Awww yes…….finally the NFL Training Camps have begun and the NFL Preseason is in full swing. For those who are just now trying to catch up from the last six to eight months of what some fantasy football owners consider to be a period of fantasy football drought, dynasty fantasy football owners consider it to be a period of fantasy football frenzy.  It is definitely time to catch up if you have not been keeping up with the Gronkowski’s.

If you haven’t stayed on top of the off-season transactions and happenings in the NFL then you are already behind the ball but the worst thing you can do is rely on the hype coming out of the NFL Training Camps because it has seldom proved to be reliable. Just as every Wide Receiver will make an incredible catch, every defender will make an incredible stop if you listen to the local media.




So how do you filter out what is reality versus what is fantasy? There is no secret formula or method to doing so other than paying attention, watching games and developing your own opinion which should be based more on what you see than what you hear which goes with the old saying by Edgar Allen Poe “believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear”.

Little did he know that over a century and a half later that his advice would apply to a form of entertainment called fantasy football but it’s true……..and relevant! Sometimes it’s more about what you don’t know than what you think you know as too much info can be harmful to a fantasy owner if they are not getting accurate info which is likely the case more often than not during training camp and preseason.




We all have heard the hype of the likes of a player like current Seahawks RB Christine (pronounced “Kristin”) Michael in the past during preseason only to watch him struggle during the regular season, lose his job, get acquired by another team only to lose his job again and is now back with his original NFL team that drafted him in the 2nd round of the 2013 NFL Draft garnishing that same hype that he did as a rookie four years ago. The biggest difference I see with the former Aggie who entered the NFL full of question marks as a result of character and injury concerns, is that he was having success against 2nd and 3rd team opponents his rookie season and is now having success against 1st team opponents so time will tell but his owners have to be cautiously optimistic that he just may be finally heading towards that breakout season this year that was expected years ago. More importantly he appears to be healthy and more mature than he ever has since joining the NFL ranks.




This is just one of many examples of how a fantasy owner should be sifting through the dirt to find that fantasy gold that remains in the pan once all the fools gold has been filtered out. No, you never know until the “real” games are played during the regular season but you need to be aware that everything you hear is not necessarily what you see when it comes to training camp and preseason which one can capitalize when it comes to unloading a player that is being over-hyped during the preseason prior to final cuts or perhaps picking up the next Terrell Davis before he makes a name for himself if he hasn’t already.




Not sure I can say it better than the great Bruce Lee:

Absorb what is useful. Discard what is not. Add what is uniquely your own.”

— Bruce Lee,
Hong Kong-American martial artist and actor


We are now approaching the final weeks of preseason which will give us all a last chance to rub an eyeball on upcoming prospects so now is not the time to sit back and wait for others opinions but rather pay attention, watch the games and formulate our own opinions because word out of NFL training camps from the local beat writers isn’t necessarily reality but rather what they and/or the team want you and the rest of the NFL Community to believe.

I realize that many of you do not have the ability to watch each and every preseason game on the NFL Network, etc. but most can find time to watch highlights, review box scores and sift through other fantasy owners thoughts in the DFW blogs which are more reliable, in my opinion, than what you may hear from a local writer for a given NFL team whom may have a hidden agenda. Yes, fantasy owners may be biased as well but at least you are privileged to hear more than one opinion in most cases enabling you to filter out the bias and differentiate the optimism vs pessimism when it comes to a fantasy owners perspective.




With that said…….I can think of no other better quote than the following as a final statement:

The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”

— Vince Lombardi,
American football coach


To that I say…….Good luck my fellow fantasy football owners and wish nothing but the best for you……….. except for those who are my upcoming opponents over the course of the next year or two or more which is quite a few to say the least but that is what makes the fantasy reels turn in my world.  Yes……..I am a fantasy football addict……….and proud to say so!


Are you ready for some football?????