By Jay Myers – DFW Founder/CEO

A few weeks ago the DFW staff held a live start-up mock on #MyFantasyLeague where we had a blazing fast 30-second timer. Tons of fun getting the guys together for events like this with lots of trash talking. The dynasty format is PPR starting QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, K, Def and 20 total rounds.  This is a 3-part series where we each answered questions about the draft, today we are taking a deeper look at the last segment for rounds 11 through 20.

Below you’ll find the link to the draft, the Q&A from the participants and the actual picks from rounds 11 through 20.  Enjoy!

Mock Draft URL

Rounds 1-5

Rounds 6-10

Q&A – Rounds 11-20


1) What was your own favorite pick during rounds 11-20?

Luke – Darren Sproles may be a million years old, but he is still a major player in Chip Kelly’s offense. Though he may only have a year or two of fantasy production left, he will be a RB3 in those seasons. To grab him in the 19th round is like stealing candy from a baby.

Jordan – Devin Smith, NYJ – rookie with good potential at 16.10 while ADP is at 14.02

Brad – I liked getting Rashad Jennings in the 14th round. I believe he will still get the overwhelming majority of work in that offense due to his overall ability.

Dan – I really like my James White pick in the 14th.  To find a RB this late with this much upside and youth was surprising to me. Blount seems to be BB’s dependable guy, but White offers the dynamic play making ability and receiving skill set.  He should have a nice role similar to Shane Vereen.  

Gianni – Truth be told, I am not a fan of many of my picks in this range so I am going to have to go with my kicker and say Stephen Gostkowski at 17.12. I know he’s a kicker, but he’s consistently viewed as one of the best in the game at his position. 

Dwayne – Brian Quick at 11.06. I think he’s a top eight round guy.

Jeff – I like my Eric Ebron pick right away at 11.04.  I really feel that he’ll develop into the TE1 we all thought he was going to be as a rookie last season.  He’s a top tier talent at the position and in a pretty potent offense to boot.  Some guys take longer to catch on and develop and I think he’ll do so as early as this season.  Securing him as my TE2 means I can wait for him to develop.  Should Graham rebuild his value to pre-trade levels like I think he will, then I potentially have the opportunity to trade him for a king’s ransom and not lose a ton at the position with Ebron developing.

KyleDerek Carr at 11.11. I look forward to seeing him this fall.  I now have 2 young QBs to lead my team for the long term foreseeable future. 

Mike Krafick – Eli Manning at 12.05 got some comments in the chat because his brother Peyton was still on the board but I think that the younger Manning will outproduce his big bro in 2015 and he’s got a few good years left in the tank.

Sean – My WR group was looking insanely young and ludicrously untested before the skies parted in the 12th round with Larry Fitzgerald (12.04).  He’ll give me a rock on which to cling in 2015 while I try to figure out which other wideouts are worth their weight.

Jay – I feel like Tyler Lockett at 14.08 is great value for someone who could be option 1B in the passing game for Seattle behind Graham.


2) Who would be considered your #1 dynasty gem from these rounds drafted by any team and why?


Luke – Eric Ebron is my pick for dynasty gem. He was a major disappointment his rookie year, but what Tight End isn’t? He’s still in a pass happy offense with an OC that made Jimmy Graham a star. I’m still being patient with Ebron and think he will be a Top 5 TE sooner that later.

Jordan – Jeremy Langford seems to be in a prime spot in Chicago, with Matt Forte turning 30 this season, and whispers of running back by committee rippling across the Bears organization. Could get his shot to prove himself, and give Chicago a reason to move on from Forte sooner than previously anticipated.

Brad I just missed out on the guy that I would consider the dynasty gem in this draft, Tyler Lockett. He has the talent to give the Seahawks everything they thought they would get with Percy Harvin, and we saw how many times they were targeting him when he was on the field. The addition of Jimmy Graham should give him more space to work and create explosive highlight reels every week.

Dan – I think Denard Robinson in the 17th is just silly.  Yeldon gets drafted, so this guy instantly becomes chopped liver?  I don’t get it.  D-Rob is electric, explosive, and held up pretty damn well for a 195 lb COP back.  Put him in the right role and you have Ellington/Spiller/Gio…etc.  Great value. 

