Ryan Nassib: Tangled Up in Blue – What to do with Ryan Nassib as a New York Giant???

By Shawn Gallagher: DFW Writer

A few months ago in February, I wrote “Agent Orange” which was a Rookie profile column of Syracuse Quarterback Ryan Nassib, with some analysis and prediction regarding the NFL draft and dynasty status. Overall, I’ve had a very positive outlook on Nassib, and up until right before the NFL draft he had actually moved to the #1 Quarterback on my dynasty rookie draft board.  My original column on Nassib can be found here  , but if you don’t want to read through that entire column I will summarize my main points here for you regarding Ryan Nassib.

  1. A large body frame and strong enough arm to make it at the NFL level
  2. Excellent Football intelligence, leadership, and intangibles
  3. He could ultimately make an in impact on your fantasy team at least as a QB2
  4. It would be great if he went to the Buffalo Bills to reunite with his former Head Coach Doug Marrone, as they were together at Syracuse, and have had success together


And here is my favorite college highlights video of Ryan Nassib, which happened during a 2012 game for Syracuse against Louisville:   


Pre Draft Buzz


Ryan Nassib picked up quite a bit of buzz in the final days before the NFL draft in April.  ESPN analyst Jon Gruden, among other analysts rated Nassib as their #1 Quarterback prospect, and Nassib’s stock certainly seemed to be on the rise.  Some predictions had Nassib going as high as round one, as it was being reported that Nassib’s former coach Doug Marrone may take him as high as the top 10 in the draft, with other teams like the New York Jets also possibly having interest.  In the final days before the draft, you always hear and read a lot of false rumors regarding draft prospects and teams, so these reports are often taken with a grain of salt, however, the buzz Nassib was receiving certainly was hard to ignore.


NFL Draft Weekend:  Worst case scenario???


            Ryan Nassib, in addition to family, friends, and fans of his likely had a difficult draft weekend recently, as many surprises happened to Nassib, and none of them really were good surprises to say the least.  The early surprise came in Round One of the NFL draft when new Bills Coach and former Syracuse Coach Doug Marrone selected none other than EJ MANUEL over Nassib, as well as any other quarterbacks in this draft.  The selection of Manuel was a troubling sign to Nassib, as it turned out that his college coach just wasn’t has high on Nassib as expected, or at the very least not as high as at least one other quarterback.  The second major blow to Nassib occurred later on in the draft as he found himself falling all the way to Round #4 of the draft and to the New York Giants, who of course already have none other than Eli Manning as their franchise quarterback.  The final blow to Nassib will almost certainly come in the amount of money he has lost by falling all the way to round 4, in addition to the idea that he could be holding a clipboard for quite awhile in New York.  While draft weekend can be seen as “bad news” for Ryan Nassib and his followers, there is still a chance for some “good news, as we are of course talking in terms of dynasty here, but I will at least play this Elton John Song to demonstrate the “Blues” that Nassib has suffered through these past few weeks.


The Good News:  A New York State of Mind


            Now that we are starting to recover from the idea that Ryan Nassib is stuck as a back-up quarterback for the Giants, its time to look optimistically at the positives of this new situation…….. but first we’ll here this classic Billy Joel song describing “ A New York State of Mind”.

Three Reasons why the New York Giants could be great for Ryan Nassib


  1. Jerry Reese –  I put Giants GM Jerry Reese first here, as Reese really has established himself as one of the top GMs in the NFL, if not the best.  Reese is excellent at drafting and finding talent, and more often than not his draft picks or acquisitions end up being smart ones.  We need to look no further than the 2 recent Super Bowl Trophies the Giants have hoisted under GM Jerry Reese.  After drafting Ryan Nassib, Reese spoke of how he loved the accuracy and “it” factor of Ryan Nassib, and compared him very favorably to Bengals QB Andy Dalton.
  2. Tom Coughlin –  Tom Coughlin displays a tough, hard-nosed, workmanlike attitude when handling his players, which should be a great fit for Ryan Nassib, as he looks to prove himself worthy in the NFL.  It also can’t hurt that Coughlin is also a Syracuse alum, hopefully giving the two some common ground to build on.
  3. Eli Manning – Of course we have to mention Eli here, as Eli will now become the role of “mentor” to young Ryan Nassib, and I think Eli will do just fine in that role.  Eli often displays a calm and cool demeanor, and has the “it” factor especially when the Giants reach the postseason.  Eli knows that his job really isn’t in danger anytime soon, and should be a good role model for Nassib to follow. Here is a good video that helps to shed some light on the positive impact the new relationship between Manning and Nassib could have.


Future Dynasty Outlook


Ideally, we would like to see Ryan Nassib spend a couple of seasons holding a clipboard and learning from Tom Couglin and Eli Manning, while developing himself into a future NFL starter.  The idea from the Giants perspective is that at the very least, Nassib’s stock should rise, and eventually make him a hot commodity for other teams looking to trade for their new franchise quarterback.  We’ve seen this happen quite a bit in recent years, as NFL teams often opt to trade for an established backup quarterback at a discount rate rather than draft a brand new quarterback.  Its entirely possible that Nassib could be the hot commodity that other teams will try to trade for sometime in the next few years, and in the meantime, if Eli Manning ever needs to miss any games.   Dynasty owners are getting a great discount on Nassib in rookie drafts, as he’s now getting drafted very late in rookie drafts (4th round or so) and sometimes undrafted.  A Dynasty owner with good roster room and patience could end up being very happy with Ryan Nassib down the road, and should be able to get him at a very cheap price in a rookie draft.  For Ryan Nassib,  a “New York State of Mind’ may end up being the best thing to happen to him and his career, and he can survive being “Tangled Up in Blue”!