By Jay Myers – DFW Founder/CEO

A few weeks ago the DFW staff held a live start-up mock on #MyFantasyLeague where we had a blazing fast 30-second timer. Tons of fun getting the guys together for events like this with lots of trash talking. The dynasty format is PPR starting QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, K, Def and 20 total rounds.  This is a 3-part series where we each answered questions about the draft, today we are taking a deeper look at rounds 6 through 10. We’ll follow-up with rounds 11-20 next and the previous 1-5 can be seen here.

Below you’ll find the link to the draft, the Q&A from the participants and the actual picks from rounds 6 through 10.  Enjoy!

Mock Draft URL

Rounds 1-5

Q&A – Rounds 6-10

1) What was your own favorite pick during rounds 6-10?
Luke – Love nabbing Gio Bernard in the 6th round. My plan to invest heavily in WR early, while a couple solid players with RB2 upside later on worked perfectly, as Bernard should see plenty of work on passing downs and when spelling Jeremy Hill.

Jordan – Cody Lattimer, DEN – got him at 9.03 – two rounds past his ADP. And potential for good year already in 2015.

Brad – I like getting Eric Decker late in drafts (8.12). Both he and Brandon Marshall are heavily undervalued right now. There is a large amount of potential for receivers in a Chan Gailey offense, and if Geno doesn’t work out, Ryan Fitzpatrick has already proved that he can put up numbers with Gailey.

Dan – I am not sure I “love” any of my 6-10 picks only because of the “unknown”.  RBs went really fast so I loaded up on WRs.  If I am going gamble on RBs it was going to be on young ones and I grabbed a bunch.  Nabbing Frank Gore to at least have a viable RB1 to start year one was a blessing. I believe in PPR leagues he could be pushing top 5 numbers in that offense for 2015. 

Gianni – Justin Forsett at 5.12. I know he’s 29 years old and could be a one-year wonder, but he was too productive last year to pass up. Forsett ran for over 1,200 yards and led all starting runners with a 5.4 yards per carry average. This year, Ravens brought in former Chicago head coach Marc Trestman to run the offense. Trestman helped lead Forte to a career year last season as a runner and receiver and he has the potential to do the same with Forsett.

Dwayne – Matt Ryan at 6.07. He’s my QB3 in dynasty so I was pretty happy to land him as my starter.

Jeff – Cam Newton in the 7th round (7.04) struck me as pretty solid value for a guy I rank as my QB3 overall in dynasty.  He’s a talented player in a secure situation and is finally getting some pieces around him at WRs in Benjamin and Funchess.

KyleI personally loved all my picks thru this part as I really built solid depth. Getting Stafford at 7.11 to pair with Calvin Johnson was a big deal and getting the rookie Devin Funchess at 9.11 could be the steal of the whole draft!

Mike Krafick – Ryan Tannehill at 7.08 was probably a bit of a reach but he’s a QB that I’m targeting in Startup’s.  LOVE the weapons he has around him, Dolphins OC Bill Lazor should put Tannehill in a good position to succeed and think that he takes a big step forward in 2015.

Sean – Getting Teddy Bridgewater (8.04) in the 8th round allowed me to address my other starters and even a few bench positions earlier.  I love his offensive tools and potential to be a perennial top 10 fantasy QB.

Jay -Phillip Dorsett at 9.05 was a pick I really liked. He was a 1st round pick int his year’s draft and the team may or may not sign Hilton to a long-term contract after this season.  With Luck at the helm I believe Dorsett can do almost everything Hilton can, so why pony up the big bucks when you can just plug him in the same role?!?

2) What was your least favorite pick to this point?

LukeI won’t call it a panic pick, but at 7.10 I took Julius Thomas, and I wasn’t super excited about it. At that point, I could have grabbed another RB or WR to bolster those positions, but nobody really stood out for me. Matt Ryan and CJ Spiller had both been taken about 10 picks before that, and I was hoping they would land to me. Still, Julius Thomas should provide solid TE1 production for me. Him landing in Jacksonville leaves me weary though.