GianniIt’s always tough to find “gems” at this stage of the draft, but I really like Roy Helu’s fantasy prospects in Oakland. Latavius Murray is the top candidate to be the starter, but Helu has a chance to steal the job. Regardless, Helu has tremendous value as a receiver and could carve out a nice role for himself as the team’s 3rd down running back.

Dwayne – Josh Gordon at 13.01. If he comes back, he’s an absolute steal. Could easily be the biggest mover in the draft.

Jeff – I’m a huge fan of Sean’s 12th round pick (12.04) of Larry Fitzgerald.  To draft a WR1 capable and guaranteed WR3 (barring injury) in the 12th round of a startup draft is pretty ridiculous.  I get that he’s aging (31 years old) and that he could potentially be less of a focal point in that offense going forward, but this is a steal of epic proportions.  Age is greatly exaggerated in dynasty leagues and this, in my opinion, is definitive proof.  Larry won’t fall off nearly as far as some people are predicting after a down year where he struggled with injuries and was missing a legit NFL quarterback.  A talented and younger Michael Floyd didn’t fare any better and that tells you something.  Just a very good pick if you ask me.

KyleSame as above, Derek Carr! The raiders have quietly built themselves a representable team the past couple years and with young talent at all corners of their team they are set to make their presence known. Carr to Cooper could become a weekly tagline

Mike Krafick – DeAndre Smelter in the 17th round could end up being a steal, but we will have to wait a couple of years to find out.  Smelter is not getting any love this off-season because he’s recovering from an ACL injury and will likely sit out his rookie season.  Fast forward to this time next year and he could be one of the best WR’s in San Francisco, Boldin can’t do this forever and I’m not a Torrey Smith believer, he’s a guy I’m targeting late in all my drafts.

Sean – If we’re calling someone a dynasty gem, I feel they need to have a little youth.  Therefore, I’ll give the nod to Brian Quick (11.06), a player that is both young and has performed at an NFL level before.

Jay – Josh Gordon in the 13th is the exact kind of risk/reward I love to gamble on. He’s on his last strike when he comes back from a 1yr suspension so hopefully he’ll have his head on straight moving forward from there. If not it’s only a wasted 13th round start-up pick which is nothing for someone who has top-5 WR potential.


3) What was your start-up draft strategy and do you feel you accomplished your goal?


LukeMy strategy was to invest in WRs heavily, as their shelf life is much longer than a RBs and I can always get skill at QB later on in the draft since this is a 12 team league. Since I went WR-WR in the first two rounds, I felt that a RB would be perfect in the 3rd round. I was hoping Marshawn Lynch would fall to be, so I would be guaranteed RB1 production in year 1 (and would then worry about youth at RB later on in the draft), but that wasn’t the case and Carlos Hyde was my pick in the third round. While he isn’t the ideal player to lead my RB corps, my strength at WR should help mitigate that. At RB2 and/or FLEX, I plan on having a bit of a rotation with Gio Bernard, Shane Vereen, Danny Woodhead, Theo Riddick and Darren Sproles. Each guy is your prototypical scat back who will rack up the catches and score me points on a weekly basis. At QB, my thought process was simple. Take Jameis Winston and follow that up with Drew Brees, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning (in that order). I figure that Jameis Winston will need at least one season, possibly two, before I feel totally comfortable with him as my QB1. Having Brees or Brady for the next two years is ideal. Fortunately for me, that’s exactly how it played out. Winston in the 9th, followed by Brees in the 10th.  To round out my team, I got a bunch of young depth WRs that should produce for me if needed.

Jordan – I attempted to get a mix of young players and veterans in each position, but don’t feel like I addressed WR well enough. I would have preferred to have chosen a WR in round one rather than an RB. I feel I have enough RBs to be okay, but wish I would have been able to draft some established, veteran WRs. My team would need a few of its young WRs to really breakout in order to do well.

Brad – Entering the draft, I planned on waiting on QB and TE and target 2 potential RB1s within the first 4 rounds. I ended up with 3 as WRs went flying off the boards. As a result, I am not as impressed with my receivers overall but have plenty of good pieces to make some moves to upgrade.

