Inside the 48 and 36

 Inside The 48 and The 36!


Written by: Patrick Anderson (Shackleford) and Bill Cervi (No problem)

For those of you who are not familiar with DFW’s flagship leagues, DFW 48 and DFW 36 let me take a second and fill you in. DFW 48 is a 48 team Dynasty league that was created in 2012. It has four copies of every player and it is easily one of the most active Dynasty leagues in the country. DFW 36 is a 36 team IDP league with 3 copies of each player, it was created in 2014, and it has some of the most aggressive IDP scoring you will find anywhere!

While many dynasty leagues are lying dormant or their owners are busy collecting, processing, and analyzing the Combine data and Free Agency moves, owners in the 48 and 36 have completed 100’s of trades already this year! We will analyze the biggest trades and highlight the more interesting power moves in the upcoming rookie draft, with the hope that you can gain an edge in your own Dynasty League.

Without further adieu let’s take a look Inside the 48 and the 36!

Trade #1 (DFW 48)

Side A: Burgandy gave up Danny Woodhead, DaVante Adams, 2016 3rd

Side B: Drunken Dream Team gave up Tre Mason

Why I like side A: Burgandy continues to make a splash in the 48 this offseason and this week’s move was adding another promising young feature back to his squad that already had a nice blend of youth, upside, depth and proven talent. Tre Mason’s playing time increased last year once he improved his pass blocking and from week 7-17 Mason racked up 179 carries for 765 yards, caught 16 passes for 148 yards and scored 5 total TDs. Mason should be able to build on his solid rookie season especially if his snap count continues to grow beyond the meager 381 snaps he played in 2014. Mason has high end RB #2 potential written all over him this season. Burgandy had to part with roster insurance RB Danny Woodhead, GB WR prospect DaVante Adams and a 2016 3rd. In our opinion, that seems like a very reasonable price to pay for a potential pseudo-feature back (B. Cunningham will still vulture some third down situations most likely).

Why I like side B: On this flip side of this deal, the addition of the PPR-friendly, though aging, Danny Woodhead and highly touted second year WR DaVante Adams are meant to add depth and playability to DDT’s roster. Adams dynasty stock was on fire when the possibility of Randall Cobb moving on still existed, but Cobb’s 4 year deal threw some water on those flames. Adams will have to bide his time to crack the top 2 WRs on this team. That said, the #3 WR for GB is a very productive fantasy role and he should easily improve on last year’s numbers of 38 catches for 446 yards and 3 TDs. The third round pick (in next year’s draft) will be a crap shoot or it may be used in a future trade.

Summary: This trade seems pretty fair on the surface, but when I look at DDT’s roster there is a glaring hole at RB and some upside youth WR talent already on the bench. I am not sure I would have moved Mason due to Mason’s age, DDT’s team RB need, and the fact that his has not peaked yet (most likely). That said, adding Adams is a nice long term prospect to sit on and Woodhead should be able to provide DDT with a low end RB #2 production if Woodhead returns to form (recent reports claim he is ahead of schedule in his recovery).


Trade #2 (DFW 48)

Side A:  THE FANTASY TYPHOON gave up Adrian Peterson, Seattle Seahawks Def

Side B: Dead Man Walking gave up Jonathan Stewart, Andre Williams, 2.04 (4 copies of each player makes this a 2.01)

Why I like side A: As the drama between AP and the Vikings continue, TFT decided to sell his oldest RB in attempt to “reload” with a potential 3-down back in Jonathan Stewart (barring injury of course), and the Giant’s second year RB Andre Williams. When asked, TYPHOON said he believes Williams will take over the backfield “sooner rather than later” after only handling part time/relief work and the goal line duties during his rookie year. Williams finished the 2014 season with 217 carries for 720 yards, caught 18 of his 37 pass targets for 130 yards, and he scored 7 TDs. JStew will finally get a chance to be the feature back, but the coaching staff, concerned with his lengthy injury history, have already indicated they will likely limit his touches to 15 per game.

Why I like side B: Dead Man Walking gave up 2 RB prospects and an early second rounder which seems a very reasonable price to secure one the NFL’s best all time RBs. Sure he is teamless right now, sure his age is advancing, but the last time we saw a motivated AP he racked up 2,097 yards (2012 after ACL surgery the year prior). DFW’s Dan “Burgandy” Heins wrote an article back on February 4th in which he opined on the possibilities that Peterson could end up in Dallas and with the recent restructuring of Romo’s deal this may become a reality. It is still a long shot at this point, but the possibility of seeing Peterson running through the gaping holes that helped Murray lead the league in yards before contact is terrifying, especially if you are playing a team starting ADP on any given week.

Summary: Looking at this deal right now it looks like a victory for Dead Man Walking. THE FANTASY TYPHOON lost the great Adrian Peterson and the top real life defense, however, dynasty football is a game of future investments as well. If the Typhoon can get the production he needs from RBs Stewart and Williams and hits on his early second rounder (2.4 ADP per DFW) this trade could balance out in his favor over the long run.


Trade #3 (DFW 36)

Side A: Psychocat gave up Marshawn Lynch, 2.03 (3 copies of each player makes this 2.01), 2016 3rd

Side B: The Not-So-Real McCoys gave up Jamaal Charles

Why I like side A: Upgrading a position by adding a draft pick is common practice in the dynasty community, and that’s what Psychocat did here. Marshawn Lynch is expected to play at least 1-2 more years, around the same window as Charles so we feel that including the 2.03 (essentially 2.01 because of 3 copies of each player in the 36), in a very deep/talented draft was too steep of a price to pay for Charles.  Our concerns with Charles are the following. First he will be 29 this year and the team already began to reduce his workload last year (2013 touches 329/ 2014 touches 245). Secondly and most importantly, his receptions totals took a nose dive as they decreased from 70 in 2013 to 40 in 2014. With a promising 23 year old Knile Davis waiting in the wings, Charles could be looking at his touches remaining around the 250-300 range this year. Also there is the fact that in 2016 Charles will be 30 and if does not look as dynamic as in the past, the Chiefs can release Charles with no dead money and have a cap savings in the 6 million dollar range. This is highly unlikely as it looks now, but the NFL is a business and you have to consider all the possibilities no matter how remote.

Why I like side B: The fake McCoy’s unloaded Jamaal Charles after an injury riddled 2014 campaign for Lynch who had another top 5 fantasy RB performance in 2014. Lynch recorded 280 carries for 1,306 yards, caught 37 passes for 367 yards, and scored 17 total TDs. Those numbers were good enough to finish the season 50 points ahead of Charles and looking into the 2015 and 2016 seasons we should see Marshawn and Charles in very close proximity on the final overall point totals. That in itself makes it almost a fair trade, but the fake McCoy’s added the 2.1 pick as well! According to DFW’s rookie ADP the 2.1 pick should offer some outstanding dynasty prospects like WR Breshad Perriman, RB Ameer Abdullah, and QB Jameis Winston or NSRM can add another piece to the 2.1 and move up into the first for an even better prospect.

Summary: With both of the running backs involved being roughly the same age and projecting for similar production over the next 1-2 years this trade is a win for the McCoys. The early second rounder is the piece that really tips the scales and depending on the pick it could translate to a core player who will be on the McCoys roster for 5-7 years after both Charles and Lynch hang up their cleats.

We will be back next week with more action from Inside the 48 and 36 so be sure to check in next Saturday!