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RANKPlayerPos.AgeTeamBase DefenseBruce KimbroughJosh JohnsonSkinny
1Luke KuechlyMLB25CAR4-3 Defense11There's no more efficient IDP in the game, but he needs to stay on the field to be #1.
2Kwon AlexanderMLB22TB4-3 Defense22The rookie seriously ate into David's role and established himself as an every-down leader.
3Jamie CollinsOLB26CLE4-3 Defense68Perhaps not a tackle leader, Collins is no stranger to big plays, including 5.5 sacks and 5 forced fumbles in only 12 showings.
4Lavonte DavidOLB27TB4-3 Defense114David's "down year" still placed him in the top 10 in the first of 6 contract years.
5Alec OgletreeMLB25LA4-3 Defense55Moves to MLB. Healthy ready to go.
6Telvin SmithOLB25JAX4-3 Defense106Now an every-down guy, the Jags are hoping his NFL performance catches up to his IDP production.
7Eric KendricksMLB24MIN4-3 Defense93Kendricks had a very nice rookie year and just might be the Kendricks to own.
8Bobby WagnerMLB26SEA4-3 Defense810As a steady tackler on a steady defense, Wagner is a very safe play.
9Preston BrownMLB24BUF3-4 Defense149Will continue to be a hot name being in Rex Ryan system.
10C.J. MoselyILB24BAL3-4 Defense197Steady production. Perhaps not living up to potentiel.
11Ryan ShazierILB24PIT3-4 Defense2325Big things expected. Huge ceiling when healthy.
12Deion JonesMLB22ATL4-3 Defense716
13Jordan HicksMLB24PHI4-3 Defense2513Hicks was glorious in his short rookie campaign. Gets the start at MLB.
14NaVorro BowmanILB28SF3-4 Defense314Consistent as they come. IDP floor is very high.
15Paul PoslusznyILB32JAX4-3 Defense2018Good year last year, but again.
16Derrick JohnsonILB34KC3-4 Defense1211Steady as they come. Great floor.
17Kiko AlonsoMLB26MIA4-3 Defense2220Polarizing talented LB coming off injury.
18Vontaze BurfictWLB26CIN4-3 Defense2632Perhaps finally recovered from injury, the hot-headed player seems to be rounding into form.
19Jatavis BrownILB22SD3-4 Defense3936
20Avery WilliamsonILB24TEN3-4 Defense2715Came on and flashed. Key to LB depth is getting value. Name value not super hot. Get him as a throw in with trades.
21Zach BrownILB27BUF3-4 Defense426
22Zach OrrILB24BAL3-4 Defense33
23Sean LeeWLB30DAL4-3 Defense1312The only productive LB in DAL. Aging, yet productive.
24Brandon MarshallILB27DEN3-4 Defense3517Trevathan gone. Time to shine.
25Anthony BarrOLB24MIN4-3 Defense4640With only mediocre tackle numbers, his 3.5 sacks in 2015 is likely his floor.
26Justin HoustonOLB28KC3-4 Defense5259The 2014 sack leader missed 5 games, but still registered a nice 7.5 sks in 2015.
27Mychal KendricksWLB26PHI4-3 Defense4119Kendricks' skill set solid. Might be outperformed by Hicks.
28Darron LeeILB22NYJ3-4 Defense3838
29K.J. WrightOLB27SEA4-3 Defense2823
30Benardrick McKinneyILB24HOU3-4 Defense1224Some say he underperformed his rookie season.
31Deone BucannonILB24ARI3-4 Defense3722THE hybrid LB/S to own.
32Myles JackMLB21JAX4-3 Defense3231
33Mark BarronWLB27LA4-3 Defense1727
34Will ComptonILB27WAS3-4 Defense2529
35Tahir WhiteheadMLB26DET4-3 Defense4534
36Denzel PerrymanILB23SD3-4 Defense2441Getting better every year.
37Shaq ThompsonSLB22CAR4-3 Defense6344Improved as year went on. Should get more snaps in year 2.
38Lawrence TimmonsILB30PIT3-4 Defense3121Lunch pale blue collar guy. Great value on roster as a LB3 on the cheap.
