Never Ending Glory Podcast
Episode 47- 
Week 15 Fantasy Football Playoffs – JEFF FISH MEMORIAL EPISODE!

By Luke Grilli, DFW Senior Writer and Co-Owner @LGrilli88

The Never Ending Glory Podcast  (@GloryPodCast) is a venture started by my good friend Jerry Burris (@Burris40) and myself. We come from both ends of the football spectrum as he is a Browns fan and I am a die hard New England Patriots fan, but we have a common ground for the love of fantasy football. This podcast covers all things NFL, fantasy football, sports/sports entertainment and everything in between. We ensure that our regional bias comes in loud and clear. You can find all of our episodes on Soundcloud, iTunes and

Well it only took years of mediocrity and losing seasons for the NEGPod’s favorite punching bag to lose his job, but it happened. Jeff Fisher was canned this past week. Luke and Jerry look back on the good times and the bad times and then get into the playoff week ahead! Comment below with any questions, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get a free t-shirt!
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Specific Topics Include:
-Jeff Fisher Tribute (0:32)
-Week 14 Point Pounders (8:30)

Week 15 Free Agent and Waiver Wire Options…especially if you are a JULIO JONES owner (31:58)
-Week 15 Point Pounders- (51:30)

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