I treat dynasty like the stock market and I am constantly looking to trade to stay ahead of the market.  The biggest mistake I see teams make in this format is just sitting on their team and not making any moves.  You sit on your team long enough value will come and go and you will more than often lose out on any potential moves while player values spike and then disappear after a season or two.  The best owners can guesstimate who’s value will go up or down based on past production and future changes whether player personnel (competition), coaching changes, offensive philosophy changes, aging, etc.  If you can take in all the data and formulate an opinion on how that will play out moving forward then you can buy and sell players and consistently win on deals.  Just remember past performance doesn’t guarantee future results.

Here are some players I would look to target this off-season based on in-season expectations and go-forward value, tomorrow I will release my sells.


C.Hyde – Lots of love out there for Joe Williams based on the news that Shannahan banged his hands on the table during the draft when letting folks know they had to draft him.  Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but based on the slide of Hyde’s stock I’m a buyer.  He’s a talented guy and I think the Williams pick will light a fire under Hyde to get in better shape this off-season and to be more prepared to avoid nagging injuries.  We’ve seen it before where teams draft a young RB early and the vet just turns it on and balls out.  Motivation comes from many places whether playing for a new contract or potentially being replaced as the guy.  I think Hyde has the motivation he needs to push him to the level he should have been playing at all along.  Worth a shot based on the current cost.

Eric Ebron – Anquan is gone which should open up even more red-zone targets for Ebron who under performed in that area last season.  All said and done though Ebron has progressed every single year as a pro.  He’s currently valued as a low-end TE1 but has the ability to thrust into the top-5 with a great season which I could see this year.

DT – He had a down year last season and still finished as a top-20 WR, well he’s healthy now and guess who’s coming back to town?!?  Mike McCoy returns as the OC for Denver, DT had his best seasons as a pro under McCoy who likes to open up the offense more.  DT should get more bubble screens this season and the QB play should improve with 2nd year starter Siemian who I believe will retain the starting position.

Diggs – He had an amazing first half last season, but then nagging injuries kicked in and put a hamper on his second half.  For someone who finished 14th in PPR PPG I’m surprised at the lack of love he’s getting around the leagues I play in.  I’m expecting 100+ catches from Diggs assuming he’s in better shape to be more durable this season which is what he’s currently stating is the goal.

Ty Montgomery – Another player that isn’t getting enough love, folks think just because the team drafted a few mid-round RBs that they don’t like Montgomery.  While his long-term outlook is questionable, if he plays well enough this season he could very well hold onto the gig past ’17.  He’s bulked up and defenses have to account for the pass first, so I’m expecting a strong year from Montgomery who can run and catch with little defensive attention.  Based on the cost I can’t think of a better RB to buy for short-term production with the potential for long-term value.

M.Crabtree – While I’d rather own Cooper due to age and upside there is no denying that Crabtree is the Oakland WR to own in the short-term based on cost vs production.  He is putting up similar production to Cooper due to his red-zone targets at 10% of the cost.  He’s a cheap investment for WR2 numbers for the next 2 years.

Some more obvious buys:

Allen Robinson – One of the most disappointing WR’s in ’16 based on ADP, but there is reason for optimism with Doug Marrone as the OC.  Allen is too talented and he saw a spike in production when Marrone took over late last season.

D.Hopkins – Last year was a train wreck for DHop, but most of that is attributed to Brock who was absolutely horrible.  Even Savage is an upgrade so it can only get better.  Not sure if Watson is the long-term answer but he will definitely get the chance for a few years as a 1st round draft pick.  Hopkins is still going in the 2nd round of start-ups but he still is talented enough to get back to the late 1st round territory by this time next year making him a buy.

Let me know if there is anyone you think should be added or if you disagree with any of these.