Jordan – Joique Bell at 7.03 – not a player I’m excited about owning, but needed an RB at that spot

Brad – I panicked and took Eifert when TEs started flying off the board. He has top-5 upside IF he can remain healthy, but I could’ve helped solidify my receivers with someone like Anquan Boldin or Larry Fitzgerald and still have a TE combo of any two of Witten, Reed, Daniels, Donnell, and Clay at the next turn.

Dan – My Mariota pick in the 10th looks a bit “reachy”, but it’s not as bad when you consider I followed it up with Romo in the 11th and RG3 in the 16th.  

Gianni – I’ll say Roddy White at 9.12. I always look to take the best player available and unfortunately that led me away from the receiver position in the early rounds. At this point in the draft I had to fill a starting receiver spot and opted for a productive, but much older player. 

Dwayne – Donte Moncrief at 8.07

Jeff – Running backs in this league went much more quickly than I expected in this draft.  While I feel that Terrance West was the best available RB at the time I selected him (9.04) I don’t particularly like the pick.  He’s in a pretty bad situation in Cleveland and, at this point, could easily be considered the odd man out in that rushing attack.  I was forced to try and bolster the weakest position on my team and tried to do so.

KyleI stretched a bit grabbing Victor Cruz in the 8th coming off his injury but if he can come back strong this season I grabbed a solid WR2 for the foreseeable future.

Mike Krafick – Jerick McKinnon at 10.08.  I see McKinnon in a similar situation to Christine Michael, stuck behind a Stud RB that everyone is eager to put out to pasture but keeps putting up elite production.  I’m not really high on McKinnon’s chances of having value in the next few seasons but went WR heavy early so I was taking shots at RB’s at this point of the draft trying to find a young RB to fill my RB2 spot.  I’m confident that one of them will pan out but not convinced that it will be McKinnon.

Sean – After a 3 round RB freakout, I am stuck with Breshad Perriman (6.04) as my #3 WR.  After this selection, I knew I’d be taking a lot of mid-round pass catchers to make up for inexperience with depth.

Jay – I am buying Doug Martin being the lead dog at RB for the Bucs in ’15.  If he plays well it will be a steal but if he continues more of the same over the last 2 years then it’s going to be a horrible pick.  He’s healthy, has lost weight, is in a contract year which creates more motivation than anything we can imagine.  He’ll be chasing a new long-term contract for next off-season, so he’s a good flyer but an expensive one at 7.05.

3) What was the best value pick to this point for any team and why?
LukeI really like CJ Spiller at 7.01. As I mentioned, I was hoping he would have fell to me at the end of the 7th round, and I almost took him over Gio Bernard in the 6th round. I believe that Sean Payton will be able to utilize Spiller in space, far better than Buffalo ever could.

Jordan – Cam Newton to Jeff at 7.04 – 3 rounds later than current ADP

Brad – Huge RB sleepers in these rounds with Joseph Randle(7.9) and Devonta Freeman(9.2). Currently, they are the presumed starters. If this is still the case at the beginning of the season, they will both heavily out produce where they were picked.

Dan – I LOVE John Brown at 9.06 by Bill.  He has been gaining steam like crazy, but his value is still way too low based on what he is going to do this year. Honorable mention to Bishop Sankey in the 10th by Jeff. I am not a fan but he will still have a significant role in that offense and that’s solid value with RBs dropping like flies.  Pierre Garcon also gets a little love from Sean in the 10th. 

Gianni – I have to give it to Sean and say Joseph Randle at 7.09. I know he only got about 50 carries last season, but it’s hard to ignore a 6.7 yards per carry average. The Cowboys don’t have a clear cut starting running back and I think it’s only a matter of time before Randle earns that title. Getting an explosive young runner with great upside and a top offensive line in round 7 is great value.

