By Jay Myers – Founder/CEO

Each day I will give you my take on recent developments in the landscape of the NFL and how it will impact the dynasty world.  Book mark this page if you want dynasty slants and takes on all the latest NFL news.

8/11 – Watkins traded to the Rams.  Wow, that came out of nowhere and I don’t like it for his future outlook.  Not only does he have less than 1 month to digest and learn the playbook but he’s playing with an inept QB in Goff who looked downright terrible last season.  I’m not a Goff believer as he didn’t flash at all for me last year, he may surprise but I’m not counting on it.  This is a definite downgrade for Sammy in my opinion, but unfortunately you can’t sell unless you are will to sell at a decent discount over what his value was yesterday at this exact time.  My suggestion is to hold unless you get pre-trade value for him which is mid-to-late 2nd round ADP.  I would buy if you can get him for late 3rd round ADP value.

8/11 – Jordan Matthews traded to Buffalo.  This is GREAT news for his stock after the Eagles loaded up on WRs in the off-season with Alshon and Torrey Smith and drafting Hollins.  He instantly becomes the WR1 for the Bills and is right back in the WR2 mix for your FF teams.  I’m not a believer of his talent long-term so I’d be using this as an opportunity to sell him at a profit.  What is that value, well it’s TBD honestly as I’m sure his value will be all over the place.  If you can get late 3rd to early 4th round ADP value I’d probably make that move.  Wrong time to be buying his stock as I expect him to struggle early on in-season.  Wait it out to see if he under-performs due to challenges around learning the playbook and building chemistry with Tyrod.

8/11 – Zeke suspended for 6 games.  Most of us saw this coming, I’m guessing it will be reduced by 2 games after he appeals.  Depending on your RB depth you may want to go out and buy DMC if you don’t already own him.  McFadden should be a solid RB2 while Zeke is out.  I moved Tyrod for McFadden straight-up today to give you an idea.  Zeke is starting to make me a bit nervous as his next suspension could be 1yr, that being said he is too good to trade and only 22.

8/10 – Pitt is acknowledging that they need to start preparing for life after Big Ben.  We all know the story with Ben and his year-to-year approach to retirement.  Bottom line here is that you can get a top-10 performing QB for cheap due to all this talk.  If he hangs it up after the season you address QB then and move on, but the reality is he could play another 3+ years while you get him for 50 cents on the dollar.

8/10 – Reports from the media in Cinci that Hill could start all year for the Bengals.  Use this new blurb as an opportunity to buy-low on Mixon and sell-high on Hill.  While selling Hill for the right price is recommended there is risk that he gets traded to another team where he could potentially flourish again.  If there is a team need you can address great, if you have the depth to sit on him until then it might be the way to go as he’s still a starting caliber RB in this league.  That being said he is not the future at RB for Cinci so he would need to go to another team to revive his value.

8/10 – KC Star reports Tyreek has been the start of camp so far.  He’s shaping up to be a great play this year.  While I normally don’t like undersized WR’s like Hill he is in a prime position to be a target monster along with Kelce.  Who else are they going to throw the ball to?!?  While I am liking him this year I’m not so sure about his long-term viability.  They may look to address WR next off-season via FA or the draft.  My play if I owned him would be to rid him for the first half of the season and then at least think about flipping him for an under-performing stud if possible.

8/9 – D’onta Foreman has a solid preseason game with 76 yards and 2 catches for 6 yards.  Not a bad night against backups while Miller didn’t produce much at all.  Too soon to say anything definitive here, it’s a risky situation for Miller owners and buyers of his shares.  He could be a top-10 RB for another few years or Foreman could shine to the point that he eats into his workload to the point of an ugly RBBC.

8/8 – Andrew Luck w/out a timeline for return.  Is anyone getting nervous yet?!?  I wouldn’t worry too much, the Colts are just being smart by bringing him along slowly to ensure there are no setbacks before the season starts which is what ultimately matters most.  Just make sure you have a decent QB2 just in case.  Now is also a good time to test his owners in your league, you may be able to get a top-2 dynasty QB at a discount if folks are starting to hit the panic button.

8/8 – Joe Mixon listed with the third-team offense: This is smoke-n-mirrors as most teams tend to put rookies behind the vets on the depth chart early in the preseason.  Mixon will rise by week 1 and should get the bulk of the touches from the get-go as a high-end RB2 from the start with RB1 upside.

8/8 – Jordan Matthews: Who do you believe?  OC Frank Reich said things will be different in the slot this year while showing love for Agholor.  Then HC Peterson said JMatt will not have a reduced role this season.  This isn’t good news, but what do you do?!?  Do you sell at a reduced rate getting 50 cents on the dollar or do you ride it out?  Tough question, I own zero shares of JMatt, but if I did I would test the waters after this latest comment by HC stating he won’t have a reduced role.  Maybe someone will buy at 75 cents on the dollar compared to this time last year.  I’d take that as there are now a ton of mouths to feed in Philly with the addition of Alshon, an emerging Agholor and Ertz and Sproles out of the backfield.

8/8 – Duke Johnson – I hope everyone is paying attention to this guy, seems he is flying under the radar this off-season with Crowell getting all of the love.  Duke is obviously the receiving back and should catch 70+ balls this year but I still think he can be a 3-down back in this league if Crowell gets hurt or doesn’t produce.  He’s a cheap add if you are struggling with RB depth.  Coach Al Saunders recently said, “He’s going to be a dynamic player in this league as a versatile guy who can catch and run”.

8/7 – Ryan Tannehill Torn ACL: I’m sure no one had Tanny starting for them, if so I’m really sorry as you must be in a dire situation.  I won’t spend too much time on him as I’m sure most are concerned more with how this will impact the skill position players such as Landry, Parker, Ajayi and to some extent Julius Thomas.  Well, fear not as the Dolphins have signed Jay Cutler to a 1yr deal worth around $10mil or so. This is great news for all position players as Cutler had one of his best years as a pro under Adam Gase who was the OC a few years back in Chicago. This will keep all skill position players right where they were pre-Tanny injury as there should be no real drop-off in my opinion. As far as Jay is concerned he won’t be a QB1 in terms of fantasy, but he will be a QB2 you can use in a pinch this year.