Antonio Brown

The DFW Experts Top 25 for 2016 

By Alan Satterlee, DFW Senior Writer and Co-Owner, @Speedkills_DFW

We had eight of us here at DFW (including myself) weigh in with our Top 25 for 2016 (PPR scoring). You get “fantasy experts” together (certainly fantasy enthusiasts) and you can get different perspectives for sure. In fact, with eight Top 25 lists, we totaled 40 total players (receiving at least one vote). Without further adieu let’s reveal the list!

1Antonio Brown1.111211111
2Julio Jones2.432332222
3Odell Beckham Jr.2.624123333
4DeAndre Hopkins4.646444654
5Todd Gurley5.053657446
6David Johnson7.8791469575
7AJ Green8.16815105768
8Ezekial Elliott10.61013131388119
9Rob Gronkowski11.81411991715910
10Lamar Miller11.987198219167
11Allen Robinson12.112195156141214
12Dez Bryant12.3111212121417812
13Adrian Peterson12.4951110121016
14Keenan Allen15.81718715131713
15Le'Veon Bell16.0151010161015
16Devonta Freeman17.91917201823221311
17Mike Evans17.9182572020161819
18Brandon Marshall19.5131416242017
19Amari Cooper19.8161122251121
20Alshon Jeffery20.42016171418
21Jordy Nelson20.8161524241520
22Brandin Cooks21.9221817182325
23Cam Newton22.924241120
24Sammy Watkins22.9819
25Jamaal Charles23.121191922
26Aaron Rodgers23.62013
27Eddie Lacy23.9252214
28Andrew Luck24.12512
29Doug Martin24.523222522
30Mark Ingram24.6231925
31Demaryius Thomas25.02123
32Russell Wilson25.018
33Jarvis Landry25.12421
34LeSean McCoy25.1232523
35T.Y. Hilton25.32224
36Carlos Hyde25.421
37Jordan Reed25.421
38Thomas Rawls25.421
39Donte Moncrief25.623
40Julian Edelman25.824

As expected, Antonio Brown is a near unanimous number one overall pick coming off of 129- and 136-catch seasons. Only Jordan Huenink deviates, putting Odell Beckham Jr. at number one. Julio Jones, however, draws the number two spot. DeAndre Hopkins comes in fourth, setting the recommend stage with a WR, WR, WR, WR start to drafts.

Todd Gurley easily comes out as the favorite running back, followed by David Johnson, Ezekial Elliott and Lamar Miller as the would-be four first-round running backs on the list (in 12-team drafts).  Where to take Rob Gronkowski? He comes in 9th on the list.

Add in A.J. Green, Allen Robinson and Dez Bryant and you have arguably the “Elite Dozen”, the twelve highest-ranked players and all twelve were on the Top 25 list for everyone. Adrian Peterson comes in 13th, but Huenink leaves him off his list. Keenan Allen is 14th, with only Luke Grilli not ranking him. Le’Veon Bell comes in 15th, but these rankings were before his four-game suspension was reduced to three games.

Two other players received consideration from all eight experts, Devonta Freeman (who ranks 16th, as high as 11 by Chris Tubbs and as low as 23 by Shaun Laibe), and Mike Evans (who gets a sky-high number eight ranking from Huenink at number seven overall, and a low of 25 by Grilli.

The bottom of round two ought to be WR-heavy, with a half-dozen showing up in a row in our experts’ averages, Evans, Brandon Marshall, Amari Cooper, Alshon Jeffery, Jordy Nelson and Brandin Cooks.

Where might Cam Newton go as the first quarterback? Newton shows up on half the entries, coming out as the 23rd-ranked player. Four quarterbacks made a list, with Aaron Rodgers, Andrew Luck and Russell Wilson also getting a nod from at least one expert.

One technical note — the averages were calculated with a “26” for those not ranked, thus making the average column.