Dwayne – Phillip Dorsett by Jay at 9.05 (One pick above me. SNAKED!!)

Jeff – Percy Harvin (10.08) is a guy that has had a troubled past few seasons, but is as talented as anyone in this league.  I think he’s a fine pick that late in the game and is a playmaker that’ll help any team.  If used properly he can be a fantastic dynasty asset.  There’s risk but there’s tremendous upside as well.

KyleI would have to say Sean again as he Grabbed Teddy Bridgewater in the 8.04 spot. He showed glimpses of greatness last year and with AP behind him his stress level has to be at an all-time low.

Mike Krafick – John Brown at 9.07 or Jaelen Strong at 9.06, they went right in front of me and forced me to scramble a bit with the 30 second clock.  Brown had almost 100 targets as a rookie and I think he continues to improve as a WR and thrives in Arians’ system.  Jaelen Strong is my 5th ranked rookie WR in the 2015 class and he was the 8th rookie WR drafted here, I expect his draft day price to be much higher next year in startups.

Sean – Finding a 9th round wideout with top 10 potential isn’t easy.  While it may be extremely unlikely for John Brown (9.07) to reach those heights, the narrative exists for Bruce Arians’ latest toy.

Jay – I really like the value of Gio at 6.03, I think the workload split between he and Hill will be closer than folks think.  I think he’s a great low-end RB2 for years to come in PPR format.

4) What was your least favorite pick to this point for any team and why?
LukeI don’t get the Donte Moncrief love. Andre Johnson will be in the fold, Indy just drafted Philip Dorsett in the 1st round and TY Hilton isn’t going anywhere next year. This year, Moncrief will be fighting for time as the WR3 with Dorsett, but he still has to fight for targets with the TEs Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. Moncrief in the 8th round is way too rich for my blood.

Jordan – Victor Cruz at 8/02 to Kyle – seemed a bit of a reach considering ADP and injury

Brad – I have a lot of Moncrief shares across my leagues because I’m a fan of his talent, but I don’t like the amount of obstacles he has to get any significant amount of targets for at least the next 2 years.

Dan – I am not sure I understand the TE/TE turn where Gianni took Olsen at 7.12 and then Bennett at 8.01.  I have no problem with the Olsen pick and recognize Bennett is very underrated, but I feel like there was other value to be had there. 

Gianni – Sorry Luke but I’m going to have to say Julius Thomas at 7.10. In the same way I didn’t like the Jimmy Graham pick earlier, I am not a fan of this pick because you have a productive player going to a new team with a lower quality quarterback.

Dwayne – Joique Bell at 7.03. I have no faith  in him being able to hold off Abdullah.

Jeff – I have to say Dan’s pick of Frank Gore at 6.11 surprised me a bit.  I understand the reasoning since Gore should have a very solid 2015 in that offense, but at age 32 his days are numbered in dynasty.  RBs went faster than I expected in this draft and perhaps that prompted a desperation pick for a guy who can contribute right away but I think it’ll be a short lived contribution and the pick could’ve been better used on someone with a longer term outlook, even if it was at a different position.

KyleTo pick one player I would say Gianni at 6.01 taking Johnathon Stewart, It is just hard to trust a player that is constantly hurt. Otherwise As a whole all 3 Cleveland Backs went in this group Crowell 6.10 Johnson 7.06 and West 9.04.   Good luck figuring out who to trust on a weekly basis.

Mike Krafick – Victor Cruz at 8.02 was much earlier than I’d consider him, I am not confident that he will be able to come back from the torn patellar tendon he suffered last season.  As a receiver that relies on quick cuts to get open that will be a difficult injury for him to overcome.  History is not on his side for other players that have come back from that injury, Ryan Williams and Cadillac Williams are two that come to mind right away they were never the same after suffering the same injury.  

