By Brian Hawkes and Josh Johnson

Put yourself in the NFL General Manager’s shoes…If you have a player who has little guaranteed money and he hasn’t performed to expectations (whether due to on field performance, injury, or otherwise), what would you do? If we do this, it’s easy to see why rumors are spreading that the Buccaneers are willing to part ways with Doug Martin or the Broncos may draft a running back in 2017. A savvy dynasty owner looks at salary cap commitments before acquiring a player to assess the stability of the player’s situation. This article will do just that.

Here is the continuation of an in-depth look at all 32 depth charts. We will assess cap commitment for 2017 and beyond, and also the potential opportunity that may present itself if there is roster turnover/ depth chart changes. Today: the AFC South


Houston Texans: Don’t look now but it appears Ervin “the Fumbler” might be needed for some real third down work. Guys like Grimes and Blue can be found anywhere in the NFL Draft for cheaper than it would cost the Texans to resign them. The magic eight ball is leaning towards a draft splash maybe even during day one. Miller is the current starter but the Texans could stay in state by taking D’Onta Foreman of Texas. He could spare Miller is short yardage situations. Miller earned his money even considering how anemic how Texans offense was in 2016. He seems locked as the RB1 for the next two seasons with 10.5 million still owned over that span.


Indianapolis Colts: We would not be surprised to see Gore be productive for a couple more seasons. Realistically speaking the Colts limited Gore’s short down work and they could cut him if they want. Turbin could be retained however he is not a priority. The idea of Ferguson was certainly better than the on the field result. The Colts need a RB who can do a little extra all by himself. They hold the 14th overall pick. If Leonard Fournette or Dalvin Cook are still on the board Indy should pounce.


Jacksonville Jaguars: The Jags basically have to use Yeldon & Ivory. That does not mean they will not add a back late. Ivory always seems to have some nagging injury. Yeldon has pigeonholed himself into a third down back. Together they are one complete back. Now only if they could put it together at the same time. Robinson was a nice story to root for but he is just a depth chart filler wherever he plays in 2017. If they do not draft a RB in the middle to late rounds this year we expect them to grab one in 2018.


Tennessee Titans: It very interesting to us that the Titans could walk away from Murray’s contract and it would cost them no money. That leaves a big door open for a complimentary piece in the middle rounds if the value is right. Murray is 28 and you can’t expect him to match his 2016 numbers (346 touches and 12 total TDs). Henry is the future lead dog but he may not be a PPR pusher. It seems unlikely that they will consider a RB but we have thought that before. Andrews is a decent backup who could have mild success if needed in a pinch. He could also be re-signed on the cheap.