39Malcolm SmithWLB28OAK4-3 Defense3342No one predicted Smith to emerge as the OAK LB to own, but that's exactly what he was in 2015.
40Von MillerOLB27DEN3-4 Defense2945Sack dependant, but has one of the best first steps in the league.
41Jaylon SmithWLB21DAL4-3 Defense5139
42D'Qwell JacksonILB33IND3-4 Defense3148A top 3 tackler in 2015, D'Qwell should have one or two more years left.
43Jelani JenkinsOLB24MIA4-3 Defense5252Down year in 15. Had some injuries. Needs to be better against the run. If Miami improves ILB Jenkins should benefit.
44Thomas DavisOLB33CAR4-3 Defense4343Davis will slow down soon, but he hasn't yet and supplmeneted nice tkl #s with 5.5 sacks, 4 FF, and 4 INTs.
45Nigel BradhamSLB27PHI4-3 Defense4030Will most likely not be back with Bills.
46Dont'a HightowerILB26NE4-3 Defense6250Solid in limited action, NE's LB may be hard to decipher before th preseason.
47Craig RobertsonOLB28NO4-3 Defense1654
48Jake RyanILB24GB3-4 Defense5755Tough nosed with good football IQ. GB needs him to take next step.
49Dee FordOLB25KC3-4 Defense51Ramik Wilson is the trendy name, but Dee has skills.
50Chandler JonesOLB26ARI3-4 Defense5360
51De'Vondre CampbellWLB23ATL4-3 Defense4746
52Christian JonesILB25CHI3-4 Defense68
53Keenan RobinsonILB27NYG4-3 Defense4949A low-ceiling guy in 2015, Robinson should maintain an every-down role, but lacked a high ceiling.
54Cory JamesILB23OAK4-3 Defense4858
55Stephone AnthonySLB24NO4-3 Defense36Anthony impressed as a rookie by becoming an every-down cornerstone player on NO's DEF. Move outside could hurt.
56Kevin MinterILB26ARI3-4 Defense6066Decent floor, but low ceiling.
57Jerrell FreemanILB30CHI3-4 Defense1128
58DeAndre LevyOLB29DET4-3 Defense4956Needs to be healthy to be productive. Tahir ready to take over.
59Reggie RaglandILB23BUF3-4 Defense5661
60David HarrisILB33NYJ3-4 Defense6163
61Danny TrevathanILB26CHI3-4 Defense4237
62Leonard FloydOLB24CHI3-4 Defense5967
63Demario DavisILB28CLE3-4 Defense5862A bit of an enigma. Could be in new landing spot with new opportunity. Decent buy low.
64Alvin "Bud" DupreeOLB23PIT3-4 Defense66Timmons is a workhorse and Shazier is a stud. Needs more reps to see what he has.
65Karlos DansbySLB35CIN4-3 Defense483534 years old, Dansby continues to impress with durability and tackle #s.
66Preston SmithOLB24WAS3-4 Defense
67James LaurinaitisMLB30NO4-3 Defense4951
68Emmanuel OgbahOLB23CLE3-4 Defense7264
69Antonio MorrisonILBIND3-4 Defense6965
70Vincent ReyOLB29CIN4-3 Defense84Better NFL player than IDP player. Did decent in filling in.
71Blake MartinezMLB23GB3-4 Defense4447
72Ramik WilsonILB24KC3-4 Defense6568One injury away from being a starter. Great stash.
73Anthony HitchensMLB24DAL4-3 Defense
74Michael WilhoiteILB30SF3-4 Defense79
75Josh PerryILB22SD3-4 Defense71
76Christian KirkseyILB24CLE3-4 Defense4553
77Eli HaroldOLB23SF3-4 Defense
78Manti Te'oILB26SD3-4 Defense73
79Kentrell BrothersMLBMIN4-3 Defense85
80Josh BynesOLB27DET4-3 Defense
81Kevin DoddOLB24TEN3-4 Defense
82Jordan JenkinsOLB22NYJ3-4 Defense
83Jeremy CashWLB24CAR4-3 Defense
84Kamalei CorreaILBBAL3-4 Defense
85Brian CushingILB30HOU3-4 Defense
86Ryan KerriganWLB28WAS3-4 Defense7869
87Paul WorrilowMLB26ATL4-3 Defense6757ATL's LBs were a mess, but the UDFA Worrilow remained the tackle leader in 2015.
