Have you tried IDP? For most the answer is no, but this format is actually growing at a pretty fast pace. We recently had some discussion in our forum about the general idea, concepts and strategies of IDP (Individual Defensive Players) format. Below you’ll find 3 posts from some of our more knowledgeable IDP members, and I thought I would share for those of you who are looking for something new. I was introduced to IDP 3 years ago, and I love it. It adds a whole new dimension and complexity to the game, of course there is also more research. But once you get up to speed, it’s just like regular dynasty as far as knowing all of the core players. From there you’ll just need to track FA, trades and the NFL draft to see how that changes the landscape of the IDP portion of your league. So, if you’ve been wondering, here are some basic tips for you.

A big thanks goes out to Dave aka Weekend Warrior and TC aka Gambler who helped contribute to this article with their comments in the forum.

Weekend Warriors:
Scoring makes a big difference. Assuming it’s a tackle heavy league:

LB’s are about equal to WR’s in value (probably WR2), Middle and Inside Line backers are who you want to target.

DB’s are next and I generally target Safety versus CB’s. Maybe similar value to mid range TE’s? The main reason is that they are more stable and will offer a better chance of consistency year over year. CB’s generally can be all over the place even within the season but even more-so year over year, that’s because the better NFL CB’s are not necessarily the good FF CB’s. You want the guys that suck and opposing teams throw at….that usually results in the player getting better or being cut/benched by the team.

Defensive Lineman should have a focus on DE as only a few of DT’s are worthy. If you miss out on one of the hands down studs, then don’t worry too much because they all start to blend into the same tiers at that point. Aside from getting one of the top studs, they are kind of the kickers of the IDP world IMO….lol

Now big play scoring leagues change this all up…

Other guys can probably give more info or maybe explain better. This is a quick breakdown of my “off the top” thoughts.

Mostly IDP is about tackles. You want guys that get you a ton of tackles and assists. So, your inside LB’s or middle LB’s and also generally your strong safeties (that jump up in run support). Some corners get a ton of tackles and participate in stopping the run too (Tillman and Winfield come to mind).

D-Line is similar if you can find athletic ends that get a few tackles, but you’re looking for sacks from them generally since they don’t net enough tackle numbers.

That’s “standard” rules…as WW said, there are odd alternate rules called “big play” that throw all that out the window and invent new rules for how plays are scored. You really need to read your league bylaws to get a good understanding of how they score your particular IDP.

These guys have you covered. One thing I’ll point out w/LB’s would be that when you are looking for breakout players, they are typically LB’s who are about to be promoted to a starting position where they will be 3-down players in both run and pass situations. You also can look at it a little deeper to figure out what teams are horrible and will have their defenses on the field more than not which means more opportunity for stats. As far as start/sit questions, you’ll want to start LB’s vs run-heavy teams which helps w/the number of tackle opportunities.

WW, Gambler & Jaysport did a good job covering the basics and then some. Nicely done guys.