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By Jay Myers – Founder & CEO – @Dynasty_DFW

First of all I want to thank everyone here at DFW for all of the support over the last four years. This has been such an amazing ride. Looking back we never thought DFW would be what it is today, which is one of the finest dynasty football sites in the world. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to our tremendous community.

We want to take DFW to a higher level. To do that we need to make a tough decision regarding the future of the Warehouse. In order to maintain the level of content and analysis I hope you have come to love, while also growing the site to new levels, we have decided to have a premium paid DFW Insider membership. This will enable us to compensate for the hard work, time, and dedication that is required to continue running this world-class dynasty and fantasy football site.

Our new DFW Insider membership breaks down to $2 per month — that’s on average just 50 cents a week to dominate your fantasy leagues. We hope this doesn’t stand in the way of your support to help us take DFW to the next level. The proceeds from a membership model will enable us to compensate our amazing writers who have been contributing DFW content for free up to this point. Additionally this will allow DFW to develop new tools — such as trade calculators and rookie draft pick value charts — and integrate premium stats with our rankings (that can be customized for each user’s league scoring and lineup settings) among other ideas we have.

We will continue providing some free content but much much will be Insider-only, including rankings and ADP. Our world-class forums and dynasty 101 article section will remain free to all.

Our goal from day one was to provide a fun and respectful place where folks could collaborate and help each other while continuing to grow the dynasty niche. We hope you understand this hard decision and will continue supporting the Warehouse.

The full details can be found here for the new DFW Insider content.

Thank you for your support and partnership in this hobby that we all love — and love to dominate!


Jay Myers, CEO, Dynasty Football Warehouse