My Bold Predictions – Fantasy Rookie Of the Year (FROY)

By Jay Stoltenburg, DFW Writer 

FROY is that one rookie that enters the NFL and is that stud player that most any fantasy owner can count on week in and week out during their first year as an NFL player. FROY’s should not even be counted on by fantasy owners from day one but may be a nice surprise as the season unfolds. FROY’s are not always the consensus first pick in the dynasty rookie draft as they can be that hidden gem that some owner finds in the late first/early second round of fantasy rookie drafts so let’s figure out who this year’s FROY is.

Ok I get all the Ezekiel Elliott hype and I actually own him in one league and do not believe he will be a failure but……these are BOLD predictions and I honestly believe that Zeke will take a year as he shares carries with Alfred Morris and Darren “I slipped on a McDonald’s bag” McFadden. Oh wait, I guess that was Jets WR Brandon Marshall that used that excuse back in the day but DMC “claims he broke his elbow while reaching for his cell phone”. Look, I have dropped many of cell phones in my twilight but never have I jeopardized my five-figure career doing so not to mention a seven figure career in McFadden’s case. I realize Shtuff happens but come on man…….really????

Now back to FROY. The FROY is a friend of any fantasy owner who drafts him and the enemy of those in the league who don’t have him. Last year I would have to say that was RB Todd Gurley, the year before it was WR Odell Beckham, Jr and the year before that it was Le’Veon Bell so just who is FROY this year? Is it Ezekiel? How about Josh Doctson, Laquon Treadwell or Corey Coleman? Maybe even Derrick Henry. Or could it be a guy like Devontae Booker or CJ Prosise? Nope. 

Very rarely is that player a guy not taken in the first round of fantasy rookie drafts and very rarely is that guy a player that was selected by the same team that already has a FROY that has only been in the league for a couple of years but yes, this years FROY could very well be the Giants’ WR Sterling Shepard who was selected with the 9th pick in the 2nd round of the 2016 NFL DRAFT to line up opposite the almighty Odell Beckham, Jr when the Giants offense takes the field in September. All early indications sound like Shepard has not let the Giants down on their decision to add him to their roster. Shepard’s rookie ADP is smack dab in the middle of the first round but I have seen him slip into the early second round but for 2016 redrafts, the media is not keeping it a secret that this guy is a baller and will be a great, yes I will say great, receiver in the NFL sooner than later.


Odell can have all the one-handed catches he wants but he is going to have to learn fast that he is going to be sharing not only the ball but the spotlight with another great receiver in New York (although there will be plenty of balls to go around and each should make the other better).  After finishing his college career with 80+ catches, 1200+ yards and double digit TD’s as a receiver for the Sooners last year, I believe Shepard will instantly carry that success into the NFL.

I fully expect the Elliott’s, Doctson’s and Coleman’s to have not only a solid rookie year but a great career but I really think the Giants found themselves a special wide receiver out of Oklahoma that will add yet another offensive threat to the Giants passing game. For the full Sterling Shepard DFW ROOKIE PROFILE clickhere