By Jay Myers – DFW Founder/CEO

Last week the DFW staff held a live start-up mock on #MyFantasyLeague where we had a blazing fast 30-second timer. Tons of fun getting the guys together for events like this with lots of trash talking. The dynasty format is PPR starting QB, 2RB, 3WR, TE, Flex, K, Def and 20 total rounds.  This is a 3-part series where we each answered questions about the draft, today we are taking a deeper look at rounds 1 through 5. We’ll follow-up with rounds 6-10 next and finally 11-20 after that.

Below you’ll find the link to the draft, the Q&A from the participants and the actual picks from rounds 1 through 5.  Enjoy!

Mock Draft URL

Q&A – Rounds 1-5

1) What was your own favorite pick to this point?
Luke – Easily Demaryius Thomas at 2.03. I was deciding between him and AJ Green at 1.10, so to come back around and see him still there was a win-win.

Jordan – Russell Wilson at 4.10 – got him almost a full round later than his ADP

Brad – My favorite pick is DeMarco Murray (2.12). Usually, after picking high in the first, all of the top running backs are gone by the time it comes back around to you. I’m more than happy to pick up one of my top-5 RBs at that point.

Dan – Brandon Marshall in the 5th the favorite pick of my first 5 rounds. Anytime you can get a true WR1 in the 5th round with at least 3 years of wear and tear left on him, it’s a steal. He is far from done and has put up top 10 numbers with even the most horrific QB situations. 

Gianni – Jamaal Charles at 2.01. Charles is in the conversation to be the top overall pick in most standard fantasy leagues this year so he has incredible short-term value. I know he’s 28 years old, but he can definitely still be a top five runner for the next few seasons. Charles is easily the best offensive weapon on a team devoid of playmakers and the Chiefs will find a way to get him the ball as a runner or receiver out of the backfield. 

Dwayne – Rob Gronkowski at 1.06. He’s my top overall player in dynasty. I would have taken him at 1.01

Jeff – Jimmy Graham at 3.04 is a steal in my opinion.  I get that his value has fallen due to concerns about how he’ll be used and/or how productive he can be in that Seattle Seahawks offense.  Still, he’s the best talent at his position in the league and those types of players put up numbers.  The Seahawks will make it a point to give him lots and lots of targets as their new #1 receiver.  The fact that I can draft him two rounds later this year than I could last year makes me feel great about the selection. 

Kyle – Matt Forte Pick 3.11 He may be on some of the final chapters of his career but he will most certainly have at least 1 more top 5 season in him and probably be a role player for another 2 -3 years

Mike Krafick – Travis Kelce at 4.05, that’s about right value wise but I’m ending up with Kelce in nearly all my drafts.  I like Kelce to overtake Graham as the #2 TE in 2015 (plus he’s 3 years younger than Graham) and think he could challenge Gronk for the #1 spot if Brady’s 4 game suspension is upheld.

Sean – If I had known I would land Latavius Murray (5.09) and Joseph Randle (7.09), I would have certainly passed on Foster (below) in the 4th round.  Both players have almost as much upside as Foster and make up in youth what they lack in job security.

Jay – Getting ODB at 5 felt good knowing that he’s been going #1 overall in a lot of start-ups this off-season that I’ve seen. But, honestly I’d be happy with any of Dez, Julio, A.Brown or ODB in any start-up.


2) What was your least favorite pick to this point?

Luke – I’d have to say my Davante Adams pick at 5.10 is my leas favorite pick, but I have no regrets taking him there. I already had 3 starting WRs and a starting RB in tow (and didn’t like any of the other RB options at that point), so I felt that I could grab Davante and sit on him for a couple years (if needed), without hurting my starting lineup.

Jordan – Le’Veon Bell at 1.03 – should have gone WR with my 1st round pick, since WR1s were hard to come by in later rounds

Brad – I’m a little nervous about my Alfred Morris pick at 4.12 because of his unsure future with Washington. It was a bit higher than I wanted to take him, but there was a heavy run on RBs before my next turn. 

Dan – I like all of my first 5, but others will say that Dorial Green-Beckham was a big reach in the 4th.  I don’t disagree necessarily, but I also have him as my #2 overall WR in this draft even ahead of Kevin White.  I realize that I am more confident than most in his ability. Time will tell. 

Gianni – I do still like the pick, but my least favorite is Mark Ingram at 4.01. The Saints are a passing team and head coach Sean has a tendency to spread the carries around. Ingram could be considered a risk because he had a rough start to his NFL career and has an injury history, but I think he has turned the corner and his best days are in front of him. 

Dwayne – Ameer Abdullah at 5.06. I really like Abdullah, but I might have been able to get him a little later. 

