Welcome back to the contract year player series.  Where we here at DFW point out all of the players that are in a contract year to help you gain every possible edge you can.  If we can help you focus on something that not many other owners are looking at then maybe you can make a deal for a guy before he blows up.  Or sell a guy with this additional information.  How you use it is really up to you.

At any rate, next up on the list is Greg Jennings.  Jennings is a bit of a unique player among this year’s contract year crop because he’s really the only one you can consider elite.  Jennings is the best wide receiver on the best passing offense in football.  That is a highly coveted prize.  One that’s not likely to come cheap but is definitely worth the price if you can afford him.

Now because Jennings is already in the elite category the contract year may not impact him as much as some others.  The Packers are very unlikely to let him walk but isn’t out of the realm of possibility.  If Jennings uses that extra motivation to burn up the stats this year he could be worth a TON on the free agent market.  He will almost assuredly be the best WR available which means a big payday.  We saw Pierre Garcon and Laurent Robinson get big money this year so imagine what Jennings could bring.  I’m sure he’d like to stay with one of the top offenses and QBs in the league but money talks.  It’s a temptation that very few can resist.

So while I don’t expect a big jump in his current production it is good to note that Jennings is in a contract year.  He’ll be playing his best football and will likely be awarded for doing so.  Watch and see if the Packers lock him up before the season starts or before it ends.  If they don’t he may be a key target for smart NFL teams and fantasy owners alike.  Let’s be honest almost every team in the NFL is a worse landing spot than the Packers for a WR1.  If the current Jennings owner fears a bad landing spot his price may well come down.  I know some feel that Jennings benefits from the system he’s in a lot.  So that could be a factor as well.

In essence stay focused on the contract situation as the year progresses.  Free agents of Jenning’s caliber don’t hit the market all that often so it could make things interesting.  Keeping this extra bit of info in mind and your eyes on the ball may just benefit you and your fantasy team in the long run.


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