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Welcome back NFL referees! It’s pretty evident to see that the “real” NFL refs do a much better job of following the speed of today’s game.

When Joe Flacco has time to set his feet and step up in the pocket, he really demonstrates some elite attributes. Velocity, timing, accuracy and even a deft touch are all in Flacco’s arsenal when he has time to set up and deliver. Factor in the great hands of Rice, Boldin and Pitta, the speed and development of Torrey Smith – and it’s time to move the maturing Flacco up in those weekly FF rankings.

I swear Browns’ WR Greg Little has seal flippers for hands.

Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan is the unquestionable MVP through the first 4 games of the season. All I can say is “WOW”!

Tell me that Roddy White doesn’t LOVE having Julio Jones lining up with him at WR. I still believe that Julio is the 2nd most physically gifted WR in the NFL (behind Calvin) but he is still maturing and growing into his WR#1 status.  In the meantime, Roddy will enjoy all the extra attention opposing defenses roll Julio’s way.

Chris Johnson, welcome back to the NFL.

WR Justin Blackmon and TE Marcedes Lewis could both be viable FF options if only the Jaguars had a QB that opposing defenses respected.

In the past, Arizona QB Kevin Kolb lost his ability to process information and make the proper reads/decisions once he took a few hits. While he made some poor throws against the Dolphins, he also stood in there against relenting pressure and rallied his team to a victory – a nice job for the much maligned QB.

I’m not going to beat a dead horse, but damn… the Saints sure miss Sean Payton.

Redskin RB Alfred Morris always keeps his legs churning and always falls forward. He may not bring that elusive wiggle or high end speed, but he fits that Redskins’ offense very nicely.

Speaking of the Redskins, RG3 is so much fun to watch. He appears fearless and his unique combination of QB skills and cheetah like speed is infectious. I just hope he can hold up to 16 weeks of punishment.

Packer WR James Jones is my FF nemesis. Whenever I start him as a “sneaky play” he completely disappears. Whenever I forget he exists he explodes for crazy FF points.

A.J. Green is so smooth.  With his body control, route running and effortless speed, it’s hard to believe Green is only in his 2nd year.

The Broncos are a completely different offensive team at home. Peyton Manning is able to “fine tune” each play before the snap when the home crowd keeps the noise down. That’s such an important factor with this group learning the nuances of Manning’s offense.

I’m not even sure what to say about the Chargers and RB Ryan Mathews. Were they trying to teach him a lesson about fumbling? Were they trying to incorporate a more “smash mouth” style rushing attack by incorporating Jackie Battle? Mathews ended up with 14 rushing attempts, but Battle was clearly San Diego’s “go to” guy early on in the game.  After talking up Mathews all off season as a franchise RB, the Chargers are certainly sending some mixed messages now.

Jeff Fisher has the Rams playing tough, hard-nosed football.

When did Brian Hartline become Jerry Rice?

No other NFL team enjoys thoroughly embarrassing their opponents as much as the Patriots.  The A.F.C. East is exactly what the doctor ordered when it comes to righting all the things that were wrong with the Patriots.  And yes, Wes Welker still has skills even if the Patriots wanted to pretend he lost them along the way.

The New York Jets have zero play-makers to stretch the field.  It’s time to sell the conventional offense and go “all in” with Tim Tebow at QB. A conventional offense just won’t work for the Jets with their collection of inadequate offensive performers.

It sure seemed like both the Saints and Packers spent the whole game playing defense with 8 guys on the field instead of 11.

Waiver wire pick ups

Jackie Battle, San Diego RB – Like I mentioned above, Battle was the primary ball carrier for the Chargers through 3 quarters and he was also the RB used in goal-line situations.  Battle ran hard on Sunday and if he continues to be used like he was against the Chiefs, he will hold FF value.

Brandon Bolden, New England RB – Bolden ran hard and shredded a beleaguered Bills’ defense with a stat line of 16-137-1 on the ground.  There are FF points to be found in the Patriots’ backfield, but picking the right guy on the right week may be tough. Bolden certainly showed enough upside and power to be a guy to target for your dynasty roster.

Brian Hartline, Dolphins WR – He’s probably not on your waiver wire, but if he is – go get him.

Guys I’m Selling

Michael Turner, Atlanta RB – Turner broke out like a blast from the past against the Panthers totaling 13-103 on the ground and 3-68-1 in receptions. If by chance you still own the 30 year old RB on one of your dynasty squads, then take this opportunity to try and sell Turner for something more than peanuts.

Chris Johnson, Titans RB – Johnson finally broke loose for 25-141 on the ground against the Texans. Chances are, however, most FF owners had Johnson planted firmly on their benches and didn’t get to enjoy this resurgence. Don’t miss this chance to sell Johnson to a dynasty owner who thinks CJ3 has returned to his previous “stud” status.

Anquan Boldin, Baltimore WR – Boldin had 9 receptions for 131 yards Thursday night. There might be a dynasty owner out there looking for some WR depth – so start making some offers quickly.  Boldin still has great hands and solid chemistry with Flacco, but at 32 years old, now is the time to capitalize on Boldin’s high production game.

Guys I’m Looking to Buy

Justin Blackmon, Jacksonville WR – Yes he has trouble getting off the line of scrimmage and yes, he has a QB who apparently lacks even average QB skills – but Blackmon still has solid long term upside.  After a couple of under performing weeks, I’m sending out some offers.

Robert Turbin, Seattle RB –  Marshawn Lynch is running hard and looks strong again in 2012 and Turbin is clearly second fiddle to Lynch.  But Turbin is still a young RB that brings a ton of power, good vision and serious cut back ability for a big guy cut out of granite.

Doug Martin, Tampa Bay RB – Dynasty owners envisioned Martin as a RB that would make an early impact on the FF season as an every down back. While he hasn’t taken the fantasy world by storm, he has certainly shown some glimpses of that “elite” potential.  After consecutive weeks of 66, 53 and 33 yards on the ground, I think it’s time to inquire about Martin’s availability for your dynasty squad.

Ryan Mathews, San Diego RB – I’m hoping the emergence of Jackie Battle has some Mathews owners worried.  Factor in that dynasty owners had to wait a few weeks for his collar bone to heal up and maybe this is the last straw for some Mathews owners.