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By Jay Myers (@Dynasty_DFW)

DFW Founder/CEO

I started playing redraft fantasy football in 2004 and dynasty fantasy football in 2008 and had instant success in both winning my first year in each format.  However, that isn’t necessarily the case for every newby as many have bumps in the road along the way to finding success.  DFW is here to help make that transition from redraft to dynasty a bit easier as there is so much more involved with this year-round hobby.  It’s the ultimate GM experience where you draft your team for the long-haul through the good and bad times.  Many new dynasty owners often think with their redraft hat on when they first convert which tends to get you in trouble when you underestimate the importance of young proven players over players that are about to enter the twilight of their careers.

We recently had some good discussion in our forums here about different tips to help dynasty owners refine their strategies to be more successful sooner.  We have some of the brightest minds in football and after reading the below tips you’ll definitely see why, let us know in the comments section if we are missing any.

It’s time to dive right in with these DFW certified tips, here we go!

By IllegalFacemask:

  • Be polite.  It’s okay to debate, but it’s not ok to call a possible trade partner an idiot.
  • Go against the trends. Buy cold and sell hot. Something as small as a sprained finger can affect dynasty value. Buy when there’s a window.
  • Study your trade partners roster. If you can’t see how you’re helping him in some way, don’t make the offer.
  • Buy picks as early as you can, sell them as late as you can.
  • Put together the team you love. If you hate your team, your activity and productivity will slide. Never buy players hoping to sell them on value, as it can burn you hard.
  • Do your research. I see many people doing a box-score analysis. Stats truly account for less than half of a players potential. Look at them. Do they look good?
  • If your player struggles to catch the football, don’t buy him. That’s something that can turn a hyped player into a true bust.

By Ice:

  • Young owners need to ultimately research like a GM with a long-range plan then Coach their teams weekly. The best GM’s research talent and do not discount actual GM thought processes when players are selected. The best dynasty coaches know the offenses and defenses in order to put the best team on the field weekly.
  • One of the things I see from less experienced owners is the herd mentality of undervaluing the QB position. When I go back in time one evident reality is top consistent winning teams have a stud QB. The redraft mind thinks about waiting but in dynasty, owners need to go get a stud even if it requires a bit of a short-term overpay. The consistency at the top is crucial. 3 points on average as an advantage is huge weekly.
  • Owners need to understand what I call “Balanced Consistent Scoring” I see it annually that owners go after players with big points but how a player scores points on consistent basis is a real key to success in fantasy. Players that can put up 40 one week followed by 3 ten point efforts or worse than another huge game are sucker plays. Players that are more steady in the 15 range weekly in this example are far better players even though the average is a bit less.
  • Inexperienced owners that sell their 1st round picks for well seasoned players rarely succeed. Savvy owners target the weak teams and go after picks very early with eye candy of past performance. Young owners need patience in this game. Players short-term are better than picks in general but early 1st round picks need 3 year projections figured into team plans especially at WR/TE.
  • Play Dynasty around “Chess Principles” : Any deal made needs to have a longer range plan behind the acquired asset. One trick I use is looking hard at my roster and plan my next few moves as if this player is on my team prior to the deal. I look at trade value of this asset and team make up before pulling the trigger to avoid being boxed in.

By Dobby:

  • Stockpile up on young talented upside players (around an hopefully existing core of young and proven players) – the more you get, the better the chances are you hitting on some. Let them develop and then go for the value or actually insert them into your long-term plans for your team. Either way, you´ll be building up the overall strength and value of your team.
  • Work the waiver wire and FA market, there´s always some kind of value waiting to get picked up.

By buckeye:

  • Don’t roster players with mediocre ceilings. Using that spot for high risk/reward types will likely have a better payoff.
  • Agree with Ice about QBs. Once you have a Luck/Rodgers type guy, it allows you to divert a backup QB roster spot to another position, like RB or WR.
  • You can never have too many RBs. Don’t roster the RBBC capped guys unless you are forced to use them. Instead, fill those spots with potential 3-down RBs.

By the_captain:

  • Manage your team like you would manage investments. There is no such thing as an “untradable” player. Success in dynasty is the ability to recognize when your assets have peaked where other owners are still paying the best price. And this means being willing to unload players at the peak of their careers for players still on their way up. Do not trade for aging players in an effort to “win now” as the short-term win rarely happens and it is a guaranteed long-term loss.
  • Draft for value. Trade for need. This includes during start-up drafts. There is no reason to reach for someone because there is a run at a position or because you don’t have your #2 RB or starting TE yet.
  • Above all else – Patience!  We are going to start seeing threads (and we already have) about moves owners should be making for next year. Stop and don’t make ANY moves right now. There is way too much uncertainty with any number of players that it is all too common to end up overpaying. I do like to sell off guys who have a limited future (if you can) but the window on them probably closed before the trade deadline passed in most leagues.  This is particularly the wrong time to sell-off your 1st round picks. Generally speaking the players who will come at that kind of value are going to be this year’s Amendola or Decker…two players with MAJOR red flags that plenty of owners ignored all of the warning signs and cautions some of us threw up. There will be more of them this off-season, buyers beware.

