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Well that was quite an unpredictable draft. A lot of players fell further than expected and one quarterback was taken sooner than anticipated, while others fell further than most expected. The only position I think that was drafted as predicted was the wide receivers. Two weeks ago I went over my top players by position and gave you a short analysis of each. Now is the time to revisit the list and see who has risen and fallen.


Wide Receivers

1 – Tavon Austin (Rams) – Previously #1

Tavon is the first skill position player off the board at #8. The Rams traded up to get ahead of the Jets, who they thought might take Austin if he was available. Austin was already my #1 receiver and now he lands in a place where the team will give him lots of opportunities to succeed and is in need of a WR1.

2 – DeAndre Hopkins (Texans) – Previously #2

The Houston Texans have essentially no other worthwhile receiver besides Andre Johnson. This makes Hopkins an instant impact for both the Texans and for fantasy football as he should fit in as the #2 receiver with no issues.

3 – Keenan Allen (Chargers) – Previously #3

Keenan falls to round 3 where he is drafted by the San Diego Chargers in what appears to be a good situation. He has a decent QB who has a weak receiving corps and is under pressure to perform or possible lose his job. Keenan is NFL ready and should start right away for the Chargers.

4 – Cordarrelle Patterson (Vikings) – Previously #4

The Vikings traded back into round 1 to snatch Patterson and give Ponder an elusive WR. Patterson may have his flaws and will take some time to develop but these things can be masked in the mean time with screen passes and end arounds. Patterson may not be fantasy relevant for a couple of years. He is a risk and can be drafted anywhere.

5 – Robert Woods (Bills) – Previously #8

Woods has the ability to be a solid WR2 in the NFL and in fantasy. Woods will no doubt be good but his value may depend on how EJ pans out. I expect Woods to be a receiver you can depend for years and years.

6 – Justin Hunter (Titans) – Previously #9

The Titans have a few things that can hold Hunter down in the short term. Jake Locker’s accuracy, Kendall Wright, and Kenny Britt. Hunter has his issues dropping and he will need to work on that but he can be a solid WR in the future. I see him being fantasy relevant in a season or two if he can shore up his dropping problem.

7 – Stedman Bailey (Rams) – Previously #5

Bailey has landed in a place that will have him buried on the depth chart. While I like Quick and Austin, Bailey is someone I can say for certain will be a dependable receiver. It may take a couple of seasons but the cream will rise to the top.

8 – Quinton Patton (49ers) – Previously #6

The Niners drafted Patton later on in the draft. Despite where he was drafted he is in an ideal location. The Niners are on the rise with a young QB and a coaching staff who knows what they are doing. Patton should be able to beat out the other receivers to line up opposite of Michael Crabtree. I can see him being their WR2 by the end of next season at the earliest.

9 – Tavarres King (Broncos) – Previously #10

Tavarres is a receiver who will probably not get his fair share of playing time barring an injury. Right now he will be the Broncos WR4 behind the likes of Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, and Wes Welker. If you draft him then be aware he will probably be a prime candidate to be a 3rd year breakout WR barring injuries to the 3 receivers in front of him.

10 – Ryan Swope (Cardinals) – Previously #9

The Cardinals are drafting well by helping the O-line and getting some RB’s for the offense to depend on. Swope is going to a team that can use a real slot receiver as the Cardinals will probably line up Fitzgerald and Floyd on the outside. All it takes is for Swope to beat out Andre Roberts and the slot job is his to own. He could very easily being Palmer’s dump off guy, making him ppr gold.

 Other notable WR’s

11 – Aaron Dobson (Patriots) – Will need some time to develop but makes some amazing catches that will for sure catch Tom Brady’s eye.

12 – Terrance Williams (Dallas) – With the probability of Miles Austin getting injured makes Williams a prime candidate to steal the WR2 job.

13 – Markus Wheaton (Steelers) – With only Emmanuel Sanders and Antonio Brown to battle with, Wheaton could pan out to be a good receiver.


Tight Ends

1 – Tyler Eifert (Bengals) – Previously #1

Tyler Eifert has not exactly landed in a place that needs a TE. But no doubt with his skill set he should beat out Gresham and take the TE1 spot. Eifert may be a man that in 2014 will be highly sought after in dynasty as a top TE.

2 – Zach Ertz (Eagles) – Previously #2

Celek is nothing impressive and Ertz is a pass catching TE who can line up wherever Chip Kelly wants him to. Ertz just needs to beat out Celek to become a top 12 TE.

3 – Travis Kelce (Chiefs) – Previously #5

Kelce was suspended for a year in college for Marijuana use. If Kelce can mature and stay away from drugs than he can become the Chiefs TE1 in no time. Alex Smith may look to Kelce as his second target behind Dwayne Bowe.

4 – Gavin Escobar (Dallas) – Previously #3

Landing behind Witten makes Escobar not as appealing as before But if anything I am happy with his location. He will be given time to learn behind one of the best and that is rarely a bad thing. Escobar can very easily replace Witten whenever his skill diminishes or he decides to retire.

5 – Jordan Reed (Redskins) – Previously #4

With RGIII as your QB and no other real enticing receiving options in Washington then you become an interesting prospect. If Reed can do what is asked by Shanahan and show that he is better than Fred Davis, you may have a TE1 in Washington.

Other notable TE’s

6 – Vance McDonald (49ers) – A pass catching TE who will probably be used like Delanie Walker was.

7 – Dion Sims (Dolphins) – If Dustin Keller does not pan out for Miami then expect to see Sims as the TE1 in 2014.

8 – Chris Gragg (Bills) – Scott Chandler will show whether he was only hot and cold because of Ryan Fitzpatrick or if he is truly just a red zone threat. Either way I do not expect much of Chris Gragg besides being a TE2 on this team.


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