Jeff – I rarely take rookies in the early rounds of a startup unless they are the very top tier talents.  I made Nelson Agholor an exception to that rule by taking him at 5.04.  While the pick isn’t too far off his current DFW startup ADP of 5.12, I feel there were a fair amount of veteran wideouts available and some of those went much later and should put up similar numbers with much less risk.  I like Agholor a lot and think he’ll develop into a fine WR in Chip Kelly’s system but I’m not sure he was the best value on the board with that pick.

Kyle – Honestly I don’t hate any of them but I would say I would have rather grabbed someone younger than Calvin Johnson as my WR1. I almost grabbed Deandre Hopkins

Mike Krafick – I mistakenly drafted Eddie Lacy instead of Mike Evans at 1.08 and was disappointed at first but I’m happy with how my team turned out.  I guess I would say Maclin at 5.08 is my least favorite pick because his upside is limited by his QB but I also think the hate has gone a little too far on Maclin this off-season.

Sean – With the WR craze in dynasty currently, I like to zig instead of zag and lock down 2 early RBs, so I can focus on WR with my mid-round picks.  However, I missed the mark with Arian Foster (4.04) and wound up taking 2 RBs in the next 3 rounds to make up for his durability and shelf life issues.

Jay – M. Bryant at 5.05 felt like a reach but it could ultimately be a steal if he plays up to his off-season hype with praise from Big Ben, the added 10lbs, running in sand pits on beaches for improved mobility and working on MMA this off-season for better hand-play helping to get cleaner breaks off of the line of scrimmage against DBs. This draft spot also represents a ton of risk for a projected starter for my squad, hard to recover from donuts in the top 5 rounds.

3) What was the best value pick to this point for any team and why?
Luke – I loved Alshon Jeffery at 2.05. With Brandon Marshall gone to New York, I think that Alshon is due for a career year and will be a sure fire 1st round pick next season.

Jordan – DaVante Parker, MIA at 5.01 (Brad) – got him 8 picks lower than ADP

Brad – Getting Demaryius Thomas in the 2nd round was one of the biggest steals in the draft.

Dan – I really like Luke landing DT in the 2nd round to pair with AJG. The demise of Peyton Manning will have little effect on DT’s ability to remain an elite WR for some time.  That’s a nasty combo to go 1-2 with. 

Gianni – I’ll have to say Jeff taking Nelson Agholor at 5.04. Agholor projects to immediately step in and contribute to the Eagles offense and I think he will thrive in Chip Kelly’s quick-hit passing attack. With rookie receivers Amari Cooper and Kevin White going before the end of the 3rd round, Agholor has similar potential but was drafted 2 rounds later.  

Dwayne – I think I would have to go with Dan’s pick of Sammy Watkins at 3.02. I still believe in him long term. 

Jeff – Kyle taking Calvin Johnson at 2.02 as a second round pick absolutely shocked me.  He’s still a top 6 pick in my book and I considered him at 1.04 but went with Julio instead.  Concerns about his age and decline are exceedingly overblown and he’s fantastic value at that pick.

Kyle – Sean with Deandre Hopkins at 2.04. I was ready to take him at 2.02 but passed. He’s young and the clear cut #1 on a team that needs someone to be a superstar!

Mike Krafick – DeVante Parker at 5.01 was the best value pick in the first 5 rounds, the foot injury news is pushing Parker down draft boards.  I’m not all that worried about whether or not he will be available for week 1 of the 2015 season, I think his long term value is well above a 5th round pick.

Sean – Value is difficult to find in such early rounds, but I’m a firm believer in Rob Gronkowski (1.06) as the #1 asset in fantasy football.

Jay – Demaryius at 2.03 is just plain silly in my opinion, he’ll be just fine post-Peyton.

4) What was your least favorite pick to this point for any team and why?
Luke – Not a fan of Brandon Marshall going 5.02. I still think Marshall has plenty left in the tank, but the QB situation in New York is going to bring both him and Decker down. I’m shying away from these two players as much as possible.

Jordan – Jeremy Hill at 1.11- reach

Brad – After targeting Emmanuel Sander last year, I am way down on him heading into this season as the #2 in the Kubiak offense. I would’ve rather taken Keenan Allen or Allen Robinson, who went toward the end of the 4th.

Dan – I would have waited on Kelvin Benjamin at 3.03 and looked somewhere else. I have serious concerns about his development past his natural ability (which is what we saw in year one).  The addition of Devin Funchess adds another concerning wrinkle.

