DFW offers a world of options for you to gather information on your march toward league domination.  The DFW Dish Out is a fun way to gather insider information if you like Podcasts, Radio, or just like using your ears rather than your eyes to get your FF info.  The Dish Out is co-hosted by DFW co-owner Dan Heins (@Dan_DFW) and DFW marine and front line FF-soldier Dave Cherney (@RoadWarrior_DFW).

The whole concept of the Dish Out is to bring in LOCAL experts to give us a detailed and deep analysis on one specific NFL team.  During our 60-90 minute show every Monday night at 8pm ET, we cover every position on the field (yes IDP too) asking our guest-pert (Guest + Expert… …we what I did there) to give us the positional competitions to watch.  Who is looking good.  Who is not.  Who is under-hyped, who may be over-hyped..etc.  The show is designed to give you that single team  with DEEP analysis that will hopefully give you that little extra knowledge and advantage over your opponents this year.

Last Monday Dave and I kicked off Season Two of the Dish Out with a slightly new format and invited two of the most knowledgeable guests from Season One back on to do battle in our new format.  This format will be worked in periodically from time to time this year.  As you will hear in the podcast, things got going very early and often as Dory LeBlanc (@DoryLeBlanc) , reporter and analyst for the Tampa Bay Bucs went head to head with her long-time friend and adversary, radio host, and sports writer from Atlanta, Michael Collins (@GaSportsCraze) .  These two dropped so much knowledge on us that we had to cut the show short.

Listen Here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dfwarehouse

In this week’s show, we have a very well-known guest on.  And it’s entirely awesome that he comes to us from the DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) area for obvious reasons. I can honestly say that Dave has been running around the virtual halls of DFW/FFW like a little school girl, which is a disturbing image for anyone who knows Dave.  So join us this Monday at 8pm ET The Dish Out presents:

MIKE FISHER – Dallas Cowboys

Mike Fisher is an award-winning newspaper journalist, the author of two regional best-selling books (with forewords written by Jerry Jones and Troy Aikman), with 20 years of covering the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Cowboys. Fish covers the teams on radio at 105.3 The Fan and on TV with FoxSportsSouthwest. Visit his website: DallasBasketball.com and follow him on Twitter.

Anyone who knows Dave knows he’s a die-hard Cowboy fan and huge fan of Mike Fisher, so I expect to hear heavy panting this whole show.  Expect there to be STRONG opinions on everything Dallas-related.

Dave and I hope to see you there.  Sign in to BTR if you want to come join us in the chat room for the evening.  The banter alone is worth your time.  See you all there.