Sean – Maybe Joique Bell (7.03) won’t fade into oblivion immediately, but I find it hard to believe that he’s not past the peak of his career fantasy-wise and it’s not exactly like that peak was sky-high either.

Jay – I think Jay Ajayi at 7.07 seems like a bit of a reach for a RB with knee issues and who will be far behind Lamar Miller.  Not saying he can’t increase his market-value, but it’s just not there right now for that price tag.

Draft Results – Rounds 6-10

6.01 61. Gianni_DFW Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB Mon Jun 29 9:25:27 p.m. ET 2015
6.02 62. Kyle_DFW Coleman, Tevin ATL RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:25:50 p.m. ET 2015
6.03 63. Luke_DFW Bernard, Giovani CIN RB Mon Jun 29 9:26:12 p.m. ET 2015
6.04 64. Sean_DFW Perriman, Breshad BAL WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:26:31 p.m. ET 2015
6.05 65. Mike_DFW Johnson, Andre IND WR Mon Jun 29 9:26:57 p.m. ET 2015
6.06 66. Michael_DFW Johnson, Charles MIN WR Mon Jun 29 9:27:16 p.m. ET 2015
6.07 67. Dwayne_DFW Ryan, Matt ATL QB Mon Jun 29 9:27:25 p.m. ET 2015
6.08 68. Jay_DFW Jackson, DeSean WAS WR Mon Jun 29 9:27:38 p.m. ET 2015
6.09 69. Jeff_DFW Ellington, Andre ARI RB Mon Jun 29 9:27:52 p.m. ET 2015
6.10 70. Jordan _DFW Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB Mon Jun 29 9:27:57 p.m. ET 2015
6.11 71. Dan_DFW Gore, Frank IND RB Mon Jun 29 9:28:15 p.m. ET 2015
6.12 72. Brad_DFW Smith, Torrey SFO WR Mon Jun 29 9:28:42 p.m. ET 2015
7.01 73. Brad_DFW Spiller, C.J. NOS RB Mon Jun 29 9:28:47 p.m. ET 2015
7.02 74. Dan_DFW Johnson, David ARI RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:29:04 p.m. ET 2015
7.03 75. Jordan _DFW Bell, Joique DET RB Mon Jun 29 9:29:15 p.m. ET 2015
7.04 76. Jeff_DFW Newton, Cam CAR QB Mon Jun 29 9:29:43 p.m. ET 2015
7.05 77. Jay_DFW Martin, Doug TBB RB Mon Jun 29 9:29:55 p.m. ET 2015
7.06 78. Dwayne_DFW Johnson, Duke CLE RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:30:09 p.m. ET 2015
7.07 79. Michael_DFW Ajayi, Jay MIA RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:30:18 p.m. ET 2015
7.08 80. Mike_DFW Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB Mon Jun 29 9:30:42 p.m. ET 2015
7.09 81. Sean_DFW Randle, Joseph DAL RB Mon Jun 29 9:30:46 p.m. ET 2015
7.10 82. Luke_DFW Thomas, Julius JAC TE Mon Jun 29 9:31:05 p.m. ET 2015
7.11 83. Kyle_DFW Stafford, Matthew DET QB Mon Jun 29 9:31:25 p.m. ET 2015
7.12 84. Gianni_DFW Bennett, Martellus CHI TE Mon Jun 29 9:31:47 p.m. ET 2015
8.01 85. Gianni_DFW Olsen, Greg CAR TE Mon Jun 29 9:32:13 p.m. ET 2015
8.02 86. Kyle_DFW Cruz, Victor NYG WR Mon Jun 29 9:32:39 p.m. ET 2015
8.03 87. Luke_DFW Vereen, Shane NYG RB Mon Jun 29 9:33:03 p.m. ET 2015