Gianni – Unfortunately, I’m turning to Jeff here again with Jimmy Graham at 3.04. Obviously Graham is an incredible talent, but there are too many questions for me to take him that early. Graham enters a new team with a new quarterback and an offense that likes to run the football. I just don’t think he will have the same opportunity to produce at a high level like he was doing in New Orleans.

Dwayne – Jamaal Charles at 2.01. I couldn’t take him over a guy like Gurley or Demarco. 

Jeff – Gianni’s pick of Golden Tate at 3.12 seems like a significant reach to me.  There are younger and better WRs available at that pick.  Tate broke out nicely in 2014, but I’m not ready to crown him a top 20 WR in dynasty and that’s exactly where he was taken.

Kyle – Jay taking Todd Gurley at 2.08 is a bit too big of a risk for your RB1 in a new start up. I am a believer in Gurley’s talent but need to see him on the field before I pay that price

Mike Krafick – Matt Forte at 3.11, it was later than I’ve seen him go in other drafts (I’ve seen his post draft ADP at 1.11 which is crazy).  Forte will turn 30 this season, he has +1,800 career carries, +2,200 career touches, and he’s changing offensive schemes in 2015 with a new coaching staff that has been known to use multiple RB’s.  I personally wouldn’t draft Forte in the first 6 rounds of a Startup which means he will not end up on any of my teams.

Sean – I’m having trouble with TY Hilton (2.10) as a cornerstone dynasty player.  His 2015 picture is obscured by a suddenly crowded receiving corps, while his long term contract situation is even muddier.

Jay – AP at 3.01 just isn’t something I could pull the trigger on in a start-up, I much prefer to build around WR’s although in this draft I took Gurley/Gordon in rounds 2 and 3.  But they are at least both young studs projected to do damage in the NFL for years to come.

