Fantasy football is a game borne from the most physically imposing and competitive sport in America today.  As such it isn’t a game for the weak, the just, the moral.  It is a down and dirty competition.  A struggle to outsmart and outscore your opponents no matter the cost.  Or is it?  That is the question I’ll tackle in this series of articles.

This game… can I call it a sport?  WTF not?  This sport we play has become a HUGE phenomenon.  Everyone plays fantasy football.  Your brother, sister, wife, uncle, all of them probably are in a league of some sort.  With such a wide reach across cultural, generational, and philosophical lines it is time to consider it a mainstay in our daily lives.  As such it only makes sense to consider the “golden rule”, “right and wrong”, and other moral compasses that drive us in every other aspect of our lives.

Now a lot of this boils down to personality.   A lot of it is opinion and we all have differing opinions.  But that’s the point.  Stirring up discussion and tackling tough issues is what we’re all about here at DFW.  We want to hear what you think.  So I’ll throw my own opinions out and see if they stick.  And if they don’t I’ll take my lumps and stand corrected.  Whether you agree or disagree at least we can have some lively arguments.

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