By mcirish:

  • One thing I am working to get better at is trying to follow and value coaches/offensive philosophies and team situations just like I would track players. Sometimes individual talent trumps all (OBJ), but obviously a very talented player stuck in a dysfunctional franchise or in an offensive scheme that doesn’t properly utilize talent (Kelce/KC) can possibly have his performance (and therefore value) minimized for several years.  As an example, I own Brice Butler and Denarius Moore on a couple of teams. Brice because I believe he has the most talent and upside of any of the Raider WRs and DMoore, because at one time he was thought of as the best WR on the Raiders just a couple of years ago and he could possibly move to a featured role-playing for a better team next season.
  • Don’t be afraid to admit a mistake and cut bait or move on from a bad trade, even if it’s in the same season, even in dynasty. Stashing the wrong players and waiting for them to bust out can set back your franchise.  I made a trade earlier in the season where I got rid of who I thought was an overvalued player (good player, but ppr deficient) for several undervalued players. I was wrong. Over several weeks dumped the players while I made other trades, worked the wire and churned the roster, ended up gambling on Forsett and CJ Anderson with some substantial waiver $$ and it worked out. If I had spent too much time stubbornly waiting/hoping that the mistakes I traded for would pan out I might have missed out on the players that helped get me into the finals.  Don’t let pride #^$% with you. If you see that you have failed, fail fast and keep moving.

By jordanzs:

  • RBs win championships! Yes, they really do. Look in your league, you’ll see that the worst team went into the season with Spiller & Montee Ball as their 1-2 punch. The winner probably has Jeremy Hill & CJ Anderson.
  • And if you think of your dynasty team as house, the WRs are your foundation, and the RBs are your finishing touches.
  • Although RBs win championships, the ones that will deliver the championship have such a huge swing from year to year.
  • WRs (especially elite ones) are a much more solid currency to park your investment in, while waiting for the in-season rankings baseball bat to beat half of the RBs while giving opportunity for others to rise.
  • So IMO the best way to win is to load up on WRs, try to acquire an abundance of stud ones. More than you need. And then don’t be afraid to trade some away for the RBs that will complete your team. But do it once the season shakes the tree. Otherwise you might end up with a 2014 LeSean McCoy.
  • A dynasty team with 6 stud WRs and zero good RBs will be a losing team. I’ve seen lots of owners who get stuck in that rut. Although sometimes it is their master plan, to acquire high draft picks & then work the WR for RB trade “next year”, and that’s respectable & can be a solid strategy. But sometimes when “next year” rolls around, they stay stuck in the rut.
  • Also, during the startup, I like to form positive trade partnerships. Not collusion of course, but accommodating.
    Example: You’re on the clock in round 6 and there’s a huge run of QBs. You already have yours, but there’s an owner who’s 6 picks away and doesn’t have one, and there’s only 1 remaining QB1. Reach out to that owner with an ultra fair offer. Like he gives you a 2nd round pick for a 3rd round pick, or he bumps you in later rounds in order for him to move up in round 6 and grab his QB. Use that to establish a working relationship, as later on in the draft, you might need a similar move-up, and that owner should hopefully be the kind who will fairly accommodate you.
  • Play the overload and eject game on your team’s weakest position.   If Rodgers is your QB, you’re set. Overload on other positions.  If Flacco is your top QB, then roll in the offseason with 5 QBs and play the numbers game that one will emerge.  Owners who did that during the past couple of years wound up with a very useable Rivers or Roethlisberger in their lineup, and were able to eject the Geno Smith, EJ Manuel and Bradford type players from their rosters.

By Hot Nikkels:

  • Even if you have a good to great team now, keep up on your WW. Gems can be found all through the season. If nothing else you can flip that player in-season after a few good weeks.
  • Take advantage of timing and know your league mate’s rosters as best you can.  Example, I traded Bernard Pierce a couple of days after Ray Rice got suspended indefinitely for his 2015 1st. That same team also lost AP to suspension so I was attempting to sell Pierce high. Pick ended up 1.1 in 2015.

Hope you enjoyed and took notes or bookmarked this page as this is pure gold!  For other great articles about the introduction to the dynasty format you can check out our 101 warehouse of articles here.