Inside the 48 and 36Inside the 48 and 36!

Written by: Patrick Anderson(Shackleford)

For those of you who are not familiar with DFW’s flagship leagues, DFW 48 and DFW 36 let me take a second and fill you in. DFW 48 is a 48 team Dynasty league that was created in 2012. It has four copies of every player and it is easily one of the most active Dynasty leagues in the country. DFW 36 is a 36 team IDP league with 3 copies of each player, it was created in 2014, and it has some of the most aggressive IDP scoring you will find anywhere!

While many dynasty leagues are lying dormant or their owners are busy collecting, processing, and analyzing the Combine data and Free Agency moves, owners in the 48 and 36 have completed a whopping 100+ trades in just the past 30 days! We will analyze the biggest trades and highlight the more interesting power moves in the upcoming rookie draft, with the hope that you can gain an edge in your own Dynasty League.

The time of Free Agency is upon us and there have been some interesting moves so far! Please keep in mind that the following trades happened before Free Agents were able to sign or be traded which makes this week’s installment even more interesting! Without further a-don’t, let’s a take a look Inside the 48 and 36!


Trade #1(DFW 36)

Side A: Burgandy gave up: Mike Glennon, Shaun Suisham, Terrell Suggs, and William Gay

Side B: Psychocat gave up: Tom Brady, Joique Bell, Matt Bryant, 3.15 (3 copies of every player makes it 3.05)

Why I like side A: Being a year away from competing, this move was a “no-brainer” for the man, the legend, Burgandy. Letting the entire 36 know he was willing to trim some defensive shrubs for offensive depth, he now has pieces to add depth (Bell) and pieces to move later on (Brady), and a valuable 3.15 (3.05) to land a defensive player to replace Suggs and Gay’s production. For Burgandy, this move was all about value to gain pieces for a competitive 2016 season.

Why I like side B: Psychocat was OK with sending Bell and the 3.15 because of other recent moves that landed him a younger RB Khiry Robinson (a deal I’ll get to later) and Fred Jackson. It is hard to find something to like on this side to be honest. Gay was the number 5 CB in the league last year, but he just turned 30 and CBs can be found on the WW almost every week and their production usually fluctuates from year to year so you should rarely trade for one. Suggs is categorized as a LB in our league and he finished as the number 39 LB at that. He is far to dependent on sacks for production to be anything more that a flyer flex start with a favorable match up.

Summary: This deal is a big win for Burgandy. Any time you can move aging or random IDPs for offensive players like Brady and Bell it is a big win. Psychocat added a 33 year old DE and yet another Steeler to his roster earning him the Title of Homer of the Year :). Mike Glennon looked good when he had a chance to play, but his future in the NFL is unclear for sure right now. Burgandy landed 2 startable players (although a bit long in the tooth), a top K, and a valuable early third round pick. Both sides were happy with this trade so I hope it works for both teams.


Trade #2(DFW 48)

Side A:  Chalupa Batman gave up: Owen Daniels, 2.18 (4 copies of each player this would be a 2.05), 2016 2nd from HaynesBundy

Side B: @Gunnshow gave up: Julius Thomas, 4.20 (4.05), 4.22 (4.06), and 4.35 (4.09)

 Why I like side A: Chalupa Batman added another potential elite piece to his stable of talent. He has been one of the most active traders this offseason and has really transformed his team. Even though Julius will be playing for a team that has not prominently featured a TE, the team does have some nice receivers so there is a chance he could produce low end TE #1 numbers (if he can stay healthy). That said, I don’t think Bortles will be able to get Julius enough passes for him to even come close to the numbers we saw when Peyton Manning was throwing the ball. I fear his production may become less consistent and more TD dependent.

Why I like side B:  @Gunnshow cashed in some 4th round lottery tickets for a better dart throw in the second, this year and next year, while getting a TE rental for a year or two. Free Agency was still a few days away when this deal came out, but it was pretty smart (and lucky) to listen to free agency rumors. Daniels will undoubtedly see an uptick in production in a system with Kubiak and Peyton Manning, but how much longer can the 32-33 year old TE keep it up? @Gunnshow doesn’t mind the rental because he also has Ertz lurking around in his lineup too.

Summary: Sure the draft picks are interesting because there’s always a ton of forum posts asking to move up in the draft by bundling picks together like we all work at Progressive, but to watch this deal happen and to later see both players in this deal go from opposite sides of the spectrum is what makes fantasy football that more interesting.  


Trade #3(DFW 36)

Side A: Psychocat gave up: Jimmy Graham

Side B: Witchita’s Hall of Fame Squad gave up: Khiry Robinson, Donte Moncrief, Richard Rodgers, 2.09 (with 3 copies of each player this is pick 2.03), 3.11 (this one is 3.04)

Why I like side A: Psychocat could not have timed this trade better, although in Witchita’s defense, no one saw the Saints trading Graham to the Seahawks! Psychocat inherited a group of TEs that consisted of Witten, Cook, and Graham so he felt he had enough depth to try and improve his roster at other positions.  Psychocat received WR Donte Moncrief who looked to be a lock for the X role for the Colts, but those plans seem to be on hold right now since the team added Andre Johnson. Khiry Robinson has little value in the Saints offense unless Ingram gets hurt which is possible with Ingram’s injury history. The sneaky part of this trade is TE Richard Rogers. While nothing is guaranteed about his role with the team, he flashed at times last year and he has TE 1 potential if everything goes just right for him. Psychocat also received some 2nd and third round picks which are always more valuable in an IDP league.

Why I like side B: I can’t see that losing Khiry would have a big impact on Witchita’s roster, and after looking at his WR corps, Moncrief won’t either. Now, The Hall of Fame Squad adds Graham to an already stacked roster of LeVeon Bell, Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, and Russell Wilson. You have to feel a little sorry for Witchita, he made a great trade and obtained an elite TE only to have the rug pulled out from him when Graham was unceremoniously shipped to Seattle. Projections are all over the place with respect to Graham’s 2015 production, but you have to think that even with a drastic reduction to his targets he still has the potential to be a top 5 TE. The only concern is that his production may be a little less consistent and he will need to score 10-12 TDs to reach that level.

Summary: I’ve tried to stay away from covering the same people in the same article or even from separate articles but, plain and simple, some owners are more active than others even when you have 36 or 48 of them. Psychocat is moving pieces around to find the hidden meaning behind Zen and the Art of IDP, while Witchita’s Hall of Fame Squad and Burgandy are massing their squads for a run at victory in the 36 either this year or next.  


This wraps up another intriguing week in the DFW flagship leagues where trades are nothing more than common daily business, like your cup of coffee and checking The Warehouse forums on your work computer (it’s OK, we all do it)! I hope these trades and evaluations are helping you all with your own trades, and if they are please leave a quick comment below on some of your trades or any other insight you may have for next week’s look Inside the 48 and 36!