Draft Results – Rounds 1-5

Pick Ovr Franchise Selection Date/Time Comments
1.01 1. Brad_DFW Bryant, Dez DAL WR Mon Jun 29 9:00:07 p.m. ET 2015
1.02 2. Dan_DFW Brown, Antonio PIT WR Mon Jun 29 9:00:19 p.m. ET 2015
1.03 3. Jordan _DFW Bell, Le’Veon PIT RB Mon Jun 29 9:00:26 p.m. ET 2015
1.04 4. Jeff_DFW Jones, Julio ATL WR Mon Jun 29 9:00:36 p.m. ET 2015
1.05 5. Jay_DFW Beckham, Odell NYG WR Mon Jun 29 9:00:46 p.m. ET 2015
1.06 6. Dwayne_DFW Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE Mon Jun 29 9:00:54 p.m. ET 2015
1.07 7. Michael_DFW Luck, Andrew IND QB Mon Jun 29 9:01:24 p.m. ET 2015 Pick made by ADP Rank
1.08 8. Mike_DFW Lacy, Eddie GBP RB Mon Jun 29 9:01:31 p.m. ET 2015
1.09 9. Sean_DFW Evans, Mike TBB WR Mon Jun 29 9:01:41 p.m. ET 2015
1.10 10. Luke_DFW Green, A.J. CIN WR Mon Jun 29 9:01:50 p.m. ET 2015
1.11 11. Kyle_DFW Hill, Jeremy CIN RB Mon Jun 29 9:02:15 p.m. ET 2015
1.12 12. Gianni_DFW Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB Mon Jun 29 9:02:22 p.m. ET 2015
2.01 13. Gianni_DFW Charles, Jamaal KCC RB Mon Jun 29 9:02:25 p.m. ET 2015
2.02 14. Kyle_DFW Johnson, Calvin DET WR Mon Jun 29 9:05:15 p.m. ET 2015
2.03 15. Luke_DFW Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR Mon Jun 29 9:05:23 p.m. ET 2015
2.04 16. Sean_DFW Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR Mon Jun 29 9:05:44 p.m. ET 2015
2.05 17. Mike_DFW Jeffery, Alshon CHI WR Mon Jun 29 9:05:53 p.m. ET 2015
2.06 18. Michael_DFW McCoy, LeSean BUF RB Mon Jun 29 9:06:49 p.m. ET 2015 Pick made by ADP Rank
2.07 19. Dwayne_DFW Cobb, Randall GBP WR Mon Jun 29 9:06:58 p.m. ET 2015
2.08 20. Jay_DFW Gurley, Todd STL RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:07:19 p.m. ET 2015
2.09 21. Jeff_DFW Nelson, Jordy GBP WR Mon Jun 29 9:07:36 p.m. ET 2015
2.10 22. Jordan _DFW Hilton, T.Y. IND WR Mon Jun 29 9:07:58 p.m. ET 2015
2.11 23. Dan_DFW Cooper, Amari OAK WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:08:06 p.m. ET 2015
2.12 24. Brad_DFW Murray, DeMarco PHI RB Mon Jun 29 9:08:32 p.m. ET 2015
3.01 25. Brad_DFW Peterson, Adrian MIN RB Mon Jun 29 9:08:57 p.m. ET 2015
3.02 26. Dan_DFW Watkins, Sammy BUF WR Mon Jun 29 9:09:03 p.m. ET 2015
3.03 27. Jordan _DFW Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR Mon Jun 29 9:09:23 p.m. ET 2015
3.04 28. Jeff_DFW Graham, Jimmy SEA TE Mon Jun 29 9:09:33 p.m. ET 2015
3.05 29. Jay_DFW Gordon, Melvin SDC RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:09:44 p.m. ET 2015
3.06 30. Dwayne_DFW Cooks, Brandin NOS WR Mon Jun 29 9:09:53 p.m. ET 2015
3.07 31. Michael_DFW Matthews, Jordan PHI WR Mon Jun 29 9:15:47 p.m. ET 2015
3.08 32. Mike_DFW White, Kevin CHI WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:15:59 p.m. ET 2015
3.09 33. Sean_DFW Lynch, Marshawn SEA RB Mon Jun 29 9:16:06 p.m. ET 2015
3.10 34. Luke_DFW Hyde, Carlos SFO RB Mon Jun 29 9:16:16 p.m. ET 2015
3.11 35. Kyle_DFW Forte, Matt CHI RB Mon Jun 29 9:16:24 p.m. ET 2015
3.12 36. Gianni_DFW Tate, Golden DET WR Mon Jun 29 9:16:43 p.m. ET 2015
4.01 37. Gianni_DFW Ingram, Mark NOS RB Mon Jun 29 9:16:55 p.m. ET 2015
4.02 38. Kyle_DFW Anderson, C.J. DEN RB Mon Jun 29 9:17:21 p.m. ET 2015
4.03 39. Luke_DFW Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR Mon Jun 29 9:17:47 p.m. ET 2015
4.04 40. Sean_DFW Foster, Arian HOU RB Mon Jun 29 9:17:59 p.m. ET 2015
4.05 41. Mike_DFW Kelce, Travis KCC TE Mon Jun 29 9:18:16 p.m. ET 2015
4.06 42. Michael_DFW Yeldon, T.J. JAC RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:19:31 p.m. ET 2015
4.07 43. Dwayne_DFW Allen, Keenan SDC WR Mon Jun 29 9:19:47 p.m. ET 2015
4.08 44. Jay_DFW Robinson, Allen JAC WR Mon Jun 29 9:19:56 p.m. ET 2015
4.09 45. Jeff_DFW Floyd, Michael ARI WR Mon Jun 29 9:20:14 p.m. ET 2015
4.10 46. Jordan _DFW Wilson, Russell SEA QB Mon Jun 29 9:20:28 p.m. ET 2015
4.11 47. Dan_DFW Green-Beckham, Dorial TEN WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:20:40 p.m. ET 2015
4.12 48. Brad_DFW Morris, Alfred WAS RB Mon Jun 29 9:21:07 p.m. ET 2015
5.01 49. Brad_DFW Parker, DeVante MIA WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:21:12 p.m. ET 2015
5.02 50. Dan_DFW Marshall, Brandon NYJ WR Mon Jun 29 9:21:25 p.m. ET 2015
5.03 51. Jordan _DFW Landry, Jarvis MIA WR Mon Jun 29 9:21:35 p.m. ET 2015
5.04 52. Jeff_DFW Agholor, Nelson PHI WR (R) Mon Jun 29 9:21:53 p.m. ET 2015
5.05 53. Jay_DFW Bryant, Martavis PIT WR Mon Jun 29 9:22:09 p.m. ET 2015
5.06 54. Dwayne_DFW Abdullah, Ameer DET RB (R) Mon Jun 29 9:22:21 p.m. ET 2015
5.07 55. Michael_DFW Miller, Lamar MIA RB Mon Jun 29 9:23:40 p.m. ET 2015
5.08 56. Mike_DFW Maclin, Jeremy KCC WR Mon Jun 29 9:24:03 p.m. ET 2015
5.09 57. Sean_DFW Murray, Latavius OAK RB Mon Jun 29 9:24:11 p.m. ET 2015
5.10 58. Luke_DFW Adams, Davante GBP WR Mon Jun 29 9:24:35 p.m. ET 2015
5.11 59. Kyle_DFW Edelman, Julian NEP WR Mon Jun 29 9:24:49 p.m. ET 2015
5.12 60. Gianni_DFW Forsett, Justin BAL RB Mon Jun 29 9:25:06 p.m. ET 2015