Long Shot

Written by Kyle Hall

Week 15.

The semifinals.

You’re so close to the championship, yet this very week separates you from the possible glory that is Fantasy Champion. I wish you all the best! I myself am in 3 “Final Fours” and can only hope I make the majority of the finals.

This week’s article is more of a recap of the season past and a look ahead wrapped into one. I will not be giving exact performances but more of a “long shot” hold ideas for next year.  The simple advice, don’t get cute these next couple weeks. Play the main people who got you to this point

I know there are a million different types of dynasty and keeper leagues so this won’t apply to everyone depending on how your league is structured. This is designed behind thoughts on people who may have worked their way to the waiver wire over the last few weeks, or even people to trade for this offseason before free agency starts. The idea is everyone knows what studs they have and they become easy people to “keep” this helps go that extra step and find the players that maybe just haven’t reached their potential yet.

Deandre Hopkins:

Depending on the depth of your league and the amount of people you can keep he may or may not be available. A true dynasty league you can forget about it, but if you can grab this guy off the waiver wire or trade for him this offseason I would jump all over it! Hopkins has shown glimpses of why he was drafted in the first round but overall the Texans have been a train wreck all season.  With a great shot at #1 overall draft pick, a new coaching staff, and getting back all their missing pieces they are destined to return to a playoff team next year.

Hopkins has and will get better as he continues to work with Andre Johnson and the two should form quite a duo next season as they will look very similar to how Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery have developed this season regardless of who is throwing them the ball next season.


Kenny Stills:

He is a burner and I don’t normally like to put a lot of faith in this type of receiver but he has shown the ability to make tough catches as well.  Having Drew Brees throwing you the ball doesn’t hurt either.  Boom or bust players are scary to use but I think the saints have just scratched the surface of this young man’s talents and I look for him to be a solid starter in next year’s offense.


Jaquizz Rodgers:

We saw at times this season with Jackson hurt that he can handle the load of a full time back. I believe Steven Jackson will be back for another season and like the Texans the Falcons misstep this season is just that and they will be playoff contenders again next season. I do believe though that Rodgers will become more of the every down back and Jackson taking the supplementary role. Rodgers has enough quickness to be dangerous and his small stature can be a nightmare for defenses to find. My way to early bold call for next season is that Rodgers is a top 15 back by season’s end.
Ladarius Green:

Who?  The 2nd year pro has not been a top fantasy player and is probably an unknown in redraft leagues, but for the keepers and dynasty players of the world I think Green is in line for a big year next season.  Having played behind one of the best TE’s in the history of the game in Antonio Gates, Green has slowly come into his own on the offense the last few weeks having caught 9 of his career 20 passes in the last 4 weeks. He will only further be adapted into the chargers game plan as they continue to move forward as a franchise. He has great height at 6′ 6″ and comes in a 240. Look for Green to finish this year out strong and become more involved next season.


Robert Turbin and Christine Michael:

Lynch has had a nice run in Seattle and at season’s end he may be holding the Lombardi trophy but it is quite possible that will be the last of his days in Seattle. The Seahawks have two great backups waiting in the wings to showcase their stuff. We have seen Turbin occasionally and I would imagine we will see quite a bit more as they Seahawks lock up home field advantage and rest their starters. Both backs though have the potential to be a starter and if Lynch isn’t back next season they will create a dynamic 1-2 punch that will keep Seattle’s run game near the top for seasons to come.


Good Luck again to everyone still in the playoffs. I hope you have enjoyed these articles and look forward to writing this or something like it next season!