By Jay Myers

Every Monday I’ll recap the aftermath of the weekend from a dynasty perspective from performances, injuries, trending, future player forecasts, etc.

The Seattle backfield is an official mess just like we expected.  Eddie Lacy may have hit all of his training camp weight goals but he’s still fat and slow.  Carson looks great, but what happens when Rawls hits the field once finally healthy.  I’m staying away from this wreck and on top of the muddied backfield the OL is also a mess as Wilson was running for his life all day.

The Redskins looked out of whack, but don’t freak out yet.  Cousins will be fine once he gets on the same page with Pryor and Crowder.  The entire offense should look better as the season progresses.

Carson Wentz looked pretty darn good, he should make the leap into QB1 status by the EoS.  Agholor looked great, but I expected him to have a good game with Alshon being blanketed by Norman all day.  Look to buy-low on Alshon here and hold on Agholor as he will be the #2 WR on this team from a target perspective over Torrey Smith.  Ertz is a top-7 TE for me as one of the top-2 targets in this offense which will struggle to run the ball this season with Blount as the primary ball carrier.  I still believe in Smallwood long-term as the season progresses, grab him on the cheap if you can.

Hopkins wasn’t very efficient, but he’s a target monster and should find a way to put up decent stats on a weekly basis.  Everything else for Houston was a mess, hopefully they stick with Watson moving forward, at least he can make some things happen and extend plays with his feet.

Ty Montgomery didn’t have a good YPC, but he got tons of snaps and all concerns about his workload should be calmed here.  Avoiding injury he should be a solid fringe RB1/2 all year in a high-octane offense.  Welcome back Randall Cobb, nice to see you healthy again.  WR3 moving forward with potential for WR2 numbers this season.

Austin Hooper was one of my main off-season TE targets and he didn’t disappoint.  Fringe TE1 moving forward, buy-now while some thing it was a fluky game.

Poor Allen Robinson owners, after a truly rough season last year due to horrific QB play he tears his ACL early on in Sunday’s game and is lost for the season.  Marquis Lee will probably be the best bet to lead the team in targets now and they should continue to play ball-control offense with Fournette as long as they can assuming they aren’t playing from behind.  The defense looks legit so hopefully they’ll be in most games allowing this to happen.

David Johnson owners were probably freaking out when they saw him rolling on the ground holding his arm.  The early word is that it’s a dislocated wrist and the length of missed time is all over the place currently, stay tuned until we hear more.  Kerwin Williams would be the add here if he misses time, but expect Ellington to get some play as well.  They also signed D.J. Foster from the Pat’s practice squad and it’s more than likely just a depth move.  The rest of the AZ offense didn’t look very good from the snaps I saw, hopefully it’s just early season struggles for Carson.  Was hoping for more from John Brown, but once again the entire offense struggled.

Where the heck did Cohen RB from the Bears come from?!?  I picked him up on a few squads and saw him play in preseason and I do have to admit he looked good from what I saw.  But, I didn’t see this performance coming, they used him all over the field, and this kid is electric.  Howard owners should be nervous as his upside will be limited as long as Cohen is healthy.  That’s the question for me due to his size, not sure how many touches per week this kid can handle.  It remains TBD how he will perform when/if he is nicked up.  He will be a hot waiver wire add for a lot of leagues this week.

Corey Davis looked solid in his NFL debut with a solid 10 targets.  Not sure I would count on that moving forward, but it is a promising performance after missing most of training camp.  Still an elite WR prospect with unbelievable size/speed/YAC combo.  He will be inconsistent this year with Decker, Matthews and Walker in the mix, and they will be able to run the ball better as the year goes on.  Watch out in ’18 though, try and buy this year when he has a few down games where he just isn’t involved due to game-flow.

As a Matthew Stafford owner in a few leagues he had me nervous early yesterday, but boy did he turn it around to finish behind only Alex Smith for this week’s top QB pending tonight’s games of course.  Tate and Golladay both looked great and they struggled to run the ball, they will remain a pass-heavy team keeping all of these players with strong value moving forward.  I don’t suggest trying to buy Golladay right now, wait until he comes back down to earth.  I expect Ebron to bounce-back in the coming weeks as he gets back into the swing of things, he missed a ton of training camp.

Antonio Brown just keeps doing his thing and don’t fret about Bell, he will get going after missing all of training camp.  Ben was decent on the road which has been his Kryptonite.  Is this game a fluke for Jesse James?!?  I think so, but I will grab him off waivers where I can.  I won’t be overpaying for him though, maybe 2% of my budget which I’m sure won’t be enough.

Kizer didn’t look too shabby.  I don’t think anyone will be starting him anytime soon, but he should only get better.  He’s a target of mine if I can get him on the cheap.  Coleman has been a favorite of mine all off-season and he will be the guy moving forward, especially with Britt in the dog house after a key drop.  Crowell’s YPC lacked, but the usage was promising and he should get more room to run moving forward.  It’s also nice to seem them using Duke all over the field like they promised, solid flex-play the rest of the way.

Gurley got some points but still no room to run similar to last year.  Hopefully if Goff can keep up the solid play teams will have to honor the pass.  Kupp has a solid game and while Watkins’ stats weren’t eye-popping he passed the eye test playing with Goff IMO, they didn’t have to pass much in the 2nd half due to the dominant defensive performance against a Luck-less offense.  That being said if I were a Sammy owner I would be testing the waters before week 2 based on his upcoming schedule against CB’s over the next 5-7 weeks, it’s brutal.  His stock will only go down over that period IMO.

Wish I could cover every player, but these are the ones that stuck out to me.  If you have questions about a specific team or player post in the comments and I’ll respond ASAP.