88Su'a CravensILBWAS3-4 Defense
89Ben HeeneyMLB24OAK4-3 Defense55
90Paul DawsonOLB24CIN4-3 Defense64
91Daryl SmithSLB34TB4-3 Defense67
92Kelvin SheppardMLB29NYG4-3 Defense74
93Devon KennardSLB25NYG4-3 Defense76
94Jadaveon ClowneyOLB23HOU3-4 Defense77Can he stay healthy? If so, he could come on. If you own he's a hold as he has minimal trade value.
95Sio MooreILB26ARI3-4 Defense81
96Scooby Wright IIIILB22CLE3-4 Defense82
97Perry RileyILB28WAS3-4 Defense83
98Shaq BarrettOLB24DEN3-4 Defense
99Mason FosterILB27WAS3-4 Defense
100Sam BarringtonMLB26GB3-4 Defense
101Sean WeatherspoonOLB29ATL4-3 Defense
102Kyle Van NoyOLB26NE4-3 Defense
103Chad GreenwayWLB34MIN4-3 Defense
104Lorenzo MauldinOLB24NYJ3-4 Defense
105Rolando McclainMLB28DAL4-3 Defense
106Stephen TullochLB32PHI4-3 Defense
107Melvin IngramOLB27SD3-4 Defense
108Dominique AlexanderILB21CLE3-4 Defense
109Shaq LawsonOLB22BUF3-4 Defense
110Joe SchobertOLB23CLE3-4 Defense
111Uani UngaILB25
112Shane RayWLB23DEN3-4 DefensePolarizing player. Worth a roster stash if you have the room.
113Damien WilsonSLB23DAL4-3 Defense
114Nate OrchardOLB24CLE3-4 Defense
115Tyler MatakevichILB24PIT3-4 Defense
116Terrance SmithOLB23
117BJ GoodsonILB23NYG4-3 Defense
118NIck VigilILB23CIN4-3 Defense
119Dadi NicolasOLB24KC3-4 Defense
120Beniquez BrownILB23GB3-4 Defense
121Dadi NicolasOLB24KC3-4 Defense
122Jared NorrisSLB23CAR4-3 Defense
123Kyler FackrellOLB25GB3-4 Defense
124Bryce HagerMLB24LA4-3 Defense
125Hayes PullardMLB24JAX4-3 Defense
126Prince ShemboOLB25
127Shilique CalhounSLB24OAK4-3 Defense
128Jon BosticILB25DET4-3 Defense
129Lamin BarrowOLB26CHI3-4 Defense
130Aldon SmithOLB27OAK4-3 Defense
131Arthur BrownILB26BAL3-4 Defense
132Craig RobertsonMLB28NO4-3 Defense
133Nick MoodyILB27WAS3-4 Defense
134Donald ButlerILB28ARI3-4 Defense
135Emmanuel LamurWLB27MIN4-3 Defense
136Josh MaugaILB29KC3-4 Defense
137Bruce CarterILB28NYJ3-4 Defense
138Koa MisiSLB30MIA4-3 Defense
139Daryl WashingtonILB30ARI3-4 Defense
140Jameel McClainLB31
141Justin DurantSLB31DAL4-3 Defense
142Brad JonesILB30PHI4-3 Defense
143Curtis LoftonLB30
144Dannell EllerbeWLB31NO4-3 Defense
145Wesley WoodyardILB30TEN3-4 Defense
146Pernell McPheeeOLB31CHI3-4 Defense
147David HawthorneWLB31BUF3-4 Defense
148Jon BeasonLB32
149Nick RoachILB31
150Demeco RyansILB32
151Robert MathisOLB35IND3-4 Defense
151Eric StrikerOLBBUF3-4 Defense
152Nick KwiatkoskiILB23CHI3-4 Defense
152Josh ForrestMLBLA4-3 Defense
153Travis FeeneyOLBPIT3-4 Defense
154Cassanova McKinzySLBTB4-3 Defense