As an Alfred Morris owner who was in desperate need at RB after several failed attempts to acquire Devonta Freeman from the league Champion whom I finished runner-up to, I made the brilliant decision to accept a trade with another owner which included me finally locking up not only that second RB but the Cowboys backfield (at the time) by acquiring Daren McFadden which including me sending Tevin Coleman to the other owner who just happens to be in my Division.




This “appeared” to be an incredible trade for me that would set me up for a Championship right up to the fourth pick of the 2016 NFL Draft when the joke was on me after the Cowboys made the brilliant decision to draft RB Ezekiel Elliott instead of drafting for need and selecting a defensive player.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t trade Coleman believing that he was not going to have success in the NFL eventually but I traded him because I needed success immediately as I feel I should have won the Championship last year in this league and am now left wishing I would’ve never made the trade at all as I feel that Coleman will be the “dirty bird” in Atlanta by seasons’ end this year and am not so hopeful that McFadden will come close to the 1000 yard season he had last year after the ‘boys selected Elliott in the first round and McFadden getting an owie on his elbow which only hampers his hopes of getting touches in 2016.



My Prediction
By now, some of you have maybe guessed at where this “bold” prediction is heading but if not, let me spell it out for you…….Tevin Coleman will score more fantasy points than Devonta Freeman in 2016! There I said it…….and I hope I’m wrong because I feel like I just gave him away even though I did acquire the 1.08 pick in this years’ rookie draft as a piece in the trade which I used to select Devontae Booker which is basically my only saving grace to give me a piece of mind when I look at my roster today! 

Let’s just say that I am not disappointed in my decision considering what I knew at the time I made that decision but am certainly disappointed in that decision with what I know today which is part of what makes fantasy football entertaining to say the least.  I honestly did not believe that the Cowboys would draft Elliott with so many bigger needs on defense with players arguably as talented at a position of need such as DE Joey Bosa and CB Jalen Ramsey who would have helped improve their horrific pass rush they displayed last year after losing DE DeMarcus Ware to the Broncos.


My Reasoning
I’m not saying that Freeman won’t be productive but I have to believe that the Falcons will look to get the more talented Coleman involved in the offense early and often which will include him catching more passes out of the backfield as well as running the ball in hopes of him making that one cut and see ya’ later plays that is certainly capable of as the Falcons have made it quite clear that they fully intend on splitting the time share in their backfield this year.

As I recall, last year at this time, Coleman was deemed the starter in Atlanta until he became injured and then Freeman became injured which resulted in a “who can recover quicker” race which Freeman won and ran all the way to the finish line as he finished the season as the best fantasy RB in PPR leagues but that doesn’t mean that things won’t be different this year so yes……..this is definitely a BOLD prediction!  But it is a prediction that I feel is closer than some believe can become reality.

Say what you will about Tevin Coleman but in the limited action he seen last year he averaged a half-yard more per carry than Freeman and showed that burst that every NFL team looks for from a running back which explains that extra YPC. But, one must also consider that Freeman caught 73 passes which is where a decent slice of his PPR points came from and I see Coleman taking a good chunk of those receptions (if he can actually catch more than a third of his targets) and running with them much further than Freeman did last year!  Freeman showed some serious signs of slowing down in the second half of the season last year which has only helped open the door for the Falcons to give their 2015 rookie they chose at 3.03 a chance to show off his skills and if he does, he could very well be the feature back for the team in 2016 which I must admit does seem crazy after the numbers we saw Freeman produce last year.

Unfortunately, after the aforementioned trade, I no longer own Coleman in any of my dynasty leagues but if I did…….I would be looking forward to his production in the 2016 NFL Season.  Call me crazy but I truly believe Tevin Coleman will be the better fantasy back in Atlanta in PPR leagues in 2016……..Is that BOLD enough for you????