Have you ever had that moment when you look back at a trade you agreed to or a player you dropped for another and thought……..boy I wish I wouldn’t have done that or……what in the world was I thinking? Well I have, and am confident many of you have as well…… happens!   

This is why it is important to maintain control of your urge to make that trade and/or roster move just for the sake of doing so during this time of the year. Yes, it is a great time of the fantasy season to catch other owners asleep and make that move which you feel just may push your team over the top but at the same time, don’t make that move just for the sake of making a move as I have witnessed numerous dynasty owners do so at this time of the year. You must have an off-season plan in place before making that move.

I have watched dynasty owners take a young, prospering team and turn it into an aging team that is destined for doom in one off-season. I have also witnessed owners who sit and do nothing and don’t have the energy to reject or accept a trade offer not to mention actually make an offer of their own. And then I have watched owners take an orphaned team and develop a plan to have it in contention within a couple years and compete for a Championship. The key to off-season success is to develop that plan and stick to it no matter if you are rebuilding or contending for the Title…….You must have a plan!!!

Now is the time to step back and take an honest inventory of your dynasty roster and determine whether you are another move (or two) away from winning a Championship or if you need to stop, drop and roll and……..rebuild your team. Or……maybe you are looking at repeating as the league Champion and want to keep that Championship ball rolling!

No matter what state your team is in, this is a critical time of the year to plan your strategy for this coming season. Are you going to shed your aging veterans to owners who believe they are that player away or are you going to seek those veterans out? Are you going to stockpile draft picks in hopes of landing a couple of young studs or are you going to sell out in hopes of making another run at the Title?

I have met my fair share of dynasty owners that have that “Gilligan stare” when it comes to the off-season and how they should proceed but it really isn’t that difficult if you are truly passionate, motivated and willing to do the work to better your dynasty team while others are sitting back wishing for the snow to melt while being in denial that they have yet to see that last snowfall before summer is officially here!

There is a ton of resources out there for you to gauge a players’ worth no matter if it’s a rookie or that aging veteran. I frequently visit site forums for input, participate in mock drafts for insight and study player rankings and ADP’s to determine fair value when looking to improve my dynasty roster and Dynasty Football Warehouse offers each and every one of those opportunities and quite honestly has the best resources in my opinon. Yes, it does take some time and commitment but that is what I signed up for when I decided to enter the world of dynasty fantasy football and yes……..I am addicted……….are you???