* 6′ 2″

* 223 lbs

* 4.41 40 Yard Dash

* Compared to Micheal Vick/ Cam Newton ?

There is shift going on in the minds of fantasy football owners regarding Andrew Luck and RG3 (Robert Griffin, III).  It has been a fore-gone conclusion that Indy will take Luck, with the #1 overall pick and therefore Luck is the #1 quarterback in upcoming fantasy drafts as well.  Well, as we all know, Super Bowl Championships and League Championships are two very different things and in this scouting report, I will make the case that RG3 is your best bet at quarterback in this year’s fantasy draft. 

RG3 is this year’s Cam Newton, and yes, that is a hefty label to put on someone. By no means am I saying he will put up the gaudy numbers that NEW-TRON did, but the potential is there, and here is why the argument holds up.  RG3, is the best athlete in the draft.  His ability to run or pass at ANY given time makes him a nightmare for NFL defenses that currently only Newton and Vick create.  His 4.41 40 speed puts him near the top of the entire draft class in terms of quickness for ANY position.  Like Newton, RG3 is a “gamer”.  He wants the pressure and the responsibility of leading a team for better or worse.

Now let’s see how he compares or doesn’t compare to Vick.  For starters, he is a better all-around passer.  Griffin has decent pocket awareness, that allows him to escape pressure at the last moment to make something out of nothing. He has good poise and typically runs ONLY as a last resort. He does possess some unfortunate comparisons as well.  RG3 needs to continue to work on his ball security, he has shown a tendency to fumble when getting hit from behind.  Just like Vick (or any multi-threat QB) he can take a beating.  RG3 has taken some big hits and while he has shown he can withstand them, he has also shown that it can take him a bit to shake them off as well.  The good news here, is that he still has about 10-15 lbs that he can add to his frame. 

Griffin ran mostly a “pass-first” shotgun style offense and he needs more work under center, and needs to be more comfortable turning his back to the defense.  RG3 is a statistical MACHINE and there is very little reason to assume he won’t continue it on the next level.  Washington is all but a sure thing to land him at the #2 spot this year and their offense is in decent shape with a huge influx of wide receivers this free agency period.

Lets just compare college stat lines for a second.  Griffin threw for 4293 yds at a completion percentage of 72.4.  He had 37 passing touchdowns, 10 rushing touchdowns and 699 rushing yards.  He threw only 6 interceptions.  Luck threw for 3517 yards at a completion percentage of 71.3.  He also had 37 TDs but had 4 more interceptions with 10.  Luck added 150 rushing yards with 2 rushing TDs.  Fantasy football is purely about numbers and these numbers speak for themselves.  Both are VERY good, and good college numbers by no means assure us anything at the next level.  Andrew Luck may go on to win more Super Bowls than anyone, but he may never be able to put of the kind of fantasy numbers that RG3 is capable of.  Luck has a higher floor, but RG3 has a higher ceiling… fantasy speaking  of course…..

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