8.04 88. Sean_DFW Bridgewater, Teddy MIN QB Mon Jun 29 9:33:05 p.m. ET 2015
8.05 89. Mike_DFW Sims, Charles TBB RB Mon Jun 29 9:33:14 p.m. ET 2015
8.06 90. Michael_DFW Ertz, Zach PHI TE Mon Jun 29 9:33:21 p.m. ET 2015
8.07 91. Dwayne_DFW Moncrief, Donte IND WR Mon Jun 29 9:33:27 p.m. ET 2015
8.08 92. Jay_DFW Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB Mon Jun 29 9:33:35 p.m. ET 2015
8.09 93. Jeff_DFW Wallace, Mike MIN WR Mon Jun 29 9:36:57 p.m. ET 2015
8.10 94. Jordan _DFW Cameron, Jordan MIA TE Mon Jun 29 9:37:01 p.m. ET 2015
8.11 95. Dan_DFW Cobb, David TEN RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:37:08 p.m. ET 2015
8.12 96. Brad_DFW Decker, Eric NYJ WR Mon Jun 29 9:37:34 p.m. ET 2015
9.01 97. Brad_DFW Mason, Tre STL RB Mon Jun 29 9:38:00 p.m. ET 2015
9.02 98. Dan_DFW Freeman, Devonta ATL RB Mon Jun 29 9:38:13 p.m. ET 2015
9.03 99. Jordan _DFW Latimer, Cody DEN WR Mon Jun 29 9:38:23 p.m. ET 2015
9.04 100. Jeff_DFW West, Terrance CLE RB Mon Jun 29 9:38:34 p.m. ET 2015
9.05 101. Jay_DFW Dorsett, Phillip IND WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:38:43 p.m. ET 2015
9.06 102. Dwayne_DFW Strong, Jaelen HOU WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:39:09 p.m. ET 2015
9.07 103. Michael_DFW Brown, John ARI WR Mon Jun 29 9:39:19 p.m. ET 2015
9.08 104. Mike_DFW Allen, Javorius BAL RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:39:45 p.m. ET 2015
9.09 105. Sean_DFW Seferian-Jenkins, Austin TBB TE Mon Jun 29 9:39:51 p.m. ET 2015
9.10 106. Luke_DFW Winston, Jameis TBB QB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:40:03 p.m. ET 2015
9.11 107. Kyle_DFW Funchess, Devin CAR WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:40:27 p.m. ET 2015
9.12 108. Gianni_DFW White, Roddy ATL WR Mon Jun 29 9:40:33 p.m. ET 2015
10.01 109. Gianni_DFW LaFell, Brandon NEP WR Mon Jun 29 9:40:38 p.m. ET 2015
10.02 110. Kyle_DFW Jackson, Vincent TBB WR Mon Jun 29 9:41:01 p.m. ET 2015
10.03 111. Luke_DFW Brees, Drew NOS QB Mon Jun 29 9:41:20 p.m. ET 2015
10.04 112. Sean_DFW Garcon, Pierre WAS WR Mon Jun 29 9:41:26 p.m. ET 2015
10.05 113. Mike_DFW McKinnon, Jerick MIN RB Mon Jun 29 9:41:45 p.m. ET 2015
10.06 114. Michael_DFW Randle, Rueben NYG WR Mon Jun 29 9:42:08 p.m. ET 2015
10.07 115. Dwayne_DFW Brady, Tom NEP QB Mon Jun 29 9:42:20 p.m. ET 2015
10.08 116. Jay_DFW Harvin, Percy BUF WR Mon Jun 29 9:42:43 p.m. ET 2015
10.09 117. Jeff_DFW Sankey, Bishop TEN RB Mon Jun 29 9:42:51 p.m. ET 2015
10.10 118. Jordan _DFW Davis, Knile KCC RB Mon Jun 29 9:43:02 p.m. ET 2015
10.11 119. Dan_DFW Mariota, Marcus TEN QB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:43:09 p.m. ET 2015
10.12 120. Brad_DFW Eifert, Tyler CIN TE Mon Jun 29 9:43:34 p.m. ET 2015