A while back, I saved a tweet from Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown stating “If you don’t let go of the wrong people, you’ll never meet the right people”. I saved this quote because it made so much sense to me and a lesson that took me a number of years to learn in my personal life.



So after glancing back at this quote today, I have found a way to relate it to my dynasty fantasy football team(s) as roster cuts are fast approaching and decisions are needing to be made when it comes to letting go of the wrong players and welcoming the right players to my team. This is not an easy process as there are many variables which factor into those decisions such as potential production, depth at position, contract years and opportunity.




In a 12 team dynasty league that allows owners to expand their roster from 30 players to 40, I have several of these decisions to make as I am currently maxed out with 40 players and will to cut 10 of them by the start of the NFL season.

Detroit Lions RB Zach Zenner is the first player that comes to mind. Not because he is a bad guy but because he is not making my team better which should be the first question you ask yourself when making roster cuts. Zach is a tough one for me as he comes from the same small town college as I and therefore sometimes feel obligated to keep him on my roster as he has all the talent in the World but the Lions do not seem willing to take full advantage of his abilities.


Maybe that will change down the road but the time has come for me to move on after acquiring Seattle Seahawks rookie RB Christopher Carson who is receiving a ton of praise from those close to the team. Zenner is being discussed as possibly getting the goal line carries this year but Carson has the bigger upside with both backs being lost in crowded backfields. Both of these backs are on my roster for depth as prospects and one of them needs to go so I will likely keep the younger back with the most upside………Christopher Carson.


I ended last year with Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton and Tyrod Taylor at the quarterback position. With Dalton and Taylor having the same bye week, Luck being questionable to start the season and rumors that the Bills are considering trading Tyrod, I am left with yet another difficult decision after adding Bills rookie QB Nate Peterman and Jaguars backup QB Brandon Allen. I generally like to have a quarterback prospect on my team but am not willing to roster five quarterbacks, not to mention four, heading into the regular season so I am going to wait it out and see if anything evolves with the rumors of the Bills shopping Tyrod and Jaguars QB Blake Bortles struggling once again.




Andre Ellington, Isaiah Crowell, Jerrick McKinnon, and Alfred Morris are all players on my team who are entering a contract year meaning they will have extra motivation to earn that next contract. Crowell is the only one I am definitely keeping although Morris and Ellington are not easy decisions with Ellington getting more involved in the passing game & Ezekiel Elliott getting suspended resulting in the Cowboys talking about Morris sharing touches with Daren McFadden giving Morris an opportunity to prove his value during a contract year. If you are curious to know what players on your team are entering a contract year, I have written a couple articles recently with another coming soon to this site.




San Francisco Tight End Vance McDonald is another player on my bubble who is not going to be an easy decision as he has gained the confidence of his coaches after the 49ers reportedly tried to trade him. McDonald has made the most of his opportunity while rookie TE George Kittle was recovering from a hamstring injury. I do believe Vance can be a decent TE in the NFL but just not sure he will be good enough to make my final roster.

So those are just a few of the many roster decisions needing to be made on just one dynasty team as the NFL regular season approaches and those type of decisions will continue to be required throughout the year. Being pro-active and shopping some of your bench players to other owners earlier in the off-season is a great way to reduce your roster and avoid having to make some of those difficult decisions.

Antonio Brown could not have said it better……..”If you don’t let go of the wrong people, you will never meet the right people”. And remember, just because a specific player is wrong for your team, doesn’t mean he is a bad player……..he just may not be the best player for your team!