Never Ending Glory Podcast
Episode 35- Slam
Poetry, Week 7 Point Pounders, Offenses to Avoid for the Rest of the Season, Week 8 Point Pounders

By Luke Grilli, DFW Senior Writer and Co-Owner @LGrilli88

The Never Ending Glory Podcast  (@GloryPodCast) is a venture started by my good friend Jerry Burris (@Burris40) and myself. We come from both ends of the football spectrum as he is a Browns fan and I am a die hard New England Patriots fan, but we have a common ground for the love of fantasy football. This podcast covers all things NFL, fantasy football, sports/sports entertainment and everything in between. We ensure that our regional bias comes in loud and clear. You can find all of our episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes and

After Episode’s 33 bet, Jerry is forced to pay up and performs his poem in honor of Luke’s victory in “The League From Da Ville”. The boys talk Week 7 and preview Week 8 of the Fantasy Football and NFL season!
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Specific Topics Include:
“Ode to Luke”– By: Jerry Burris (2:14)

-Week 7 Point Pounders (5:00)
-Week 8 Waiver Wire Options (20:21)
-Clarity on Some of the Muddy Offenses/Backfields (35:48)
-Week 8 Points Pounders (52:48)
-Listener Questions…send us questions via email [email protected], Twitter or Facebook and you could win a shirt! (51:45)

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