Inside the 48 and 36

Inside the 48 and 36!

Written by: Patrick Anderson (Shackleford)

For those of you who are not familiar with DFW’s flagship leagues, DFW 48 and DFW 36 let me take a second and fill you in. DFW 48 is a 48 team Dynasty league that was created in 2012. It has four copies of every player and it is easily one of the most active Dynasty leagues in the country. DFW 36 is a 36 team IDP league with 3 copies of each player, it was created in 2014, and it has some of the most aggressive IDP scoring you will find anywhere!

While many dynasty leagues are lying dormant or their owners are busy collecting, processing, and analyzing the Combine data, owners in the 48 and 36 have completed a whopping 100+ trades in just the past 30 days! We will analyze the biggest trades and highlight the more interesting power moves in the upcoming rookie draft, with the hope that you can gain an edge in your own Dynasty League.

I warned you guys that I would be back to continue my coverage of all the action from Inside DFW’s 48 and 36…so here’s Shackleford! Seriously, I really appreciate all of the feedback from the first post whether it was good or bad so please keep the comments coming and I appreciate your support. Without further delay, here are some of the big moves that were made in the last week. I hope that by reading these you are able to pull of similar moves and better understand current player/pick values!


Trade #1(DFW48)

Side A: Drunken Dream Team gave up: Sammy Watkins

Side B: Wichita´s Hall of Fame Squad gave up: Michael Floyd; 2016 1st from Burgandy; 2016 2nd from Wichita´s Hall of Fame Squad


Why I like side A: I do not own Watkins in any leagues (I would hold him for now for the record), but I imagine it would be tough to give him up.  Receiving Michael Floyd (who I feel is a great buy low candidate this off season) along with the future assets must ease some of that pain however. 

Why I like side B: When I asked Wichita´s Hall of Fame Squad what his intent was behind the deal, he admitted that he “actually spent more” than he wanted to, but wanted the upgrade Floyd. Only time will tell who is the better receiver. Floyd clearly has the early advantage (as long as Palmer stays healthy) and poor Sammy Watkins who has the far better skill set is now at the mercy of a below average QB and Rex Ryan. Fortunately, Wichita´s Hall of Fame Squad has the luxury of using Watkins as his flex this year since he already has AJ Green and Mike Evans as his starters.

Summary: This trade really had me interested in the intent behind each side because of the risk that was involved for both teams. The skepticism of Watkins in Rex Ryan’s system, and the Arizona QBs who could all attend a casting call for The Walking Dead, have both players surrounded with questions about their future production. On the one side Wichita´s Hall of Fame Squad gains a WR that has special abilities and the Drunken Dream Team gets a talented young WR who under performed last season and 2 valuable picks (2016 1st and 2nd) that he can use for ammunition in future trades or to add talent to his roster.


Trade #2 (DFW48)

Side A:  THE FANTASY TYPHOON gave up: Latavius Murray

Side B: Coorzman gave up: 2015 2.08 (with 4 copies of each player this is pick 2.02), 2016 1st from Coorzman


Why I like side A: Last year Latavius Murray finally had the break out game that many of us had been waiting for. It came week 12, against the Chiefs on Monday Night Football. He carried the ball 4 times for 112 yard and scored 2 TDs, but sadly had to leave the game with a possible concussion. He averaged almost 65 yards a game for the rest of the season (WKS 14-17) and he has the opportunity to earn a large share of the Raiders rushing carries as long as the team does not add a RB in the draft or free agency. Side A received a 2016 first rounder and the 2.8 (2.2) should provide a nice prospect based on DFW’s 2015 rookie ADP. Players like RB Ameer Abdullah, David Cobb, WR Sammie Coates, and Breshad Peeriman are all still available at that pick (as of early March). Is THE FANTASY TYPHOON simply trimming his RB fat, or is he cashing in on the remnants of Murray’s week 12 hype? Either way, he has the depth to make this move with a RB stable of Peterson, Lynch, Ingram, and the possibility of landing Gordon or Gurley with the 1.03.

Why I like side B:  Coorzman adds Murray to a pool of RBs (CJ Anderson, Ellington, Doug Martin, McKinnon, and Riddick) that all have some questions surrounding them this season. Questions aside,  they all have talent and appear to have the opportunity to make an impact for their team. Having a stable full of potentially trendy RBs could pay off handsomely for the Coorzman if he strategically times the trades of these RBs at the peak of their preseason hype.

Summary: Is Coorzman still riding the hype train from Murray’s big week 12 against the Chiefs or does he see an opportunity for a talented player to earn a significant role? Reports in early February indicated that Musgrave is devising a scheme that should  be a good fit for Murray. This could pay off for Coorzman in the long run especially when you consider Musgrave’s history with Adrian Peterson and LeSean McCoy. The jury will be out on this trade for a while and we will have to see who The Fantasy Typhoon selects with his picks, that is if he doesn’t trade them off first.


Trade #3 (IDP36)

Side A: JScott gave up: Shane Vereen; 2015 3.22 (3.08); 2016 1st from JScott; 2016 6th from JScott

Side B: Great White North gave up: Matt Forte


Why I like side A:  Vereen just turned 26 years old this month and he has been a quality complimentary RB in New England. It is hard to get a grasp on what Belichick will do when it comes to his RBs, but one thing is for sure, there is no way the Patriots are going to pay him 3.5 million a year so his days in New England may be numbered. Selling Vereen seems like a good idea with the glut of RBs on the free agent market and the incredible depth at the position in this year’s draft. In return, he’s getting a  29 years old RB that is still producing and has not shown any indication of slowing down, yet.

Why I like side B: Great White North just recently took over this team and has been using this year as a time to learn the ins and outs of the 36. After taking the reins he immediately noted that the previous owner had sacrificed youth to bolster the stacked defense the Great White North inherited. If Vereen lands in a favorable offense he could be a valuable flex player (the 36 uses 2 flex spots) with some weekly upside or trade bait. The best part of this move is the trading of Matt Forte. His days of 75 and 100 receptions are most likely behind him (if he is not traded) with John Fox taking over and Forte will be in the last year of his contract, a year in which he turns 30.

Summary: I think this is a great move for both sides. JScott gets a solid 1-2 year RB rental in Forte, to start with Jamaal Charles should Lynch decides to hang ‘em up. Great White North gains a couple of picks and a player that he can either use as a flex starter or move later to improve his roster in trades .


There have been some other big moves involving draft picks and a pair of trades that left some of us in the 48 feeling like Keanu Reeves experiencing déjà vu in the Matrix, we witnessed identical deals moving draft picks for Demaryius Thomas. The franchise tagging date has come and gone without much noise, but the NFL free agent market is about to swing its doors wide open with a much anticipated BANG! The one thing that is certain right now is that the blockbuster free agent signings will lead to some big blockbuster deals and I will be right here to cover all the action for you from Inside the 48 and 36!