By Jay Myers – Founder / CEO

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Moving on… week two is upon us and you’re either looking to continue your winning streak or avoid the dreaded 0-2 start.  Whether you’re 2-0 or 0-2 after this week it’s not the time panic or to feel too complacent with what you’ve accomplished so far.  I’ve seen plenty of teams start out 2-0 and miss the playoffs because they were content with their team.  On the flip-side, I’ve seen lots of teams scrap their way from an 0-2 and even an 0-5 record to win it all.

The key is to stay focused, have a plan of action and never panic while selling low on your struggling studs.  I’ve already talked with owners out there who are ready to give up on a guy like Welker by trying to move him for Stevie Johnson straight up.  These are the moves you want to avoid this early in the season.  A lot of folks are already freaking out about Welker, CJ2K, Cruz, Nicks, Cam, Rodgers, Cutler and many others who struggled week one (or week two in Cutler’s case).  Guess what though, it’s still way too early to give up on these studs.  Be patient and give them a chance to right the ship.  You picked these guys for a reason.  Just a little tip to remember as we all get so wrapped up in this fun and silly hobby.


How DFW can help your FF game – Here are a few resources that we at DFW have in place to help you take your fantasy football game to the next level.

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DFW Forums – If you haven’t had the chance yet you should definitely take a moment to register for our forums here.  All throughout the week you can chat about fantasy football, ask all your burning questions and give feedback to other members when you have an opinion on a topic.  Plus, you would be supporting DFW in doing so.  We would love to see you there.

DFW Live Podcasts – We have three different fantasy football podcast shows airing live throughout the week.  If you’re looking for something entertaining that gives you that extra edge against your opponents then you need to check them out.  All of the shows can be found here and the live chat board feature is also in effect for all of the listeners during each of the shows.

  • Dynasty PULSE – An edgy comedic dynasty football show based around player analysis with fun twists.  This show is hosted by our very own Dan Hosler, Gino Cerulli and Chase Wheetley every Tuesday night at 9pm ET (also known as 7pm MT to others living in the great state of CO).  You’ll definitely want to follow them on Twitter here: @Hosler_DFW, @Orca_DFW and @Chase_DFW.
  • Dish Out – A show every Thursday night at 7:30pm ET where Dan Heins and Dave Cherney from DFW interview different NFL beat writers from around the league.  We get the inside scoop on each and every team with every question geared towards fantasy football.  They can be found on Twitter here: @Dan_DFW and @RoadWarrior_DFW.
  • Laces Out – This is a brand new show which is a collaborative effort between FBG and DFW that officially debuts this Friday at 9pm ET.  This show covers general player analysis and buy-low/sell-high with redraft, dynasty and IDP content.  The hosts are @JeffHaseley from and our very own Gino Cerulli who can be found on Twitter here: @Orca_DFW.  You can check out the demo from last Friday night here, otherwise we’ll see you each and every Friday night for the live show.


GAME DAY recipe of the week – Hamburger Cheese Dip

This recipe is brought to you by our very own Dan Heins aka Burgandy or also known as Phil by our staff members.

From Dan, “I honestly have only given this recipe out 1 time and that was to a family member who BEGGED for about 4 years to get it.  This is truly the best hamburger cheese dip you will EVER eat in your life. The ingredients may look a bit funny, but if you doubt my claim, then I simply say TRY IT… I would put a $-back guarantee on this baby:

  • 2 lbs of hamburger (brown in a pan first and drain)
  • 2-8oz Philly Cream Cheese
  • 1-cup of onion(white or vidalia)
  • 1/2-cup of HEINZ ketchup
  • 2 tsp- sugar
  • 2-8oz tomato SAUCE(not paste)
  • 1.5tsp-oregano
  • 2/3-cup parmesan cheese
  • Garlic powder to taste(I end up putting more in every time I make it)
  • Family Sized Bag of Scoop Fritos

It’s football season and this is my gift to all of you for the upcoming season.
WARNING: Once you POP, you can’t STOP and you may never want to eat it again because you just ate 2 pounds of freaking hamburger cheese dip.”


Just put the technology down – Enjoy the actual games today by trying to put down the laptop, iPad or cell phone and just watch stress-free.  Try waiting until the Sunday night game before you check your scores.  I promise you that you’ll enjoy the games much more along with being able to evaluate the players on a deeper level due to the added attention you can give.  In the end this helps your analysis of players.  I started this last year and I’m back to enjoying the actual games.  I used to think that if I stared at the screen long enough hoping for a miracle that I could actually have an effect on the outcome of my games.  Well, I put down the technology last year and had my most successful year ever winning 5 out of my 8 leagues, so just give it a shot.

Good luck with your games and remember to have fun!


Last but not least, happy birthday today to DFW co-owner Dan Heins!  You are very much appreciated for all of your contributions.  DFW definitely wouldn’t be what it is today without your efforts!  Have a blessed day and hope all of your FF teams rock out.