Dan – No strategy other than BPA.  Each draft is it’s own living breathing thing and that makes them so unpredictable.  Not to mention there is a 30 sec clock to make your decision.  I tend to value youth and am not afraid to load up on rookie RBs.  All it takes is one or two to “hit” and the value skyrockets to the top 3 rounds. Happens every year. One of David Johnson, David Cobb, Cameron Artis-Payne, James White, or Devonta Freeman will hit.  My WRs are sweet and are stacked with proven production and upside. 

Gianni – I know I may be in the minority, but I prefer picking at the end of any fantasy draft, so I had no problem getting the last pick. Generally speaking, I am a more risk-averse drafter. It’s tough for me to draft a rookie who hasn’t played a single snap in the NFL over a solid starter. Given that, I focus on a player’s short-term value. I’ll take more veterans in a startup and worry about getting younger at the following year’s rookie draft. I feel like you can clearly see this when reviewing my team’s roster and I’m very pleased with how the draft went for me.

Dwayne – Stay young while being competitive right away. I think I was able to do this. Most of my players are under 26 and should put up a decent amount of points.

Jeff – My strategy was to go WR heavy early, which I accomplished.  My wideouts are very strong and I have Jimmy Graham to boot.  What I didn’t expect at all was for RBs to go as quickly as they did in this draft.  While that may have helped me land the talent at WR and TE that I did, it also ensured that my RBs are horrible.  I think my team would have a tough time competing in year one simply because of my RB situation.  Unless one of Sankey, West, Ivory or Ridley would secure a workhorse role this team will not compete at that position.  That’s not even considering the fact that my RB1 (Andre Ellington) is in danger of losing his gig to rookie Tevin Coleman.

KyleMy draft strategy was to get an even nucleus of proven older vets and potential young up and comers sprinkled with a few rookies. Overall I feel I accomplished that quite well and would certainly have a playoff caliber team right out the gate.

Mike Krafick – I went into this draft targeting young WR’s and lots of them, I backed off that strategy a little when I saw the RB’s starting to dry up and slightly regret not sticking to my guns.  Overall I like my team, it fits what I was trying to do, WR heavy early and young RB’s in the middle rounds.  I’m used to 8 hour clocks in all these slow drafts I’ve been doing so the 30 second clock was a bit of a change.

Sean – I usually try to lock down RB early so I can spend minimal picks on the position.  I only somewhat managed this with Foster and Lynch, requiring two followup picks of Latavius Murray and Joseph Randle.  In the end, I’m satisfied but not thrilled with both my 2015 competitiveness and long-term upside.

Jay – I focused on youth with my first 5 picks with ODB, Gurley, Gordan, ARob and M.Bryant. I typically go WR heavy early in drafts but wanted to see what a team would look like with RB’s in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  Ultimately I’m still pretty happy with my WR core of ODB, ARob, M.Bryant, DJax, Harvin, Dorsett to go with Gurley/Gordon for years to come at RB. Big Ben is a top-7 QB for the next 3-5 years and I should be able to count on one of Maxx, Fleener, Owen D for the next year or two until I find a permanent fixture at TE.


4) Which 3 teams do you feel had the best drafts overall?


Luke – Jordan- Great Top 5 picks of Le’Veon Bell, TY Hilton, Kelvin Benjamin, Russell Wilson and Jarvis Landry. Perfect blend of youth, talent and positions, giving him a chance to compete this year and next. These five will be his core for the next five years.
Gianni- Gianni is set up for 2015, but 2016 may be a different story. Ton of talent, but not a ton of youth.
Brad- Probably the best group of RBs and he will have a year of QB1 production for Peyton. Some work will need to be done to replace Peyton next season, but with the RB depth Brad has, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Jordan – Jay, Jeff & Gianni

Brad If these were the rosters heading into the season, I would give Sean, Kyle, and myself the best chances to win immediately, but Jay, Bill, and Dwayne put together some talented, young rosters to give the potential for long-term success.

Dan – I think Jeff found good RB value all over the draft, has really nice upside at WR/TE and a nice balance of youth and proven production. 

I think Gianni did a really nice job putting together the top 2015 lineup but may have some issues in a year or two and Luke covered his weaknesses and age really well, found value at RB, and has that nasty combo of DT/AJG to roll out. 
I would have voted for my team in the top 3 for sure, but wasn’t sure if that was fair game or not. My team is loaded with upside and youth. Has questions at RB but all rooks so value will be somewhat stable. WR corp is the best in the league in my opinion and a nice blends at QB/TE.  

