Right fit Right fitWritten by Aaron Fuller

This is a list of offensive first round selections and their relevance to the teams that drafted them addressing the dynasty format that brings you back every time looking for the right answer.

Johnny Manziel – Browns (Pk #22) In a word “Perfect” Johnny could not have gone to a better fitting team and the Browns could not have landed him at a better spot in the draft.  This is honestly as good of a fit as there is because the Browns decided, FINALLY, to make a hot selection that not only has the capability of putting them on the map as a better contender, but this selection is one that is going to bring ticket and jersey sales much like the Tebow-mania and will certainly mean they get one or two more TV games this year.  The Browns will finally get some attention from the media with this selection as well and, as good as Bridgewater is expected to be, he is the classic Browns selection prototype and we would likely see the same ole story play out in Cleveland.  The Browns also just signed Miles Austin to give Johnny another weapon with Gordon’s banned substance issues.  As for fantasy relevance this is awesome because he will be able to be himself and therefore could have ridiculous stats.

Blake Bortles – Jaguars (Pk #3)  Bortles is a good fit in Jacksonville and I assumed this would be where he would go from the get go because of him coming from UCF.  As the third overall selection, is he the answer to the Jaguars’ problems though?  No, not at all, however, he is the first piece of the puzzle.  They took a long shot draft selection on Gabbert and, as we all know, that did not work out to plan. So this year they needed to be aggressive and go after a real good option at the command position.  Adding Marqise Lee in the second round is a big help for Bortles and Henne including the addition of Allen Robinson of PSU.  The Jags are making the right moves, but have a ways to go yet.  His fantasy impact will not be immediate, but he will be a QB for the future.

Teddy Bridgewater – Vikings (Pk #32) Minnesota is taking another shot at a QB that may or may not pay off.  My feelings were that there were better QBs in this draft and Garoppolo was a better pick so Minnesota likely missed the mark, although I hope I am wrong.  Bridgewater just did not impress me the way he seemed to impress the media, but only time will tell.  Teddy’s fantasy impact will not be this year or the next as the Vikings still have a lot of work to do to address this team’s issues unless AP puts the entire team on his back again this year.

Sammy Watkins – Bills (Pk #4) Buffalo took probably the best WR in the draft, and I would hope so if you draft him fourth overall, but he has good size, great footwork, and his play at Clemson was exceptional.  He will be great fit for a team that is offensively trying to get on the map and play at the level of the rest of the league.  He will complement and support EJ Manuel quite well.  This is not your dad’s Buffalo Bills.  Sammy will have a middle-of-the-road fantasy impact this year.

Mike Evans – Buccaneers (Pk #7) Tampa selected the number two WR in the draft and for good reason.  I personally like Mike Evans a little more than Watkins for an immediate impact, but I think both will have great careers.  Evans had to spend a lot of his time changing and adapting his routs as Johnny Football scrambled and yet he was usually the main target.  This ability will translate well his first season with Josh McCown under center and Mike Glennon being the heir apparent.  I really feel the Buccaneers had a phenomenal draft this year including the selections of Sims and Seferian-Jenkins.  They also addressed some ailing issues by drafting to good linemen Kadeem Edwards and Kevin Pamphile.  They rounded up the draft by adding another WR Robert Herron of Wyoming and you can never have enough WRs.  Mike will have immediate fantasy impact and, although we will have more information as the season gets closer, we can assume at this point that he could be a weekly starter.

Eric Ebron – Lions (Pk #10) Detroit made a fantastic selection here and I love the ambition going after another future star TE to come in behind Pettigrew.  The Lions had a great offseason adding Super Bowl winning Seahawks WR Golden Tate.  Watch for this Lions team to turn out a great year this season.  Eric will likely have a direct fantasy impact this year at some point so don’t pass him up.

Odell Beckham – Giants (Pk #12) This was not the start to the draft that New York needed.  They could use some more talent at WR after the loss of Hicks, but they had other issues to address, most notably the awful line of scrimmage issues.  They did later address the Center position with the selection of Weston Richburg, but that was it as they attempted to work on other ailing issues defensively and in the running game by adding Andre Williams RB from BC in the fourth round.  Odell will have some fantasy relevance, but probably only in spurts.

Brandin Cooks – Saints (Pk #20) New Orleans loves to air out the ball and struggled to gain the traction this year that they usually have in the passing game.  This addition will likely be replacement for Lance Moore/Darren Sproles and I think it will be a perfect fit for the young man from Oregon State.  Look for this to be one of the more immediate impact players in the draft as the Saints are already a legitimate contender that just needed more youth in the offense.  Brandin will have immediate fantasy impact and should be drafted early and started in all leagues.

Kelvin Benjamin – Panthers (Pk #28) Carolina may have needed to focus a little more on the running game for the future of the organization, but they made the right decision at the right time going after a WR that can handle the work load.  Carolina did snatch up Tyler Gaffney RB Stanford late in the sixth round as well though.  The addition of Benjamin will help Cam as the team did need a viable ace WR to keep opposing defenses honest.  Kelvin’s fantasy impact will come early and he should be added in all formats as Cam will attempt to return Carolina to the playoffs and contend for the real crown.