- here as Freeman looks to be the thunder ahead of the lightning!

Tevin Coleman showed great promise last year but Devonta Freeman proved he was not a one hit wonder so that leaves Coleman in a bit of a quagmire in Atlanta where his use is limited to a specialty back based on the production of Freeman.


So there you have it. My 2016 predictions weren’t great but I at least hit the target…….just not the bulls-eye that we all strive to hit on a daily basis.

Stay tuned as I will be making my 2017 predictions in the near future and look forward to hearing from you and your opinions!