Gianni – Even though I do really like my team, I’m not going to be “that guy” that picks his own team here. I’ll say Kyle, Bill, and Sean. I really like what Kyle did in the draft. He has a good combination of veterans and young guys. I know Bill had some technical difficulties with his draft, but I think he had some good early-round picks.

Dwayne – Jay: Odell, Gurley, Gordon, Arob, Martin, Dorsett. No need to say more.

Dan: Brown, Cooper, Watkins, DGB. Pretty nice rap.

Dwayne: Gronk, Cobb, cooks, Keenan. Not bad.

Jeff – My three favorite teams have a solid mix of veteran and youth.  They’ll compete both immediately and down the road.  Winning is ultimately the most important thing in fantasy football and, in my opinion, these three teams have the greatest chance of doing so based on their current rosters:

1) Sean
2) Kyle
3) Jordan

Kyle – See below.

  1. Kyle
  2. Luke
  3. Sean

Mike Krafick – The three teams that I think had the best drafts overall (excluding my own of course) are Luke, Dwayne, and Sean.  I judge Dynasty teams by their WR corps and those 3 teams all have strong WR’s without giving up too much at other positions.

Sean – See below.

  1. Brad_DFW – It’ll be discouraging to see the names Adrian Peterson, Dez Bryant, Demarco Murray, and Peyton Manning on the same roster in 2015.
  2. Kyle_DFW – The strongest RB corp in the league (CJ Anderson, Matt Forte, and Jeremy Hill) paired with Calvin Johnson is very intimidating, although he’s got a bit of work at WR2 and WR3.
  3. Dan_DFW – Maybe not the best 2015 team, he’s got a great amount of youth and talent at every position.

