* 6′ 3.5″

* 215 lbs

* 4.68 40 time

*Does the WR make the QB or the other way around?  I know which way Criner sees it….

So what came first, the chicken or the egg?  I lean chicken, but I could go either way on it.  Does the quarterback make the receiver better, or does the receiver make the quarterback?  The answer is of course is…yes.  It works both ways and the only way to know for sure is to examine each individual situation.  In this case Nick Foles (QB Arizona) had the pleasure of throwing passes to WR like Criner, and Criner had the privilege of getting the ball thrown to him by Foles.  Both are above average talents and should have a chance to succeed at the next level.

I have already assessed Foles, so lets talk about Criner for a while.  Juron Criner is a “power forward” type WR.  He has exceptional body control and catching radius.  He positions himself well and fights well for balls.  He is quicker than he is fast, and doesn’t really have a “boom” factor in terms of speed.  He has concentration lapses and can struggle with the easy balls occasionally.  His body control and long arms however,  are his biggest weapons, and he uses then extremely well. (See Highlights below)  Another word to describe Criner is deceptive or crafty.  He is not going to blow you away on paper, or on the field, but he has that veteran craftiness that allows him to separate at the right “moment” .  He will need a QB that will trust him, and be willing to “throw him open” like he had with Foles.  I like Criner because he is technically sound and manages to always separate despite his lack of burst.  He will be a good gamble in the late rounds of your rookie draft.

Here is a rookie only/IDP mock I just recently did: http://football14.myfantasyleague.com/2012/options?L=72485&O=17.  Criner went in the 5th.  He is a great pick at this position, and in leagues with no IDP, you will be able to target him in the late 3rd or early 4th round.  Let us know your thoughts on Criner.


Watch Highlights Here:

Burgandy 4-15-12