Inside The 48 and The IDP 36!


Written by: Mike Silva (satchattack)

For those of you who are not familiar with DFW’s flagship leagues, DFW 48 and DFW 36 let me take a second and fill you in. DFW 48 is a 48 team Dynasty league that was created in 2012. It has four copies of every player and it is easily one of the most active Dynasty leagues in the country. DFW 36 is a 36 team IDP league with 3 copies of each player, it was created in 2014, and it has some of the most aggressive IDP scoring you will find anywhere!

With the NFL Draft in the rear view mirror, owners are in cram mode analyzing each rookie’s landing spot, and along with that cramming, analyzing, and speculating comes the ever present player and pick value questions. We will select some of the most recent trades from DFW’s flagship leagues and analyze them for you with the hope that you can gain an edge in your dynasty league by reading about them. Here are this weeks trades from Inside the 48 and 36!


Trade #1 (DFW 48)

Side A: SpeedKills gave up Matt Forte, John Brown and Kevin White

Side B: Burgandy gave up Mike Evans

Why I like side A: From an ADP value standpoint, I really like what Speedkills was able to accomplish with this trade. He landed a surefire first round startup player in Evans, whom should be a cornerstone of his team for years to come. It “only” cost him a couple of third round values (Forte and White), along with a speculative WR in John Brown.

Why I like side B: From a team building standpoint, we LOVE what Burgandy received for Evans. Sure, there is always risk in acquiring a rookie. You always need to ask the question – “Will he pan out?” That question has not been fully answered regarding Evans, either at this point. In my opinion, White arguably has comparable upside to Evans, if not more. Burgandy also landed a perennial top-5 running back in Matt Forte. Forte’s value may be slipping due to his age and the departure of OC Marc Trestman, but he should continue to be a quality RB1 for the next couple of years. Finally, Burgandy landed a young upside WR named John Brown, whom the Cardinals seem to be quite bullish about.

Summary: I think this is a “pick your poison” type of trade. Speedkills is in rebuild mode, and he was able to unload an aging RB to land a first round WR in Evans. Speedkills also drafted QB Jameis Winston this year and this pairing gives him the potential for many 10 point TD connections in the future. On the other hand, Burgandy secures a top 5 RB along with Kevin White, whom may have even more upside than Evans. Even if Burgandy doesn’t make it to the promise land this season, he could very well flip Forte in-season for some valuable assets.


Trade #2 (DFW 36)

Side A: tomfin2000 gave up David Johnson (drafted at 2.23 aka 2.08) and a 2016 2nd

Side B: Watt does John Fox say? gave up Charles Sims and 2.28 (2.10)

Why I like side A: I like this trade for tomfin2000 because he was able to use his 2016 second rounder as leverage to trade back and acquire one of this year’s top linebackers in Eric Kendricks. In doing so, he also picked up Sims, whom the Tampa Bay coaching staff appears to be favoring for the starting running back job at this point of the off-season.

Why I like side B: I like this trade for “Watt does John Fox say?” because he was able to essentially trade up to acquire David Johnson (he rosters Ellington) while also securing a future second round pick. Although Johnson’s competition (Andre Ellington) is more talented than Sims’ (Doug Martin), I think David Johnson has a better chance at having an impact for the Cardinals and your fantasy team.

Summary: While the value may be fairly even, I favor the David Johnson and 2016 second rounder side. I do not see Sims as a 3 down back, nor do I see there being a return on the second round value spent to obtain him. I also favor David Johnson to Eric Kendricks – While Kendricks may be the best LB in the draft, it is my opinion that he and Stephone Anthony are in the same tier. This would place the value on obtaining Anthony, who lasted until the early third round, rather than spending a mid second to snag Kendricks.


Trade #3 (DFW 36)

Side A: Wichita’s Hall of Fame Squad gave up Jimmy Garoppolo and Amari Cooper

Side B: tomfin2000 gave up Jeremy Hill and 3.23 (3.08)

Why I like side A: We like this deal for Wichita because he gets a solid young Franchise RB in Hill, as well as securing value for a backup QB. The Bengals ran the ball 492 times last year under new OC Hue Jackson. That placed them 6th overall in attempts and looking forward to the 2015 season, the Bengals should approach 500 carries again with the lion’s share of those and the goal line work going to Hill.

Why I like side B: We like this deal for tomfin2000 because he get’s a blue chip prospect. Some would argue that Cooper should be the 1.01 over Gurley, and I think most would agree that Hill doesn’t represent 1.01 value.

Summary: In a vacuum, we prefer Garoppolo/Cooper to Hill and the pick. But when you factor in the roster of each team, it is easy to see why this deal was made. Wichita has the looks of a contender in this league, and Hill gives him a great back to pair with Le’Veon Bell. With Julio, AJG and Dez locked in at WR, he could afford to move Cooper for the RB help. Likewise, when you look at tomfin2000’s roster, he is in the midst of a rebuild and could use the long term stability of an asset like Amari Cooper.

That will do it for this week’s Inside The 48 and IDP 36. Hope you enjoyed it and I will be back for more action next week.