Jay – Sean, Brad and Dan

Draft Results – Rounds 11-20

11.01 121. Brad_DFW Mathews, Ryan PHI RB Mon Jun 29 9:43:54 p.m. ET 2015
11.02 122. Dan_DFW Romo, Tony DAL QB Mon Jun 29 9:43:58 p.m. ET 2015
11.03 123. Jordan _DFW Ball, Montee DEN RB Mon Jun 29 9:44:10 p.m. ET 2015
11.04 124. Jeff_DFW Ebron, Eric DET TE Mon Jun 29 9:44:18 p.m. ET 2015
11.05 125. Jay_DFW Williams, Maxx BAL TE (R) Mon Jun 29 9:44:32 p.m. ET 2015
11.06 126. Dwayne_DFW Quick, Brian STL WR Mon Jun 29 9:44:45 p.m. ET 2015
11.07 127. Michael_DFW Robinson, Josh IND RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:44:49 p.m. ET 2015
11.08 128. Mike_DFW Davis, Mike SFO RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:45:14 p.m. ET 2015
11.09 129. Sean_DFW Michael, Christine SEA RB Mon Jun 29 9:45:22 p.m. ET 2015
11.10 130. Luke_DFW Wright, Kendall TEN WR Mon Jun 29 9:45:35 p.m. ET 2015
11.11 131. Kyle_DFW Carr, Derek OAK QB Mon Jun 29 9:45:59 p.m. ET 2015
11.12 132. Gianni_DFW Smith, Steve BAL WR Mon Jun 29 9:46:08 p.m. ET 2015
12.01 133. Gianni_DFW Boldin, Anquan SFO WR Mon Jun 29 9:46:11 p.m. ET 2015
12.02 134. Kyle_DFW Walker, Delanie TEN TE Mon Jun 29 9:46:33 p.m. ET 2015
12.03 135. Luke_DFW Stills, Kenny MIA WR Mon Jun 29 9:46:45 p.m. ET 2015
12.04 136. Sean_DFW Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR Mon Jun 29 9:47:04 p.m. ET 2015
12.05 137. Mike_DFW Manning, Eli NYG QB Mon Jun 29 9:47:19 p.m. ET 2015
12.06 138. Michael_DFW Huff, Josh PHI WR Mon Jun 29 9:47:44 p.m. ET 2015
12.07 139. Dwayne_DFW Jones, Matt WAS RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:47:49 p.m. ET 2015
12.08 140. Jay_DFW Patterson, Cordarrelle MIN WR Mon Jun 29 9:48:11 p.m. ET 2015
12.09 141. Jeff_DFW Rivers, Philip SDC QB Mon Jun 29 9:48:16 p.m. ET 2015
12.10 142. Jordan _DFW Blount, LeGarrette NEP RB Mon Jun 29 9:48:33 p.m. ET 2015
12.11 143. Dan_DFW Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE Mon Jun 29 9:48:40 p.m. ET 2015
12.12 144. Brad_DFW Manning, Peyton DEN QB Mon Jun 29 9:49:08 p.m. ET 2015
13.01 145. Brad_DFW Gordon, Josh CLE WR Mon Jun 29 9:49:15 p.m. ET 2015
13.02 146. Dan_DFW Artis-Payne, Cameron CAR RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:49:22 p.m. ET 2015
13.03 147. Jordan _DFW Langford, Jeremy CHI RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:49:43 p.m. ET 2015
13.04 148. Jeff_DFW Ivory, Chris NYJ RB Mon Jun 29 9:49:56 p.m. ET 2015
13.05 149. Jay_DFW Fleener, Coby IND TE Mon Jun 29 9:50:12 p.m. ET 2015
13.06 150. Dwayne_DFW Green, Ladarius SDC TE Mon Jun 29 9:50:23 p.m. ET 2015
13.07 151. Michael_DFW Colston, Marques NOS WR Mon Jun 29 9:50:34 p.m. ET 2015
13.08 152. Mike_DFW Helu, Roy OAK RB Mon Jun 29 9:50:52 p.m. ET 2015
13.09 153. Sean_DFW Flacco, Joe BAL QB Mon Jun 29 9:51:07 p.m. ET 2015
13.10 154. Luke_DFW Williams, Terrance DAL WR Mon Jun 29 9:51:25 p.m. ET 2015
13.11 155. Kyle_DFW McFadden, Darren DAL RB Mon Jun 29 9:51:45 p.m. ET 2015
13.12 156. Gianni_DFW Texans, Houston HOU Def Mon Jun 29 9:52:08 p.m. ET 2015
14.01 157. Gianni_DFW Dalton, Andy CIN QB Mon Jun 29 9:52:30 p.m. ET 2015
14.02 158. Kyle_DFW Crabtree, Michael OAK WR Mon Jun 29 9:52:45 p.m. ET 2015
14.03 159. Luke_DFW Woodhead, Danny SDC RB Mon Jun 29 9:53:09 p.m. ET 2015
