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Are you ready for some football?  How about an entire day of football?  If you’re a guy who loves the game, you’re probably going to watch at least two NFL games on Sunday, and possibly all three games, which means you will be watching football from 1 p.m. until about midnight. If you add the pre-game show, this means you’ll be watching football from noon to about midnight.  Insane?  Absolutely not, especially since you play this great game called fantasy football.  Why not do what you love?  Especially after a long week.  But is your wife going to be happy about it?  Probably not, so here are some tips to help in this situation.

Top 10 tips on how to get your wife or girlfriend to let you watch football:

  1. Your first and easiest option is to work on your honey-do list as much as possible on Saturday, this way if she says anything you can rebuttal with how much work you put in on Saturday.  This is usually work that needs to get done regardless, so make sure you use it as ammo to watch more football.
  2. Offer to give her a back massage, what girl doesn’t love that?!?  Friday and Saturday are beer nights and there are football games on Monday, Thursday and Sundays, so make sure it’s very clear that you’ll give her the massage on Tuesday or Wednesday night.  You have to do a good job and use some good smelling lotion.  If you do this right it’ll buy you 2-3 weeks before you have to resort to this sort of desperation again.  Be careful though, if the massages are too good she’ll expect them every week.  Make sure they are good enough to buy you time with your second love (NFL Football), but not too good that she is addicted to them.
  3. Promise her some quality alone time with no TV or distractions, mentally prepare yourself for a few hours of intense chatting.  If you’re wondering, yes it’s worth it in the end if you get to watch football 3 days a week.
  4. Explain to her that watching the games together is a great way to bond and spend quality time together.  Most women want our attention as much as possible, and if you’re like me you don’t have a lot of extra time after work, kids, working out, fantasy football, watching football, etc.  So, if you sell it right you’ll be watching the game and head nodding while saying “yes” a lot as she’s chatting away at you.  On second thought, maybe this one should be removed from the list as that sounds absolutely horrible.  If that’s not avoidable we move to tips 5-9 which include watching football with your woman.
  5. Buy your woman some NFL merchandise of her favorite team to help her get into the sport a little more.
  6. Make a concerted effort to teach her the rules and scoring so that she actually understands what’s going on instead of just watching barbaric men running around trying to kill each other.
  7. Make sure you have the NFL Redzone channel so that there are tons of exciting plays to keep her interested in the game which keeps her focused on football and not other girly things which will surely find their way into the topic of conversation.
  8. Invite other couples over to watch the games, this way the women venture off into the kitchen to discuss non-football stuff while the men drink beer and cry about their fantasy teams.
  9. Important note, if her favorite team loses make sure not to gloat as this will possibly discourage her from future NFL activities.  Normally that would be okay, but if she’s not watching football that means there’s a chance she could try and manipulate you into doing a non-football watching activity outside of the house such as shopping or anything family related.  They’ll test you as well, they’ll try and lour you away from the TV using the power of sex.  It’s just a trick, don’t fall for it as you’ll end up spending hours chatting before the goods are ever given up.
  10. Lastly, always make sure you have a man-cave of some sort.  This way the women still have the main area to watch whatever they want.  They may stop in from time to time but they tend to get bored and exit shortly after leaving you to watch your football games.


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