The Offseason is Here…

By: Chase Wheetley


The offseason is here, but what does that mean for dynasty owners? This is when the real fun starts, with the combine later this month and startup and rookie drafts just around the corner. Now is the time for you to get a head start on your competitors, and here at DFW that’s what we want to help you do. In that vein, we have updated our rookie rankings for the second time this offseason and posted an early Average Draft Position (ADP) for startup drafts that will continually be updated. You will always be able to find both of these resources in the bar at the top of DFW’s home page.

Our rookie rankings include three complete sets from Dan Hosler, Chase Wheetley, and Shawn Gallagher. Each of these contributers have ranked their top 10 quarterbacks, top 20 running backs, top 20 wide receivers, top 10 tight ends, and have a full top 50 rookie ranking. There is no other dynasty site that I know of that not only has such in depth rookie rankings already posted, but has already provided an update and has more frequent updates on the way.

The ADP data include two drafts for now, but will be updated throughout the offseason to include more drafts, and the data will become more advanced and more accurate as time moves on. There is plenty of debate over the value of ADP, but it is still important knowledge to have no matter what your stance is. At worst, it is intelligence you can use against your leaguemates in drafts or trade negotiations.

These two resources are only the beginning of what DFW has to offer this offseason. Check back and find out what else is going on in the next weeks and months.