14.04 160. Sean_DFW Lee, Marqise JAC WR Mon Jun 29 9:53:19 p.m. ET 2015
14.05 161. Mike_DFW Jones, Marvin CIN WR Mon Jun 29 9:53:36 p.m. ET 2015
14.06 162. Michael_DFW Bradford, Sam PHI QB Mon Jun 29 9:53:44 p.m. ET 2015
14.07 163. Dwayne_DFW Hill, Josh NOS TE Mon Jun 29 9:53:58 p.m. ET 2015
14.08 164. Jay_DFW Lockett, Tyler SEA WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:54:18 p.m. ET 2015
14.09 165. Jeff_DFW Williams, Andre NYG RB Mon Jun 29 9:54:25 p.m. ET 2015
14.10 166. Jordan _DFW Allen, Dwayne IND TE Mon Jun 29 9:54:30 p.m. ET 2015
14.11 167. Dan_DFW White, James NEP RB Mon Jun 29 9:54:36 p.m. ET 2015
14.12 168. Brad_DFW Jennings, Rashad NYG RB Mon Jun 29 9:55:30 p.m. ET 2015
15.01 169. Brad_DFW Witten, Jason DAL TE Mon Jun 29 9:55:40 p.m. ET 2015
15.02 170. Dan_DFW Reed, Jordan WAS TE Mon Jun 29 9:55:58 p.m. ET 2015
15.03 171. Jordan _DFW Bush, Reggie SFO RB Mon Jun 29 9:56:12 p.m. ET 2015
15.04 172. Jeff_DFW Ridley, Stevan NYJ RB Mon Jun 29 9:56:22 p.m. ET 2015
15.05 173. Jay_DFW Daniels, Owen DEN TE Mon Jun 29 9:56:41 p.m. ET 2015
15.06 174. Dwayne_DFW Hunter, Justin TEN WR Mon Jun 29 9:56:48 p.m. ET 2015
15.07 175. Michael_DFW Britt, Kenny STL WR Mon Jun 29 9:57:10 p.m. ET 2015
15.08 176. Mike_DFW Donnell, Larry NYG TE Mon Jun 29 9:57:31 p.m. ET 2015
15.09 177. Sean_DFW Amaro, Jace NYJ TE Mon Jun 29 9:57:38 p.m. ET 2015
15.10 178. Luke_DFW Gates, Antonio SDC TE Mon Jun 29 9:58:03 p.m. ET 2015
15.11 179. Kyle_DFW Clay, Charles BUF TE Mon Jun 29 9:58:15 p.m. ET 2015
15.12 180. Gianni_DFW Rams, St. Louis STL Def Mon Jun 29 9:58:37 p.m. ET 2015
16.01 181. Gianni_DFW Jackson, Fred BUF RB Mon Jun 29 9:58:39 p.m. ET 2015
16.02 182. Kyle_DFW Bills, Buffalo BUF Def Mon Jun 29 9:58:54 p.m. ET 2015
16.03 183. Luke_DFW Riddick, Theo DET RB Mon Jun 29 9:59:06 p.m. ET 2015
16.04 184. Sean_DFW Conley, Chris KCC WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:59:12 p.m. ET 2015
16.05 185. Mike_DFW Hardy, Justin ATL WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:59:27 p.m. ET 2015
16.06 186. Michael_DFW Rodgers, Richard GBP TE Mon Jun 29 9:59:40 p.m. ET 2015
16.07 187. Dwayne_DFW Kaepernick, Colin SFO QB Mon Jun 29 9:59:46 p.m. ET 2015
16.08 188. Jay_DFW Oliver, Branden SDC RB Mon Jun 29 9:59:56 p.m. ET 2015
16.09 189. Jeff_DFW Coates, Sammie PIT WR (R) Mon Jun 29 10:00:06 p.m. ET 2015
16.10 190. Jordan _DFW Smith, Devin NYJ WR (R) Mon Jun 29 10:00:11 p.m. ET 2015
16.11 191. Dan_DFW Griffin III, Robert WAS QB Mon Jun 29 10:00:19 p.m. ET 2015
16.12 192. Brad_DFW Johnson, Stevie SDC WR Mon Jun 29 10:00:45 p.m. ET 2015
17.01 193. Brad_DFW Davis, Vernon SFO TE Mon Jun 29 10:01:13 p.m. ET 2015
17.02 194. Dan_DFW Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def Mon Jun 29 10:01:20 p.m. ET 2015
17.03 195. Jordan _DFW Baldwin, Doug SEA WR Mon Jun 29 10:01:33 p.m. ET 2015
17.04 196. Jeff_DFW Diggs, Stefon MIN WR (R) Mon Jun 29 10:02:04 p.m. ET 2015 Pick made based on My Draft Queue
17.05 197. Jay_DFW Blue, Alfred HOU RB Mon Jun 29 10:02:14 p.m. ET 2015
17.06 198. Dwayne_DFW Dolphins, Miami MIA Def Mon Jun 29 10:02:27 p.m. ET 2015
17.07 199. Michael_DFW Jets, New York NYJ Def Mon Jun 29 10:02:33 p.m. ET 2015
