In recent years Matt Schaub has been a bit of an enigma in the fantasy world.  He has bordered on the cusp of fantasy stardom but just doesn’t seem to ever cleanly break through to the upper echelon of QBs.  Don’t get me wrong he has been a very good quarterback for a while now.  Many people had him in the top 5 of dynasty QBs a couple years ago when he bordered on 5000 yards and 30 TDs.  So what happened?

Last year Schaub suffered a Lisfranc injury at a very inopportune time for the Texans.  They were finally putting it all together and ready to make a playoff run when their offensive leader went down holding his foot.  The combination of that injury and rumblings (and they really were just rumblings) of the team making a play for Peyton Manning had some wondering if he was the future in Houston.

Now on to the good news.  Schaub is 30, which is reasonably young for a dynasty QB.  He has one of the best wideouts in the game to throw to in Andre Johnson who should be healthy this year.  Houston has a great running game to take the heat off of him.  And getting to the point of this article he is in a contract year.

Because of the injury we’ll have to temper our expectations of Schaub a bit for the beginning of the year at least. Once he shakes off the rust though he’ll be plenty motivated to put up some nice stats.  His next contract could be his last depending on the length of the deal.   I think most feel he’ll probably stay in Houston, which is good for his value.  But he could find a lucrative offer on the free agent market with so many teams in need of a solid QB.

So with his contract ending will this be the year Schaub puts it together and moves into the top tier of QBs?  More than likely not.  But he should be motivated to return to the form we saw from him the last two years and that is a high end QB2.  Now a QB2 isn’t a very highly valued asset unless you’re playing in start 2 QB leagues but it’s an important asset nonetheless.  A team without a solid backup QB is a team waiting for disaster to strike.  So if you find an owner in your league who thinks less of Schaub then make a play for him as a throw-in or cheaply had backup.  His contract year could easily swing things in your favor and maybe you’ll be moving him for QB1 value next offseason.