17.08 200. Mike_DFW Smelter, DeAndre SFO WR (R) Mon Jun 29 10:02:44 p.m. ET 2015
17.09 201. Sean_DFW Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def Mon Jun 29 10:03:05 p.m. ET 2015
17.10 202. Luke_DFW Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def Mon Jun 29 10:03:22 p.m. ET 2015
17.11 203. Kyle_DFW Robinson, Denard JAC RB Mon Jun 29 10:03:47 p.m. ET 2015
17.12 204. Gianni_DFW Gostkowski, Stephen NEP PK Mon Jun 29 10:04:06 p.m. ET 2015
18.01 205. Gianni_DFW Cutler, Jay CHI QB Mon Jun 29 10:04:21 p.m. ET 2015
18.02 206. Kyle_DFW Herron, Dan IND RB Mon Jun 29 10:04:33 p.m. ET 2015
18.03 207. Luke_DFW Royal, Eddie CHI WR Mon Jun 29 10:05:01 p.m. ET 2015
18.04 208. Sean_DFW Rawls, Thomas SEA RB (R) Mon Jun 29 10:05:15 p.m. ET 2015
18.05 209. Mike_DFW Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def Mon Jun 29 10:05:36 p.m. ET 2015
18.06 210. Michael_DFW Beasley, Cole DAL WR Mon Jun 29 10:05:45 p.m. ET 2015
18.07 211. Dwayne_DFW Richardson, Trent OAK RB Mon Jun 29 10:05:52 p.m. ET 2015
18.08 212. Jay_DFW Palmer, Carson ARI QB Mon Jun 29 10:06:09 p.m. ET 2015
18.09 213. Jeff_DFW Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def Mon Jun 29 10:06:14 p.m. ET 2015
18.10 214. Jordan _DFW Bortles, Blake JAC QB Mon Jun 29 10:06:24 p.m. ET 2015
18.11 215. Dan_DFW Walford, Clive OAK TE (R) Mon Jun 29 10:06:35 p.m. ET 2015
18.12 216. Brad_DFW Foles, Nick STL QB Mon Jun 29 10:06:45 p.m. ET 2015
19.01 217. Brad_DFW Broncos, Denver DEN Def Mon Jun 29 10:07:14 p.m. ET 2015
19.02 218. Dan_DFW Austin, Tavon STL WR Mon Jun 29 10:07:20 p.m. ET 2015
19.03 219. Jordan _DFW Panthers, Carolina CAR Def Mon Jun 29 10:07:29 p.m. ET 2015
19.04 220. Jeff_DFW Tucker, Justin BAL PK Mon Jun 29 10:07:50 p.m. ET 2015
19.05 221. Jay_DFW Patriots, New England NEP Def Mon Jun 29 10:07:57 p.m. ET 2015
19.06 222. Dwayne_DFW Robinson, Khiry NOS RB Mon Jun 29 10:08:02 p.m. ET 2015
19.07 223. Michael_DFW Dobson, Aaron NEP WR Mon Jun 29 10:08:12 p.m. ET 2015
19.08 224. Mike_DFW Matthews, Chris SEA WR Mon Jun 29 10:08:33 p.m. ET 2015
19.09 225. Sean_DFW Bailey, Dan DAL PK Mon Jun 29 10:08:40 p.m. ET 2015
19.10 226. Luke_DFW Sproles, Darren PHI RB Mon Jun 29 10:08:47 p.m. ET 2015
19.11 227. Kyle_DFW Shorts, Cecil HOU WR Mon Jun 29 10:08:55 p.m. ET 2015
19.12 228. Gianni_DFW Wheaton, Markus PIT WR Mon Jun 29 10:09:17 p.m. ET 2015
20.01 229. Gianni_DFW Green, Virgil DEN TE Mon Jun 29 10:09:20 p.m. ET 2015
20.02 230. Kyle_DFW Walsh, Blair MIN PK Mon Jun 29 10:09:30 p.m. ET 2015
20.03 231. Luke_DFW Parkey, Cody PHI PK Mon Jun 29 10:09:46 p.m. ET 2015
20.04 232. Sean_DFW Coleman, Brandon NOS WR Mon Jun 29 10:10:04 p.m. ET 2015
20.05 233. Mike_DFW Suisham, Shaun PIT PK Mon Jun 29 10:10:20 p.m. ET 2015
20.06 234. Michael_DFW Vinatieri, Adam IND PK Mon Jun 29 10:10:25 p.m. ET 2015
20.07 235. Dwayne_DFW Crosby, Mason GBP PK Mon Jun 29 10:10:31 p.m. ET 2015
20.08 236. Jay_DFW Hauschka, Steven SEA PK Mon Jun 29 10:10:36 p.m. ET 2015
20.09 237. Jeff_DFW Waller, Darren BAL WR (R) Mon Jun 29 10:10:46 p.m. ET 2015
20.10 238. Jordan _DFW Prater, Matt DET PK Mon Jun 29 10:10:50 p.m. ET 2015
20.11 239. Dan_DFW Brown, Josh NYG PK Mon Jun 29 10:10:56 p.m. ET 2015
20.12 240. Brad_DFW Barth, Connor DEN PK Mon Jun 29 10:11:08 p.m. ET 2015